help again

  1. furple

    how do i make a random image pool for an event?

    suprise! im back again :kaosigh: ive been working on a cafe minigame, where a random customer comes up and asks for an order ive gotten basically everything set up besides the random character part (which will function on a random image picked from a pool of images, that uses a variable) i cant...
  2. MtsLucas

    Can someone help me make a chasing enemy?

    So... I was trying to make a chase evente that if the event see the player it chases it, if the player hide from it the enemy stop chasing, but i dont know how to do it... Can anyone help me? Maybe a Plugin, a Script, any help is acepted
  3. shiroisekai

    MOBILE GAME (File failed to load)

    hello everyone, is there a way to fix this problem? the file is there when I converted my game into mobile game, but then it shows that the file seems to be missing.
  4. Domireso

    The script that makes the Picture show after the Player starts the Game [Presses Play Button]

  5. TenraiEmiko

    Changing the font immediately right after language change?

    Using ODW's multilanguage plugin, I have set up this common event that is intended to change the font based on the language detected by that plugin (with the changes being applied immediately after the language option is selected in the options menu (for example, when the Language option is...
  6. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ Plugins that change font based on language?

    I have tried using FontForge to merge two fonts (one is EN / JP and another is VI) together, but the font just spazzed out when it comes to Vietnamese letter sets. Are there any plugins that allow the change of font based on language of the game (for example, English and Japanese uses a font...
  7. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ VSMZ - How to make a title screen command to go to a certain map? (For a manual screen)

    I have tried injecting the script call as seen in Archeia's post into the VisuStella MZ Core Engine's title command configuration screen, but when I test the game, nothing happened when I clicked / selected the "Manual" option that I configured. Here's the code that is supposed to be run when...
  8. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ on Win11?

    Has anyone got RMMZ to run on a Win11 PC / laptop? If so, have anyone suffered any issues with it (like lagging)? I wanna ask this because I wanna migrate all of my game dev processes to a new laptop which runs on Win11... Thanks in advance!
  9. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ How can I make custom encounter effects? (preferably with free plugins as of now)

    I know there's is SRD's Encounter Effects, but that's for MV. (By encounter effects I mean something similar to Undertale's notification balloon before a random encounter starts). Are there any (preferably free) plugins that can do similar things? Thanks!
  10. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ QOL Menu Updates for my game's menu?

    I am using VisuStella's FREE plugin pack, but I would like to have some QOL updates to my game based on what I want for it: - I want to have no Classes displayed in the game (even though they will technically still present in the game's data) - No levels are shown in the game (since there would...
  11. TenraiEmiko

    What the heck did the terms "Command Remember" and "Possession" refers to in RMMZ?

    I am not acquainted with these terms in the RMMZ database. While I think these are unnecessary, these terms are ACTUALLY in the database. What do these terms do, and if possible, is there any way to remove them from a game (assume that I don't need them)? Thanks!
  12. TenraiEmiko

    Holy cow, how can I fix this problem of MV popping up this notification and playtest getting bricked (with multiple instances of NW.js running)?

    I have tried and updated the NW.js of MV according to KillerGin's tutorial, but whenever I do so, this annoying notification pops up, and after that, playtest in MV was bricked, and following that were multiple instances of NW.js running in the background... (which I need to run a .bat file to...
  13. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ How to make this kind of Freeze status? (preferably with some (free) plugins)

    I would like to do a Freeze effect inspired by Pokémon, but how I want it to work is as below: Like in Pokémon, the Freeze effect will automatically expire after a few turns, but unlike that, the status can still be expired prematurely using just a single (physical) move (since there is no...
  14. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ Plugins similar to Moghunter's plugins that can even freely customize the title screen (even title commands) with images?

    Not sure if there is an MZ version of Moghunter's title plugin, but if it does, I won't risk using it since Mog's plugins might potentially break other plugins (as with my old MV projects, someone pointed out that they do not work with some visual novel plugins, and I fear that it would do the...
  15. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ Translation plugins for MZ that can localize images?

    So far, the ones I found are ODW's and DK's plugins. While ODW's is 100% free, I am not sure whether it can localize image files or not (for example, one image is used in the EN version, while another variant of that image is used in the JP version). DK's plugin might localize images (I...
  16. TenraiEmiko

    Making status-inflicting moves to have lower chances of inflicting the status to a user, once that user have an item equipped?

    I know this might involve plugins, but please explain to me how to do what I request in the post title in the most straightforward way possible. How it works is demonstrated in the example: A certain item could reduce the chance of paralysis being inflicted to the holder. Once an actor is...
  17. ItsMeDevRoland

    Need help with making a Hanging bridge

    So it's been a while since I updated my game.. But now I went back to continue it.. I was working around a new town which includes bridges that connects to each houses.. But my problem is when I move over the bridge the player can suddenly climb up and walk through the bridge.. I was hoping to...
  18. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ How on Earth can I make an Actor learn a Skill upon equipping an Item, and unlearn it upon unequip it?

    For example, once an Actor equips a Sword, they can learn slashing moves, but once they unequip the item, the skills they learned from the item is forgotten until they equip the item again? And also, once the skill (s) that are learnt using items is learnt, certain moves in the (default)...
  19. moko

    Help with accessories

    I'm making the demo of a game in which the characters have two slots of equipment: Weapon and Accessory. But whenever I try the game none of my characters can equip the accessories. They are to be seen in the inventory tho. Also, I have added to both class armor type and character armor type the...
  20. manusansz

    RMMV and installed summoncore but the plugin doesn't work (no error screens either)

    I'm having a problem with the srd_summoncore plugin, I put the corresponding command in the avilidad they don't work for me when the plugin is already installed, why could it be? Please help me and I had to let the game progress without because the game mechanics are based on this plugin I...

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