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  1. How could I tie HP, MP, and Gold into the same thing?

    I am trying to make a custom battle system where your HP, MP, and Gold are all one and the same. I am trying to make a battle system themed around the management of your money where your HP and MP are both always equal to the amount of money you have and taking damage or using a special skill...
  2. SilvonTheResearcher

    Displaying all buff/debuffs an enemy has above its sprite

    By default, RPG Maker cycles through the icons of buffs, debuffs and states an enemy has above its sprite. This usually isn't a problem, since an enemy rarely gets more than 2 or 3 of these. But some bosses of the game I'm working on buff many stats by themselves, and considering the debuffs and...
  3. SilvonTheResearcher

    [Bug?] Battle BGM sometimes doesn't stop when battle ends

    I'm having a go at my first full-on game on RPG Maker MV. For a specific map, I have a BGM dedicated to exploration and another BGM that is a variation of this first BGM for battles. What I want to do is make it so that the battle BGM continues from where the exploration BGM stopped. I figured...
  4. Artisticdog

    Coding problems, need a very experienced coder that uses rpg maker vx ace engine to help me create my battle system

    I’ve posted a lot and I’m sorry for that, but here is A more straightforward request, The battle system I’m thinking will need projectile aiming for the archer charater, and button mashing inputs for the brawler attacks. As well as a more in-depth battle system then the regular button timing...
  5. Bolonskiy

    "Phobia system" for battles?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I have an idea for my game where if the main character (and only them, though there are more party members) loses to any given enemy, it gives them a phobia of said enemy. The main character will then be slightly weaker agaisn't that enemy type...
  6. Myste_267


    I'm trying to make guild quests where the player will be shown a bunch of kill quest choices and then when a random encounter of the specified kill quest monster appears, it'll add to a variable that once checked by the quest manager. will let them receive their reward Pictures for reference...
  7. RMMZ I would like to remove the hud that is shown in battle

    I plan to make a battle system with images but I don't know how to remove the complete hud and sorry my english is not good
  8. Common Event during Battle Help

    Hey so I need help with a specific skill not working. When an enemy reaches 0 MP they automatically gain the State "Insane" (this works and is not a problem), and I want a Skill called Soul Drain to ONLY work on enemies that are currently in the State "Insane". I tried making the skill call up...
  9. hey guys

    im trying to move my player battle sprites down a smig how or were whould i do this
  10. Need help making this dual wielding skill work.

    So I am trying to do something a little complicated and I just need some feedback before I start going ham trying to implement it. I am fairly new to RPG Maker so I figure better safe than sorry. I have a character who has the option to dual wield, sword and board, or two-hand his swords. I...
  11. Dalenacio

    Help request: Controlling TPB battler order in more detail.

    Not sure where exactly this belongs (Could it be done through eventing? Or is this script/plugin territory? If so, which?), so for now I guess I'm leaving it in the general forum? So, long story short, for various reasons I want to be able to set the order people are going in myself in TPB...
  12. Blue_Ribbs

    Need help with changing battler sprites mid-battle

    In my game, I have a character who has a skill that adds a state which increases stats and also changes her sprite. I do not have a problem with changing the sprite to the empowered state is added. My issue is more that I don't know how to revert the sprite back to normal after the state is...
  13. Fishm

    giving player bonus turn during combat

    I want to add an item that gives whoever uses it an extra turn in battle, but I have clue how I would go through with that. Is there a way I could implement this without the use of plugins or do I need to download one.
  14. FiercestPixel

    SV Battler Actor position [SOLVED]

    I've never messed with screen resolution much, so this problem never happened to me. It's probably something obvious but I can't seem to figure it out. How would I go about changing the side view battler positions? As the picture shows, they all need to come down a bit. Thanks for taking the...
  15. Stealing Mechanic

    Hey, I am new to this website and a rookie with this game called RPG Maker. Anyways, I was wonder how can I create an ability for a character to steal items from enemies and vice verse?
  16. RMMV asking for help -does anyone have a hud template for a mog battle hud plugin ,for only one actor

    i've been having a hard time trying to come up with a battle hud for simply 1 actor and trying to understand how to implement it and i'm asking if anyone has any templates for it and a bit of help on how to use the plugin for only one big actor
  17. RMMV Need help with game over mechanic! (Kath's Custom Gameover Behavior)

    Hey there! I'm using McKathlin's Custom Gameover plugin, and I'm having trouble with it. It allows me to play a common event after a player dies. I'm trying to make it that the player either loses half of their money, or has to lose a level in order to reactive their last save. Most things work...
  18. lawlietorochi

    Itens weakness, any idea?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be straight up I want a specific enemy and only he has weakness to a battle consumable item. For example: I want when I use the salt item on the "slug" enemy it dies immediately, but the "rat" enemy totally ignores it. Any idea? I tried to do it by status by creating the...
  19. Monke

    Multiple Weapons used at the same time?

    I've been working on this for a while so I thought that I would just come here. Anyways what I am looking for is a system where you can have 2 different weapons equipped at the same time, and you can use both of them in combat. Such as having a normal weapon and a gun, and you can choose...
  20. Therrao

    RMMV YEP State Categories Lunatic mode Help

    So there's this function in YEP State Categories: battler.getStateCategoryAffectedCount('text') And since the function is to count how many states of said categories currently affecting target, i was going to make a state which increase ATK damage the more states in said categories the target...

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