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    RMMZ Flat, stackable DOTS plugin

    for my game one of the core mechanics is stacking damage overtime effects. So I have been trying to make a state where you take 20 damage every turn and if you get this state another time, it does +20 damage. So for example 4 stacks of this state will do 80 damage every turn. HOWEVER it seems...
  2. How to make an Enemy to autoequip an item to actor upon defeat

    Im making a mod, inside a RPGMV game, and i want to make, certain enemies equip to actors, an item that puts debuffs, and its unequibable (im working on a quest for that). Im really new programming, and i dont know how to do it, so any help is really appreciated
  3. Dynameou

    RMMZ Making Thornmail Plugin work in RPGMMZ?

    I've been trying to get Yanfly's thornmail plugin to work with MZ but no luck. I have the other required plugins such as the buffsandstatescore along with the auto passive states core. I have been using the FOSSIL command; oldCommand('<Passive State: 44>') in the noteboxes, (thornmail effect...
  4. Finding a plugin for fast paced timed battles

    Hey all, I'm brand new to all of this and am trying to have a RPG with CTB which thanks to Yanfly was very easy to install and get working. I was also hoping to have a system where a player would only have around 10 seconds to pick an action before that character's turn would be skipped and it...
  5. Help needed creating an ability (RMMV)

    Hello. I am making my first ever game and I have trouble creating an ability for my "hunter" class. It is an ability called "bear trap" that targets the ally of your choice, and puts him/her under a "bear trap" state. If the ally with the "bear trap" state is then attacked by an enemy, that...
  6. MB123

    Maiking tp transfer to other character

    So basiclly I want to make a character that is ,,admin" of a fight. He can summon other characters to battle etc. But there is a problem. That ,,main" character was supposed to have special abilities for TP points. Is there a way for summoners, that their attacks and TP from them will transfer...
  7. PurplexiaSphinx

    RMMZ Animated Front-View Battlers

    Hey all! I'm looking for a way to animate my front-view battlers similarly to in OMORI with hit reactions and a 'defeat' sprite. I have all of the images already, it's just incredibly tedious to set up a common event for every single troop. (And unfortunately Yanfly's battle core makes my game...
  8. BaylinTodd

    Pharmacology isn't working for me

    I have a character's pharmacology set to Sp-Paramater Pharmacology * 200% and when I use a potion that heals for 10, it still heals for 10 (I am making sure this specific character is the one using the potion). My potions formula is just +10 with the HP recover type. I have all of yanfly's...
  9. I want to know if making a Darkest Dungeon-like battle system is possible.

    I don't need the whole battle system but atleast I want to keep 4 Things 1. Row formation, The farther the character is in the straight row, he won't be able to get hit by a melee enemy unless ofcourse there is a ranged one. And the closest the character is on the center, the more chance he'll...
  10. NIP

    How do I control what frames/sprite the sideview actor uses while affected by a state?

    I want to make the sideview enemies change their sprite based on what state they're affected by. I'm trying to use Yanfly's action sequences to do this, but I don't think I can affect how the sprite looks while it's not using a skill. Does anyone have a good solution for this?
  11. RMMZ I have a ?bug? with VisuMZ_1_BattleCore

    Hello peeps, I need some help :/ I wanted to work with that plugin for my fights. Everything works fine BUT when my 2nd character attacks an enemy,(after me) left from the enemy/s gets MY last damage dealt shown real quick, then my 2nd characters dmg. So I do dmg to enemy -20, then my companion...
  12. New rpgmaker user needs help with skills

    Ok so, Example: I would like this skill to only be successfully casted if the enemy's mp is at a specific number (would be better if it could be multiple specific numbers) It's an execute type of skill that well executes an enemy if they are at a specific amount of mp Or another way to...
  13. How could I tie HP, MP, and Gold into the same thing?

    I am trying to make a custom battle system where your HP, MP, and Gold are all one and the same. I am trying to make a battle system themed around the management of your money where your HP and MP are both always equal to the amount of money you have and taking damage or using a special skill...
  14. SilvonTheResearcher

    Displaying all buff/debuffs an enemy has above its sprite

    By default, RPG Maker cycles through the icons of buffs, debuffs and states an enemy has above its sprite. This usually isn't a problem, since an enemy rarely gets more than 2 or 3 of these. But some bosses of the game I'm working on buff many stats by themselves, and considering the debuffs and...
  15. SilvonTheResearcher

    [Bug?] Battle BGM sometimes doesn't stop when battle ends

    I'm having a go at my first full-on game on RPG Maker MV. For a specific map, I have a BGM dedicated to exploration and another BGM that is a variation of this first BGM for battles. What I want to do is make it so that the battle BGM continues from where the exploration BGM stopped. I figured...
  16. Artisticdog

    Coding problems, need a very experienced coder that uses rpg maker vx ace engine to help me create my battle system

    I’ve posted a lot and I’m sorry for that, but here is A more straightforward request, The battle system I’m thinking will need projectile aiming for the archer charater, and button mashing inputs for the brawler attacks. As well as a more in-depth battle system then the regular button timing...
  17. Dusk_Funa

    "Phobia system" for battles?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I have an idea for my game where if the main character (and only them, though there are more party members) loses to any given enemy, it gives them a phobia of said enemy. The main character will then be slightly weaker agaisn't that enemy type...
  18. Myste_267


    I'm trying to make guild quests where the player will be shown a bunch of kill quest choices and then when a random encounter of the specified kill quest monster appears, it'll add to a variable that once checked by the quest manager. will let them receive their reward Pictures for reference...
  19. RMMZ I would like to remove the hud that is shown in battle

    I plan to make a battle system with images but I don't know how to remove the complete hud and sorry my english is not good
  20. Common Event during Battle Help

    Hey so I need help with a specific skill not working. When an enemy reaches 0 MP they automatically gain the State "Insane" (this works and is not a problem), and I want a Skill called Soul Drain to ONLY work on enemies that are currently in the State "Insane". I tried making the skill call up...

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