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  1. Having an Actor lose -5 mp at the start or end of a battle

    Trying to figure out how to make a character lose 5 mp when the battle starts and another 5 when the battle ends. Screenshots would help if you can because im quite new thank you
  2. snaketicus

    Check for name of events?

    Hi! I am looking to create a system wherein the events which are on screen (enemies chasing the player) changes how many of that enemy and which enemies appear in battle. In order to do this I wanted to be able to do a check for what entities were on screen at the time of the battle being...
  3. Runnyyy

    How to make fighting on map battles?

    Hello, I'm incredibly new to the whole 'game making' scene, and I'm wondering if this is possible to pull off using RPG Maker MV. Basically, is there a way to make fights happen on the maps, instead of opening the battle sequence? For example: like in old Zelda titles for the NES/SNES, or...
  4. State that applies effects to enemy upon inflicted target being attacked

    I'm having trouble with RPG Maker MV regarding a specific type of attack: I want to make a skill that inflicts a status effect onto an ally, and if an enemy attacks an ally with the status effect on them, the status effect is removed, and the enemy that attacked them will be affected with...
  5. Turn into a Dragonoid

    Okay, so I'm really stuck here. I'm trying to make it where a character turns into a dragonoid (changes appearance during battle) use certain skills while being a dragonoid, and turns back to normal when the battle ends, and have it where the next battle he has to use the skill to transform...
  6. Davox

    Help & ideas with alternative battle system

    So, i've been trying to find alternatives to the default battle system in RPG MV, i found THIS GEM: its called PRABS or something, it look gorgeous, but i need some help to apply this to MV:aswt2:. anyway if you had some more ideas, tips or another system that look like this i would be really...
  7. Croco

    Custom SV_Battler won't appear in the box

    I'm trying to add this specific image of this character into my game, but every time I click her, she doesn't seem to appear in the SV_battler Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  8. Hand makes More damage than sword

    Can anybody help i balanced My damage but can't find reason why i Make 400 damage without weapon but with weapon equipped around 20 damage? and that 20 damage is The damage i want to make why is ma hand so op?
  9. Autonomous attack glitch?

    Hello there. I haven't been here for very long, so it is highly probable that someone else has had this issue, and I just haven't been able to find their thread. Recently, I've been experiencing an issue with multi-enemy battles, wherein an actor will fight enemies without giving the player the...
  10. Fizzie

    So the battle log is stuck...

    I've stumbled across a problem where sometimes if an enemy is defeated the battle log gets stuck. Here is a video i made showcasing this issue: I even showed off the scripts I'm using. I'm stumped because I can't seem to find anyone else talking about this issue.
  11. New To RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hey everyone! I'm new to both here and making RPGs. I've watched a few online tutorials on youtube (currently watching tutorials by SRDude, and they're pretty helpful for the most part). However, I'm running into some issues with the current game I'm trying to make. I'm currently going for a...
  12. naruzeldamaster

    Earthbound Battle Background Possible?

    Particularly for bosses in a game I'm going to make (and finish, if I can get a team) I want a similar effect to reflect the fact that the bosses are stronger than the normal mooks.
  13. xTrentx

    Random enemy encounters?

    Hello! I am fairly new to RPGMAKER Mv and I had a question that google didnt seem to be able to answer for me. Any information you can provide is extremely appreciated as it currently has me stuck until I get past it. My question is: I have created 100 "troops" each consisting of one...
  14. Attacks That Hit Enemies and Allies of Specific Type

    im trying to make a game where you have some allies who are robots and some that are humans. One of the humans has an ability that sets off an EMP that would have a chance to stun robots, both enermies and allies. Maybe I'm being dumb but I can't figure out how to do this. Any help?
  15. Djongo

    Team up moves

    I am working on a game for me and my brothers to play. We are playable characters in the game and I'd really like to have a skill that is only usable when all three of us are in the party and attacks with all three at the same time. I found a set of VE plugins that would do it, but they...
  16. trexmaster8242

    Missing magic from battle menu (help pls)

    I have no idea what i did, but when i go to battle menu, there is no magic selection. image on left is what i mean, sorry for crappy placement, im bad at this stuff. But i want it to say Special right under the Attack option. Any ideas?
  17. Prevent Resurrection?

    Hello everyone!  I meed your help!  Is there any function to stop resurrection in battle? In my case, there is a Boss,that uses a skill, which kills you instantly but preventing you to be resurrected by like a Phoenix Down or something else... Can you help me? Hope you understand me ty

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