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  1. RMMV Chrono Engine Event Help

    I'm trying to make an event where it checks for enemies remaining on the map and if there is none it will activate something. I made a previous post about this and someone gave me this script: " $gameMap.enemiesF().length==0 " but it either doesn't work correctly or maybe I'm just doing...
  2. MarceloGToonz

    Is there a way to add an actor to a certain party slot?

    so here is some context. on my game there is a part where the main character leaves the team and gets possessed and so you need to fight him. but how do I add him back to party slot 1 when the fight is over and he returns to the team?
  3. MarceloGToonz

    How do I check if a certain actor is in a certain party slot (RMMV)

    I need to know so I can check something. Any scripts or event commands?
  4. MarceloGToonz

    I need some help (RMMV)

    Alright so I need to find a way to make a Actor Switching System so basically this is how the one im using currently works. So you go to the room where all the characters that you unlocked are located at. So you go there and you interact with one of them then a list appears with all the...
  5. ItsMeSam

    RMMZ Using Visustella's STB to make an All-Out Attack

    Visustella's STB battle system allows actors to exploit enemy weaknesses by adding a state to the enemy whose weakness you struck. Once every enemy has been exploited, you can initiate a Common Event. In their tutorial video, they showed an example of an All-Out Attack, which is a mechanic...
  6. Gabriel-Chi

    About Element Rate

    Yo, soo Let's say i have a shield, called "Fire gem shield" that has a Element Rate of 60% to fire, so it takes about 60% of fire dmg But then i buy a new armor called "Magma armor", which has a element rate of 40% to fire. So in combat, using both, if i take a fire magic, do i take 40% dmg or...
  7. Partly

    Is there anyway to display text while an event is playing?

    I want to do a cutscene where a Movement Route is happening and the character is talking/displaying text at the same time. Is there any possible way to do that?
  8. Dreiko

    How to change a title in mid game?

    Hi everybody, first time posting so be gentle.. I bought RPG Maker MZ and starting a game, and i need to my main character to absorb the power from a Crystal, so i thought i could add an event that trigger a effect of "absorbing" and then change the Crystal's color to be more dark or off. But...
  9. Kurtkakes

    Player/event touch problem

    hello! the problem is when the event walks into the player it doesent trigger, but when the player walks into the event it triggers, i tried with player touch trigger and event touch trigger, but no luck, here are some video examples I want to make it so that it triggers right when it hits the...

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