help file issues

  1. RMMV tileset doesn't work

    hey all, I have copied the standard "Outside_B" tileset and the text file, to customize it a bit. I changed the names to "Outside_Bedit" I put it in the tileset folder and I followed a tutorial. I changed quite a lot in the upper-right corner and the middle-left sections of the tileset file, I...
  2. RMMV Issues with a certain plugin(s)

    Edit: Previous question removed, because I am an idiot. the fix to this issue is simply locating the folder of which project I took the plugins from. I apologize for that. I do however have a new problem, though. clicking on the "new game" button, I am met with the error below. Anyone know a...
  3. Sample Map is now Default Map

    So I just got RPG Maker MZ and I wanted to get some plugins and tilesets so I went and downloaded the [VisuStella MZ] Sample Game Project. Again, I just got the software and had no clue how to use it so I copied and pasted ALL of the files from Sample Game Project to the newdata folder of...
  4. Momonica

    Map file was deleted

    I was messing with a new plugin in my project. It was difficult with a lot of try and error but when I finally did it in my playtest this happened: Now before you go thinking "oh no its another one of those who accidentaly deleted a file and don't know what to do" I didn't even mess with this...
  5. RMMV Failed to Create linear gradient HELP

  6. TheDubiousBard

    How do I restore a project?

    I opened up MZ today and found my entire project was gone and can't be opened. I'm trying to get it working again but have had little success. I didn't have a ton of progress but I would prefer to not have to start over from the beginning. Are there ways to restore my game and is there a way...
  7. plasticlove

    Help "Contents" broken?

    Hiya, trying to learn MZ so I tried to check out the "Help" window. However, it doesn't seem to "work" -- see attached. There's no "lefthand pane", and the text is displayed in a tiny, tiny frame inside a browser window. Is this a known bug, or is something broken on my end?
  8. TheFrozenPan

    Character sheet help plz

    I was making characters for my game with and it won't work no matter what I do, when I try to add the file it jut says invalid file size, Is there a way I can fix this? or a different character generator? I am using the steam version of Rpg maker 2003...
  9. SofiaTH

    Character Sprite Size Problem

    Hello there! I'm newbie here and I already stumbled upon a little problem at the start of making a game. I got a Trial RPG Maker MV today to test the program out before buying it. I made custom resources with the help of templates before hand and thought everything will work out fine but it...
  10. Trying To Do an Editing Job

    Overview: I'm editing some events for a creator. Problem: I can't find the events I'm supposed to edit. They've sent me their map001 data (not the actual map) and the mapsinfo data. The content does show up in the editor, but they're all blank and one dungeon looking map. "Common events" tabs...
  11. Unexpected file format

    My pc crashed when I was making my game, as soon as I got it back I tried to open it to continue. However I can not open it and it says "Unexpected file format" My data is still there but I can't edit it what can I do to get my game back?
  12. Kitsunekko

    Failed To Load Audio Cancel 2 [SOLVED]

    While going to play through one of my recently-edited maps to see if it's more accurate to what I want to portray, this error came up on the screen. Pressing space or clicking on it allows me to continue playtesting the game, but it continues to pop up. I believe that the reason for this is...
  13. Gamingstar

    game.exe got deleted!

    I was casually working on my game, and after finishing a feature, I tried to test the game, but when i pressed the test button I got an error saying "Failed to create process". After looking around in the files, I found that the game.exe was deleted from the game files, any ways to restore it...
  14. CartMart

    Failed to Load: data/Actors.json

    I made a distribution package in RPG Maker MV and shared it with my friend to see if he could playtest my game on his computer. The first time, he got to the title screen but couldn't load the game because of a sprite I needed to replace. I replaced that sprite and sent him another version of...
  15. min-T

    Confused on Custom Face Images

    I know this has something to do with the file not being the right size to be included as a 'face image' but I'm not sure how to go about fixing that. Gimp, or picmonkey maybe? For the time being, I'm trying to practice on RPG Maker MV by making a private meme game until I can actually utilize...
  16. Need Help with fixing my Character Gen.

    I'm new to RPG Maker MV. I don't know if I am an idiot. But I don't know how to fix this. Everything works fine after I moved most of the male and female files to the kids to get more customizing stuff for the kids. However, I can't make any of female or male faces anymore. I started a new...
  17. ArgonianSam

    How to switch bodies in the MV generator?

    I recently picked up a sprite set so I could make a lamia party member, but so far I haven't been able to figure out how to change the generator files so that body shows up instead of the normal one. I move that file in and the normal body out int a storage file and all that did was make the SV...
  18. ArgonianSam

    Missing png?

    So whenever I send out the demo of my game to my beta testers they can’t play past the first battle. As soon as the enemy attacks the game says it’s missing the howl.png file which is used in the basic attack and several other animations. I checked the files and howl is there but for some reason...
  19. Andronius

    HELP! [YEP] Yanfly Plugins Order | How to organize them?

    Hello, everyone! :kaohi:I hope I'm posting this question in the right place (I did try to ask several ppl currently online, with no success... what's happening to the community?! ppl used to be kind, caring, and helpful to each other in the RPG Community! :kaoeh:); if I'm not posting in the...
  20. HELP PLEASE files in graphics file don't load in game

    I go to make a dungeon but its blank where the tiles should be. I went to check in the Graphics>Tilesets file to make sure they were there and they are just not in the game. Also, I think a few other files in the Graphics file aren't loaded in either. :/

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