help is very much abliged

  1. Is Event "Cooldown" possible?

    Hi, I want to create an event that goes into cooldown when activated. That means the event should be on a different event page for a given amount of time and then return to it´s former status, BUT the cooldown must continue even if the player leaves the map the event is located on. I know how to...
  2. liamx2000

    Mogs Battle command plugin help please.

    Hello I'm having an issue trying to get my custom made command menu to work, it works with my old project which is an older version of MOGS Demo, I'm trying to update my project you see because my Project is using a very old version of Mogs demo so I wanted to update it to the new master...
  3. Unexpected file format

    My pc crashed when I was making my game, as soon as I got it back I tried to open it to continue. However I can not open it and it says "Unexpected file format" My data is still there but I can't edit it what can I do to get my game back?
  4. Locke Harvest

    Need help with Item Icons Text

    So I'm making a sort of random item generator/giver. I saw a tutorial on the script to use . My issue is the text not showing the correct item I was given for Armors. For regular items it's fine. What I see is what I got. But for Armors, I got the item but the text is wrong. Here are the...
  5. Kitsunekko

    Failed To Load Audio Cancel 2 [SOLVED]

    While going to play through one of my recently-edited maps to see if it's more accurate to what I want to portray, this error came up on the screen. Pressing space or clicking on it allows me to continue playtesting the game, but it continues to pop up. I believe that the reason for this is...
  6. CaptainVindicus

    How do I make non-turn based combat?

    I recently picked up RPG Maker XV Ace and im a complete noob at scripting and stuff so go easy on me. I wanted to make a game with non-turn based combat which you have sort of a cool down to use weapons and theres just chances the enemies will attack. An example of this: I couldn't find any...
  7. Need help with tilesets

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so please forgive my newb-ness if I got it wrong. I'm trying to make a practice game to get familiar with RPG MV, but it requires that I edit some of the tilesets that came with the program (bookcases, couches, and other...
  8. Need help with making 'Thief Vision' common event.

    I want to implement a mechanic that lets the player hit a key that causes the screen to turn sepia and makes hidden objects visible, kinda like Eagle Vision in Assassin's Creed or Detective Vision in the Arkham Asylum games. I've got Yanfly's Button Common Events installed, so when the player...
  9. Stat Growth On Kill State

    Hello, I haven't made too many posts here and wouldn't be surprised if I missed an existing thread for this, but I was wondering about how to go about making a skill that does the following: -Upon using this skill, the actor gains a state called "Furnace" until the end of combat. While Furnace...
  10. FishStickMystic

    [VXA] Problem with Skill-Based Scripts

    Hello! :LZSsmile: Sorry for the vague title. I have an issue with Hime's Casting Time script and a script by GreatRedSpirit (on rmn) that is supposed to remove states on skill usage. Here are links to both if you need them: GRS': Hime's...
  11. Weird animation glitch

    Hey, I’ve just started using RPGmaker MV and I seem to have this weird bug that only affects one of my actors. Whenever they use a normal attack, this gunshot animation plays over the already playing selected animation. Any ideas on how I could get that to stop would be very appreciated, thanks
  12. Raven Burns

    Yanfly Aftermath window, help!

    Hello everyone! I have been having an issue that I have tried to fix for the passed 6hrs. Whether yanfly's aftermath plugin is the cause, I do not know. We have tried everything you can possibily think of. My issue is this..... The actors faces are not aligning properly and are shifted down...
  13. Exdeath R6

    Boss battle transformation ?

    Hi, i couldn't find anything to help me with my problem, hence why im posting here. In short. I have a boss which is ,in particular the image for "General_M" . Half way through the battle i want him to transform into this sv animated character called "Duke" which is in fact operated by the...
  14. Treydon

    Yanfly's Item Synthesis Help

    Hello everyone! First off this is my first post here so I'd like to thank all the coders that do amazing work providing us with all the tools we need to make these games we love! Now my question/problem is: I'm trying to make a character that is an alchemist. I have made a skill that will call...
  15. Copperdog555

    Is it possible to create a "Fake Pop-up"?

    Hello kind individual, I was wondering if it might be possible (probably using the "script" function) to create a pop-up / error message. I have no comprehension of JavaScript, so some pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks, Copperdog
  16. New - Need Help with importing

    Hello all! I'm sorry if I'm writing the wrong place, but I'm new and have no idea where to look. I've been looking around the forum, but couldn't find something close to my problem, so I really hope someone can help me! Not so many days ago I bought and downloaded two dlcs to RPG Maker VX Ace...

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