help learing script

  1. CaptainVindicus

    How do I make non-turn based combat?

    I recently picked up RPG Maker XV Ace and im a complete noob at scripting and stuff so go easy on me. I wanted to make a game with non-turn based combat which you have sort of a cool down to use weapons and theres just chances the enemies will attack. An example of this: I couldn't find any...
  2. YEP_BuffStatesCore... what's wrong with this notetag?

    EDIT: no longer necessary
  3. Lady_Blackpearl

    RPGMMV Javascript: Adding Text?

    Hi I'm new, until now I have searched for tutorials on youtube or google but seem can't find anything I need. I'm also new in javascript or programming, tho with guides and some of my ideas I'm making my own custom menu. Looking for tutorials how to create text inside the custom menu and place...
  4. Need help putting these Command Options in the center of the brain image.

    I was working on creating my own custom menu that displays two characters as well as the menu command list inside a brain image to give a sense of "accessing info through the brain." This menu is almost complete, however, the options are not centered around my image, which I tried to work on in...
  5. Fangzarie

    Guild/ Party Member Help

    I'm quite new to RPG maker and I have found a problem with the party system or rather what I need to party system to "do". What i'm trying to get is mechanics similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or any guild format in certain games like Fire Emblem. I'm trying to create a game where you can...
  6. Checking if an event has been erased through a script call.

    Hello so i'm making a game where you can fight enemies, and then after a certain amount of time they respawn. Now my friend and I (mostly him) wrote a ruby script that allowed us to have that event respawn, through an event call. But we need to only respawn the event if the event has been...
  7. Load save after return to title in the event..are loop PLEASE HELP TT

    Hello , I have a problem. I want to create an episodes game. like telltale... or something when It' s in the end of Part 1 and I let's the player save before return title. and wait for the Part2 [Picture 1 ] But when I start to work in Part2 . I edit from the old event [ picture 2 ] and I...
  8. jordanblake

    Help with custom menu development

    Hello everyone, i'm working on "Custom menu" for my game but, i need some help to making this work... 1. I'm working on my screen 1440x900 but of course my menu isn't responsive so i need some help to fix that ( i want to keep the windows in the center of the screen always) , but i want to...
  9. Copperdog555

    Is it possible to create a "Fake Pop-up"?

    Hello kind individual, I was wondering if it might be possible (probably using the "script" function) to create a pop-up / error message. I have no comprehension of JavaScript, so some pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks, Copperdog
  10. PrinnyLink

    Hi could i get some Ruby and RGSSx script learning sites.

    Hi. im wanting to  learn Ruby and  RGSSx so can  make my onw  scripts can any of you  point me to some  site for learing the scripting and RGSSx and ruby please?.sorry  i got  I  in tlttel.  heh.... TT im so bad today.

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