1. Kurtkakes

    RMMV Help with ordering the character sprite

    Hello! im looking for a plug in that can help me make a coustom order for the sprites (going from left to right) this is the default order of how the stepping animation plays and i want to change that to this for some sprite sheets BUT only temporary, in other times like for example...
  2. DragonRose35

    RPG Maker MV Won't Access Files (Files Empty) [FIXED]

    Okay, so I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, but here goes. I'm having an issue I've never encountered before and it nearly made me have a panic attack because I've been working on this game for almost a week and I've gotten so much done for it, I really don't want to not be...
  3. Ytragof

    Hi! I'm trying to optimice my workflow and wanted some tips!

    Hey! Me again with yet an other thread for newbie help (Me being the newbie) So, I'm still working on the demo I told you guys about a time ago, but now I've come to a complicated scenario: I want for X event to Trigger after getting Y item. The specific example: You find a Music Box Handle...
  4. Relianna

    How to create diffrent types of tools?

    So my game is heavily focused around on outside of battle gathering, right now I am trying to create the tools needed to preform these actions. My questions are this; What do I make a tool? Do I make it a weapon, or an armor? They won't be used in battle but in the world itself. What things...
  5. dylan_pickle

    Weird font/text glitches [MV]

    hi hi! i have no idea how to post on forums so please don't attack me ;-; i need help. mv was working fine with no issues and now suddenly when i load up a playtest on the games i've been working on, the character sprites don't load in and i am only sometimes able to move. i'll be able to move...
  6. What's wrong with this bit of code?

    So I was working on the shop steal script, adding a switch based event. The consequences worked perfectly without the if statements. I have been working on this code for a while now, and adding else doesn't work. The problem is that the 2nd if statement is activates regardless weather or not...
  7. Chelly

    Bigger size parallax mapping?

    Hey there, Just as my title says, here's my issue. I usually do parallax mapping for my game and I then use an invisible tile to allow my player to walk in that map. I tend to keep it as small as possible but I have a particular map that needs to be 25x13 so it's slightly bigger than the...
  8. Jaimie

    My sound won't work

    Ok, so I've been working on this game for about a year and I just finished. I started to playtest it and found that the BGM sound does not work when I play the game, but all other sound does. I've tried to find out how to fix it on other threads but I haven't had any luck. I am using some...
  9. In need of help for a Character to appear

    So I'm creating a "Cheat Device" as an item to use (via "Common Events"). I want to have a fairy appear in front of the hero, when the player chooses to use it. But I don't know how to do this. Is this even possible? Would I need a script? Please help. ...Also I'm sorry if this was asked before...
  10. Making a simple puzzle

    Hello I'm a newbie who is trying to create a simple puzzle but I can't figure out how to make it. Here is how I want it to go. There four column which are basically buttons that the player needs to press in the right order to make an object appear in the room. If they press the correct button...
  11. Trying to modify Battle Commands and implement Sprite Button

    First time ever posting on any kind of forums so I don't know the protocol or anything. :p Forgive me beforehand. Also, I hope this is the correct place to be posting. Anyways to get into the topic, I'm trying to add a battle command that pulls up a new window that contains sprite buttons...
  12. My battle backgrounds are distorted

    So every thing is good apart from the backgrounds of my battle.They are all wavy and weird (see image below). Please hep me. (Im using VX not VX ACE. NOT ACE!)
  13. Warrior_Corporation

    MV: Android: The Menu Opens with Two Fingers

    The RPG Maker MV has by default on Android, open and close menu with two fingers pressed at the same time. Is there a way to remove this? I'm using an ABS type and I need to walk with the joystick and attack at the same time with another button, but if I do that I'll open the menu, so that's the...
  14. Annali

    Slides are doing problems to me ;; m ;;

    Long story short, the sliders look like that and I tried to play around with hotspots but it doesn't help; m ; can someone help me?
  15. thunderswagthe3rd

    Best way to promote your games?

    I seen games like pocket mirror, DELETE, ib, etc been getting lotta fame in this community and mostly by youtubers. so i been wondering how poeple from this community promote thier rpg maker games in thier way. I created this thread mosly cause a lot of games i have seen here ( and especially...
  16. Gustavo_Br

    (Help!) RMMV Interactive world map.

    My intention is make a Image map and use in game, which the player will not be able to move freely. Basically, the player can travel around the world map by fast travels, and stop in the cities (which will have a normal map). LIKE THIS (Mount&Blade Warband Screnshot) or this: But I have...
  17. hellaciousseer

    Plugins for Extra Frames in Side-View Battles?

    I'm looking for a plugin for RPG Maker MV that allows for extra frames in the Side-Battle mode. I know how to resize the frames so the sprites appear larger and still remain compatible with the program, but I'm looking to increase the number of frames for each action. For example, I would like...
  18. Need Help with fixing my Character Gen.

    I'm new to RPG Maker MV. I don't know if I am an idiot. But I don't know how to fix this. Everything works fine after I moved most of the male and female files to the kids to get more customizing stuff for the kids. However, I can't make any of female or male faces anymore. I started a new...
  19. JC Bailey

    Live Preview Window Keeps Randomly Disappearing

    I've ran into what I think is a bug with VN Maker, where the live preview window randomly disappears at random points while editing a scene. When this happens, there's seemingly no way to get it back without clicking away from the scene editor and back again, as there's no longer a "drag line...
  20. Script Error Helpme =( MOG Active Chain Commands Script

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone could help me. Everything was properly configured and is running normal, until in some battle, in the middle of the Chain, this error happens: What I'm doing: unleashing a chain attack when the character gives a normal attack that generates...

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