1. Johnstir

    [Help] Yanfly Battle Engine + Command Party broken

    Not sure if I can delete my own posts, but oh well. You see, I've been using-Well, trying to use Yanfly's Battle Engine in conjunction with the Command Party, Party System, and HP Bars. And whenever I test a battle, the game acts like I didn't set up Command Party and the Party system...
  2. Program Crashed

    Hello, unfortunately I do not know who to ask for help and do not understand why after spending 70 € rpg maker mv, the program when I least expect it stops me and obviously if I did not save lose all the work up to that point! Is there a way to solve this problem?
  3. HatJump

    HoT which heals on removal

    Hello all, I'm currently working on a healer character, and I wanted one of the skills to put a regeneration buff on an ally that gives them regeneration, with a burst heal when the state expires. eg. State lasts 3 turns, 1st 2nd and 3rd turns heals 2% of max health, then heals for 20% hp...
  4. HatJump

    Stat Steal State

    Hello all, I'm currently working on a tank style character, and I wanted one of the skills to put a debuff on enemies that lowers their attack/magic attack and buffs my character by the amount that the enemy has lost. eg. Enemy has 100 attack and 50 magic, my character debuffs them (10%)...
  5. Mooglelover

    Custom Animation Troubles

    Hello. I am making a Final Fantasy game and am working on creating summons, but to do that I needed to make my own animations. The problem I am having is that when I add animation png files to the animations folder, it is sized wrong and I can't select all of the summon creature. I thought it...
  6. Iliketea

    Exporting my Game - What am I doing wrong?

    Ok, I tried to export my game, just to see if it works. I read the manual and followed it. Yet, the end result doesnt work. It starts just fine, then in the main menu I select "New Game"  and nothing happens. Just a black screen. OR it just shuts down. I dont know what I am doing wrong, I...
  7. Annali

    How should I do 2 items that Open event?

    So I wanted To do that my main charcter buy something And another something and than something happened? How should I do it?
  8. Need help removing certain window for key items

    My problem is a little specific. I need my game to not display the second window (with the actor and name) (shown in Capture 2) when an item is selected, but I am unsure how to make this come to pass. Is there a script I need to edit in order for me to prevent this window from popping up...
  9. I want one character to drag another

    Hello again! I'm going to try and NOT be confusing I am working on a cutscene where the player is simply watching a scene I want one of the NPCs to approach the other, and drag them away I got the NPC to approach the other and all of that, but other than that I'm at a loss Tell me if I'm...
  10. C-C-C-Cashmere (old)

    How do you give that project the extra push to completion?

    So many of my projects have come to a standstill because I have come to that certain point... the certain point in all of my projects where things start to slow down. You feel the weight of your fingers struggling to move across the keyboard. Your brain starts to overheat. Slowly, the...
  11. mathGeek

    Trouble With Yanfly's Scripts

    As the title suggests, I'm having a bit of trouble with Yanfly's scripts... It seems I can get the core engine, messaging, battle sytem, and status menus scripts to work, but for some reason, the class sytem doesn't appear to be working? I might just be a noob at this, but I've looked over it...

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