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  1. Cootadude

    RMMV How to get Party Member Actor ID with JavaScript

    I'm creating a Hud with SRD_HudMaker for my game but what I want is the Hud to show 2 of the Party Members at once & have them Swap whenever the Player switches between the 2 characters. I already know how to get the Party Leader's ID, what I need to know is how to get the Second Party Member's ID.
  2. monkas332

    .flow help?!?????

    Ok, so I only made this account because I am so confused when it comes to downloading games like .flow and Yume 2kki. It's my first time downloading a game like this and I have no idea what to do- I've seen videos about how to install it but I have no idea how to put it on my computer. When...
  3. So I'm using the basic castle map included, and I can't overwrite tiles.

    I had looked up this problem before, and now I've forgotten how. I recall some sort of key in order to delete the background tile in order to place the new one. Example: The right is the normal banner, and the left is what I was trying to do. A tattered banner. However, the tile below it...
  4. Making a decoy character that cant be healed

    I am trying to make a temporary party member that acts like the teddy bear in earthbound, where it takes blows until dying. I want to make it so this decoy can not be healed with items. How do I go about this?
  5. Zeitwaffen

    Oh hi forsome reason i cant change scene thingies

    I have no idea how to fix this i'm stupid but like I got one choice thing done but when i try to change the scene it repeats the final response to the first choice over on a loop and Idk how to fix it . ( If you can help that's great , I speak English and German so either is fine if you can...

    How to make a state making the target untargetable or invisible?

    Help I'm making a enemy that has a state that makes them turn invisible or untargetable help me
  7. MakerZeroOne

    Nub zone: message boxes... HALP!

    Ok, so i've played a recent rpg maker game, and some of the cut scenes have message boxes that take up the entire screen. How do i emulate this? I'm using Yanflys message core, and the plugin command for message rows does not seem to be working for me. example... Event page: *Plugin Command...

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