help please

  1. PumpKindOf

    I have a problem with transparency and its getting old.

    My friend bought me RPG Maker 2003 a bit ago and I think I'm bout to scream because in the 5+ hours I've used it so far it's been just me trying to fix this issue, I may just be stupid but that's for y'all to decide when you help me fix this dumb issue. First off the second layer, it's just...
  2. QueenTeaYT

    Inventory Item Count Detection?

    I want an event to occur once it detects X amount of Y item. Is this possible? I only know how to use the detect item for 1 count. EDIT: To be more specific, I want to an event to occur once the player has collected 40 flowers.
  3. A question about RPG Maker's default tiles

    (I'm sorry if this isn't the correct forum to post this question, I wasn't sure where to ask this.) Is it possible to make a nice-looking RPG Maker game using mostly the tiles the program comes with? I don't have much in way of resources or artistic ability, so I feel I'll have to rely on them...
  4. cmac217

    Looking for a few different plugins

    This is a bit of a lengthy post but I'm looking for a few plugins to help finish my battle engine. I'm making an engine that is essentially RNG cockfighting/Pokemon, at I want it to look similar to this: I have the basics done, but now I just need mostly visual plugins and a way to make...
  5. Raikiri91

    Falcao ABS Liquid Pearl V3 scripting/eventing issues

    I am having several issues and aome of them are just proper tagging/eventing, but here they are; 1. enemy will not attack unless attacked first and the attack deals damage. 2. when enemy attacks and it is in the same space as the character, it will not deal damage until I move the character 3...
  6. How to make skills that come with levels

    I am making it so that a teacher(event) teaches you different spells and stuff. i want it to make it so that you have to talk to them to earn your skill. But you have to be a certain level
  7. Brellelasouls

    Character Gen Parts Not Working!!!

    So I'm trying to download some more character generator parts and I keep getting all these errors, either the pieces won't show up at all or they'll look like the image below. I'm new to RPG Maker and tried to fix it myself but nothing seems to help. Please help, or give me some sort of...
  8. Cjdgame

    Yanfly's Class System Leveling Help

    So I'm using Yanfly's class system, and I had everything all set up and I was excited for the use of sub classes...but then I found out that   Sub Classes don't level up with the Primary Class :(   At least not when I tested it. I don't know if something messed up along the line (Though no...

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