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  1. RMMV How to fix chance-based skill using Yanfly's Action Sequence?

    I'm making a magic attack right now called "Cast" where it has a chance to... 10% to backfire on the user. (User takes decreased damage from their attack instead.) 20% to fail. (It does nothing.) 60% to succeed and hit its target. 10% to still and deal bonus damage to its target. Referencing...
  2. RMMV How can I make this skill work using Yanfly's Lunatic Mode?

    Basically in a another game I'm working on, I'm trying to to make a skill call "Mend" that has 20% to fail, but I don't want to see the "There was no effect on %1!" message at all, so I've figured a good way to get around it is to code it in Lunatic Mode, but despite reading all the tips &...
  3. StoicRose

    I'm having trouble with recoil damage on skills and a lifesteal skill

    hello! i asked a few of my smart rpg maker friends for help with this first but none of them seemed to be able to help, so i figured id post something here as a last ditch effort. ive been trying to make some skills for my game, but i cant seem to get them to do what i want them to. i know they...

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