help wanted

  1. Lilly

    TRADE Elemental Light - I...really need help.

    Teho!~ I thank you for even clicking on this thread...I'm in quite a pickle..Tilesets are very hard to make... I've tried multiple times over the course of my development time, I'm no good... Here's the original game development thread Elemental Light. Engine: RMMV Synopsis...
  2. Lilly

    FREE Birth of Elemental Light - [Title In Progress]

    Demo Please give me feedback, questions and/or info about how to make it game better. ------ For 2 or 3 months, I've been working on a game project. Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: A RPG game filled with puzzles and a Linear Motion Battle System and in this game you will move normally through...
  3. FREE Heist

    Hopefully this is now in the right spot for this? BASIC INFO: About my game: SUMMARY: Kuro is a young cat who dreams of becoming a mage. Once day a message arrives, and he gets accepted into the dungeon program. And so his adventure begins, what lies before him is unknown. He will meet many...
  4. Kraden96

    Evermore Chronicles - In search of Pixel Artist

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: A Western take on the classic JRPG formula. Evermore is an in development rpg maker game based on a deep routed story filled with a plethora of lore and things to learn about the world around you. The experience will heavily reward players that explore the...
  5. Uranium

    Help Wanted: Plugin Manage/Functions and Features

    Hi, I am a solo game developer looking for assistance getting all the features Im wanting in my game to work. I have found all the necessary plugins. I am just having trouble getting things all set up properly. Please only serious people, If you are good enough to I am willing to pay money.
  6. Abagail Asta

    Song Of Nine Worlds - Looking for help

    Okay this game is in it's early stages and it's going to be a LONG time before it will be done.                                             Trivia What is it in : RPG Maker MV What Genre : Either Fantasy or Si-Fi but probably Fantasy Age Restriction : This game will be child friendly...
  7. I'm Get stuck with Broken font [Square alphabet.]

    [first. Sorry For bad grammar.] I'm stuck with crated some game. I'm have to put "Thai" language. in game but it's not support. I'm already survey the internet and have someone tellme I'm changed already but have this moment. And I'm going to change Dialog "New game" to...
  8. Looking for a composer to help with demo

    Hi, I am working on a VERY modest demo of a game at the moment and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help out on the music side of things. I am a semi-decent composer myself but I feel that someone else could most likely do better. If you are interested (and your skill level exceeds...
  9. Zane

    Seeking Help for my Hud Script

    Hello once again. I am back with a support topic. I'm seeking help with my interface script as it still has some bugs that I would really like to fix.  These major bugs include:  - HP Graphic not refreshing when trying to recover. (The picture changes when hp is taken away* Not when It is...

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