1. I need help

    I made a character that punches (animation) an other character then says "Now i feel better", moves 4 steps right, says something else then instead of stopping it it just repeats it without me telling it to repeat itself, It also turn on a variable (i think its called that) called "Dead Chef. It...
  2. Galv Fishing mini game black screen, need help

    every time i try to go into the fishing minigame it always bugs out on a black screen, it could be because of YEP plugins conflicting with it, but i have no clue
  3. Rostraspik

    Change enemy sprite during battle

    Hello everyone. I am trying to create a skill for my character that when used will change the enemy sprite during battle. I want the enemy to maintain its stats, states, skills, etc. How can I go about this?
  4. PaulaCucumberuwu

    A status effect that gives TP to whoever removes it.

    This is quite simple but I can't figure out how to do it. I just want to make a status effect that gives 10 TP to whoever removes it, can someone help me please with this? :(
  5. Export problems

    Hello everyone! im working on my project and i wonder if i need to do extra steps when i export my game. I exported my game and give it to a friend to play it, but his screen was black and game doesnt start, not a single error or something, just black screen. When i test the same game, there is...
  6. Mr-Kangaroo

    Is it Possible to Make Enemy Specific BGM?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is some hidden setting that allows BGM to change to the random encounter ID? The desired effect is just having enemy specific music. I'd rather the butterflies not have the same battle music as the wolves. :') Could I somehow make it location dependent as...
  7. wbthehero

    Changing all text/font color to white or a different color

    Hello, so im making a Gameboy style game with green and black colors but my font right now is black and it blends in far too much, I just would like an easy way to change the color of the font so you can actually read it.
  8. Mr-Kangaroo

    How do I Make a 'No-Pass Tile' Event Interactable?

    I have a barrel. I add event on same tile as barrel. Make event same level as player, and triggered by action button. Nothing happens. More generally asking, how do I make an event interactable when it is on an impassable tile, like a wall, or a large object?
  9. Mr-Kangaroo

    Vanishing NPC Help Please

    Can't figure out what the hell is making this NPC vanish at the start of the scene, I was extra careful with my switches too.(NPC in question is "Gonzo")
  10. How to get the level of the first member of the group in a variable?

    Hello, I want to create a condition where if my enemy's level (which is in a variable) is higher than my character's then something happens, but I'm making a Pokémon style game, so I can't predict who the character will be the first member of the group, and to get the level in the variable using...
  11. Encrypted Game fails to load PNGs

    Hello, This is Layla @ Color Spectrum Studios, we are working on our game "Prophecy of The Color Spectrum" and are currently testing a beta on steam, the files in the game when editing fail to load unless both the encrypted and unencrypted files and apparently this is also present when...
  12. Need help sharpening pixel animation in battles

    I'm trying to make Lisa game style pixel animations for my battles but RMMZ keeps smoothing the animations. Anything I can do to fix this?
  13. Equip types: How can I debuff items rather than lock them?

    We wanted to give players a little more freedom in their characters' build. Rather than saying a Fighter can only use One-Handed weapons, we want to make it so that he's more likely to fail when using a different weapon type. However, characters natively can't equip other weapon types at all...
  14. RMMZ Relatively New, plugins not working when adding VisuMZ core, also dev tools message

    As said in the title, my plugins stopped working when I added the Visustella core engine and battle core. I also get this dev tool message which I can't decipher. Here's some images Here's my plugins:
  15. Help with Tilesets

    Hi I'm a newbie with RPG Maker MV and was wondering is there way to get more than the 4 columns of tilesets for your map when creating it? Possible all of your dlc items so you can easily grab any tileset you want to use in your maps? Seeking help on perhaps really simple problem but when using...
  16. Pass-turn System

    Hello, everyone! Here I am, boring everybody with my problems. So, I'm trying to make a Pass-turn system that works as follows: each actor will have a skill called "Pass". When used, the user will allow the next character to act. For example: A, B, C, D are the actors, A uses "Pass", so the...
  17. Lionbarrel

    How do I USE source code??

    Hey there is a plugin that I'm very interested in using but it only offers up the source code itself and not like the plugin part of it, if it wasn't painfully telling I absolutely can't code any other language besides python and from what I can see this is JavaScript.... How do I exactly put a...
  18. rabuswan

    editing the starter parting/actors in system not working

    i downloaded rpgmaker mv just yesterday and it was working just fine, but now i can't seem to get the system actors/starting party working. i've edited the name of the player and it won't change in game, the same goes for if i try changing the sprites and/or face. i also tried adding another...
  19. How to make an Enemy to autoequip an item to actor upon defeat

    Im making a mod, inside a RPGMV game, and i want to make, certain enemies equip to actors, an item that puts debuffs, and its unequibable (im working on a quest for that). Im really new programming, and i dont know how to do it, so any help is really appreciated
  20. Skills learned through events?

    Is this possible because I'm trying to make it so that when the player interacts with something they learn a skill but I don't know how to get around the whole leveling thing or generally learning the skill thing If anyone knows how or has done this before please help edit i have learned...

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