1. DaniellJC


    Hi everyone. I decided to make my first post in this section because I'm kinda lost. I know RPG Maker for a long time and decided to download RMMZ to learn what's new. I had a lot of ideas for games and then started making them through Events, but I always knew it would be much better if I...
  2. Monkeynugget

    RMMZ [Solved by ATT_Turan] Triaconte Trigger on Equip and State

    So i tweaked triaconte's trigger on equip and state plugin to work with my MZ game and it works great but i'd prefer it if on unequip instead of subtracting the note tag variable it set it back to zero I reckon its this function i need to adjust but im not sure what i'd make it say doies...
  3. RMMV how do i make the mother 3 hud

    i wanna make my games battle hud look like mother 3's hud (example below) any ways i could replicate it?
  4. RMMV Alternative to YEP Battle Status Window

    Post title. Yanfly's plugin is the only one i could find that can do what i need for my game, that being showing animations on top of the character profiles in a front view battle system. Unfortunately, i cant afford to buy any of yanflys plugins at the moment so ill need to fins an alternative...
  5. Mohitrani

    How to make my characters to select an order of watch duty?

    Hello, i have a problem, i have 8 characters camping at night, and they have to choose an order for watch duty, so that after picking an order each of them will act singularly for a while and then after all of them acted they'll group together in the morning. What can i do to achieve that? thank...
  6. lawlietorochi

    DLC, how can I use?

    Hey guys, I bought the RPG Maker MZ DLC "Medieval Fantasy Weapons Pack" and this DLC came with 12 sheets containing 12 weapon animations each. However, the database provides me with space for only 6 personalized animations, that is, half a sheet. Any way around this?
  7. Monkeynugget

    RMMZ Battle Screen Picture Call

    Hi So i have a small function i use to allow for foldered pictures that works great everywhere but in battle common events SO there's no plugin conflict as i get the same failure in a clean project is there a different screen call $gamescreen.pictures call in battle processing that i cant...
  8. ZodiacStories

    (FIXED) How do you stop the looping?

    I only need the sound effect to play once, but it keeps looping over and over. I tried to put in the command "Stop SE" but it didn't do anything. Any thoughts or tips? Never mind, I'm a dumb dumb.
  9. Kalombi

    Layoring got me ???? Help!

    In our MZ game, for the characters, our illustrators have drawn 2 block high images and parallaxed them in place of the normal pixel art sprites. They are two blocks high, in the 2 to 1 ratio, and made using an illustration software. But as you can see, the main character (the one in green) can...
  10. Yanfly Engines

    So I wanted to make a custom weapons addition to my game, But the only way is use a plugin from Yanfly called Weapon Animation and for some reason I can't download it anymore is there a way for me to insert new custom weapons into my game? :(
  11. Character Won't Move No Matter What

    I just picked up VX Ace and I'm trying to make a fangame of LISA: The Painful, but whenever I place my character on a map they absolutely refuse to move unless I use the ctrl+arrow key. I've already double-checked that the tileset I'm using is set to an "o", so it shouldn't be impassible, and...
  12. LegendaryNono

    Deployment on Mac OS

    Hello everyone, i need help and i absolutely don't know what to do ! I've been creating a game for my friendgroup since 3 years now. Last week i just finished it and deployed both Windows and Mac OS versions for everyone to play (there are roughly 20 players of my game). But for some reason...
  13. Need help with a certain area of my map.

    So I've been trying to make a series of maps as combat zones, I'm trying to also make trenches the player can explore or run though but I've come across a problem where these two tiles seem to be impassable no matter what, I've tried the basic dirt and other tiles, above events and messed with...
  14. DragonRose35

    Got a New Laptop and Now My RPG Maker is Bugged?

    Okay so... here's the deal. I got a new laptop about a month ago and was finally able to transfer all my files from the old one to this one. RPG Maker MV was among them. After going through the hassle of re-finding my product key, I booted RPG Maker up, started a new game file... and it works...
  15. Help me find the plugin

    Hi everyone, i need a plugin with a rhythm combat system. If you have such a plugin, give a link. Thank you in advance. (Sorry for my bad English)
  16. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Looking for a previously read/Roll Back Plugin

    Hello, all! Jac here! Since I am nearly done with my Chapter 1 of The Guild of Jasperaian (Should be release in a few weeks now for all to play), I am currently getting ready to start my next project. I want to try going for a more Visual Novel approach with this new project. But in order to do...
  17. kkupttown

    RMMV Book Item Log Feature

    I am making a game that includes collecting items. I was wondering if it is possible to make a sort of "Book" feature/graphic, in addition to inventory, to showcase and write about the items, but I am very new to RPGMaker MV, and I don't know where to start. I'm imagining it would take up the...
  18. baklababe

    Sprite not completely Transparent

    For some reason when I imported my sprite sheet and got to the menu where you choose which color to be transparent it seems like it detected a different shade of green around the top and sides of the sprite. I'm at a bit of a loss of what I should do. Pictured below is what the sprite looks like...
  19. Event chase event script

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a script that allows me to have an event follow another event using custom auto move. I already tried moveTowardCharacter($gameMap.event(1)); to chase event 1 and it didn't work for me. I am using RPG Maker MV. Can you help me?
  20. having white screen in game

    hey i want someone to help me becausewhen i deployed my game and made my friend download it all they can see is white screen when they run the game ,is there anythingi can do to fix it?

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