1. Uploading game footage (please help)

    My resolution in RPG Maker MV is 1920 x 1080p. So is my monitor. It looks fantastic when I play and when I capture gameplay footage. Unfortunately, whenever I upload it anywhere..... it's super blurry (especially fullscreen). Check out this imgur video I posted and make it fullscreen while...
  2. Kay0503

    [Fixed]Enemies won't do Damage

    I've had this problem where my enemies won't do any damage and my database seems fine to those who have tried to help me already I thought asking here would help. Whats even more confusing is sometimes they do damage for one fight then stop the doing damage the second, third and so on.
  3. HikariHason

    urgent help!! parallax map

    soo I just got started using RPG maker mv, everything is still new for me so plsss help I wanted to use the bind pictures to map plugin, I drew my image and when I uploaded to the map it just duplicated in four images I used the original rpg maker map image as base so it shouldn't be happening...
  4. Exit event processing from another event or a common event?

    Is there a wat to exit event processing from another event? I have some conditions baked in to another event (parallel process), and when they are true I need to end an interaction that the player COULD have with another event. Any help is much appreciated :)
  5. Sharon

    Looking for a plugin/script that can change the Title Screen background and Title Screen BGM for RPG Maker MV

    I looked everywhere for anything that can change the game's Title Screen image and BGM with an event. I found a few scripts I thought were what I was looking for but it turned out on of them was for VX Ace and the other wasn't available as a singular plugin (Yanfly's plugin). Is there anything...
  6. Mxrio

    [MV] Adding extra variables to Game_BattlerBase?

    I'm trying to add some extra variables that can be accessed in Damage Formulas and other code pieces via Battlers. I'm experienced in code but not making plug-ins or javascript specifically so I just modified rpg_objects.js for this attempt. Specifically, this is in Object.defineProperties() for...
  7. MoiMoiisbadatthis

    Rhythm or button mashing minigame help...

    So I want to make a mini-game where the player has to fight another character but not in a battle. though I'm not sure how to do this, most of the things I've found were either Vx or were in battle minigames, I'm still not sure if I would prefer a rhythm minigame or a button-mashing one so if...
  8. skyebot

    Help with transferring players between maps

    Hi! I have an issue in RPGMAKER MV where when in an event creation I will use the transfer player command and it will not let me select a map other then the one i am already on, I have never had this problem before but it is happening to every map in my current project, is this something I can...
  9. Help Getting Product

    Hi! A while back I bought RPG Maker MV on a laptop which I don't have anymore. Because of this I have no way at all to find my product key. I know which email I used to buy it, but I can't figure out how to get my product key. I tried contacting support, but since I need the product key to get a...
  10. Black Pagan

    Need Help with an Event - A Gab Window Problem

    Ok, So let me explain a Planned Mechanic in my Futuristic Game in MV. What the Mechanic should do : (1) Player interacts with Control Panel on Wall (2) Player automatically sets up a Hacking event (3) Player is now free to move around in the Dungeon and enter Battle (4) Hacking Program...
  11. How to make a scene from a diary?

    I am trying to make a scene where the player must read a diary, but the diary has several pages, therefore it is a set of several images in which, when the player presses a button, it goes to the next image and so on, but I am having trouble doing it, like for example if I put it on the action...
  12. Daeva

    How can I add a Character Name Input when pressing Start?

    Hey I'm super new to all of this, just got RPG Maker MV yesterday.. I've tried searching around but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. I'd like to make a Character Name Input window appear when pressing Start. Pretty much exactly like the old Dragon Quest games. Press "Start" and it...
  13. Black Pagan

    Need Help with Suitable Tileset Resources

    I'm looking to make a Space based Futuristic Game based on a Sci-Fiction Concept in RPG Maker MV. Can someone suggest suitable Tilesets - Free or otherwise ? I know there are some Basic Futuristic Tile-sets by default that comes with MV. However, I'm looking for something different to make my...
  14. remainderstudios

    Problem with any Spawn Event scripts on RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hi I have a very frustrating error using spawn event scripts. It doesn't matter which event spawn script i used, Galvs, EST - DECOR AND BUILD v1.2, Yanfly, etc. Either of these scripts has a fatal error and I was unable to fix. 1. I spawn a seed (previously created in another map with...
  15. How can I set a transition time to the title menu?

    I am using a Moghunter plugin which is MOG_Titlelayers and with that plugin I made a transition with the title image, at first the screen looks black and then the image comes out, I managed to do the same with the title name that comes out in the Title screen, at first the title is not...
  16. How can I remove the options button from the title screen?

    Hello everyone, I hope you are very well, I am making a somewhat peculiar game, and I need to remove the options button that appears in the game title, the button should only appear in the menu within the game, how can I do it? Thank you very much!
  17. Variables help.

    I need to figure out a way to make it so I can't use a specific item that teleports the party to a hub map in this dungeon, but it has two seperate maps. The obvious solution is a MapID variable, but I need to prevent use in both maps. I think using a range of values would work, but I can't...
  18. In desperate need of help. Can't post videos/images of my game online without blurriness and reduced quality

    I'm new to video editing and game development. Although there have been some bumps in the road, I've managed to fix most of the issues I have had with RPG Maker MV. What I can't seem to wrap my head around is recording game footage and maintaining quality when uploading it. I use OBS to capture...
  19. dysphoria

    Help: Autorun with Conditions

    Hi, I'm new here. Maybe its a common question but I can't find an specific solution for this. Sorry if it is a noobish question. This is what I want to do: Protag starts in a Temple > Protag leaves the Temple > Protag talks with an NPC who activate a switch> Protag returns to temple and a...
  20. Help with event touches not executing on the first touch.

    So I have a small puzzle thats in my game where players have to roll multiple balls across a path and get them into the correct hole. When the player touches it, it takes a move away from the player. If the player hits it off the edge of the pathway all the non pathway tiles there is an event...

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