1. Finmide

    Multiple Piece Enemy issues

    I was making an enemy that has multiple pieces to it (head, torso, l arm, r arm, tail) and each one attacks separately. However I only want the battle to end once the torso is defeated and I made a makeshift disable mechanic for the other parts. But the issue is in order for the disable mechanic...
  2. A little help

    Yo. I'm trying find a game I used to play a while back. I can't remember what it was called, but I know it used either VX or VX Ace. As well as its basic assets and the rmn downloadable bgm. It's ran for three installments with a forth one coming the last time I checked. If I remember, the...
  3. Help regarding walls and borders(?)

    heya, i never expected to see myself posting on here when most of the questions i wanted to ask were already answered, but here i am regardless so, in a test project im working on, im trying to create a "border" effect along the walls, as shown in the screenshot below, courtesy of yume nikki...
  4. kagehiramika

    MZ or MV or VX ACE ? Need your opinion !!

    Hello i don't want to make this long so I'll go to the point :) I'm a fine lvl Artist you can check my art here ( and i realllly want to make a game for this story its a mystery, drama and a little horror type here is the problem .... i can draw everything i...
  5. Mihnea

    How can I make status effects interact with each other?

    So what I'm looking to do is have 2 statuses that interact with each other. In my case I want to have a status named "open wound". I'd like that in the case the player has that effect and is also poisoned, the poison to deal significantly more damage than it normally would. Is there any way to...
  6. Event Sprite Appearing Black Durning Playtest

    Hello All, Recently ive been having an issue with a specific scene in a project i'm working on. A cutscene required a sprite with more than the usual 3 frames, so i'm using Shaz's More character frames plugin. However, whenever I playtest the scene the sprite is black. Attached are the sprite...
  7. ProDudeFilms

    Rpg Maker MV PS4 Port

    I saw that there was recently a free Rpg Maker Player added to the PS4 store and I was wondering how to port a game to it so my friends can play it!
  8. RMMV I'm a dummy in need of some help!

    I'm a pretty tech-illiterate person and I just started messing with RMMV like two days ago. So I was messing around with the Victor Engine plugins and I was following his tutorial on making a Dragoon Jump skill. I'm pretty sure I followed it correctly however when I went to use the skill this...
  9. Dungeonmind

    RMMV How do I change the entire screen to greyscale using javascript?

    Basically, if anyone can point me in the right direction to do something like this or even IF we can do something like this. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Event that will run 3 random events each??

    How do I make a common event that will call 1 out of 3 other specific common events and then exclude the called common event and then call 1 out of the remaining specific common events until all specific common events are called? I don't know how to do this using variables...
  11. AmasterAmaster

    Beast Man Generator on Steam is missing resources

    Is it just me or is that DLC Pack (Beast Man Generator) for RPG Maker MV missing resources in it's DLC folder? A friend of mine just picked this up for me as a gift and I was excited to add that to the character generator, however I checked it's location (steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\dlc\Beast...
  12. Xntraxz

    RMMV Help to trigger some keyboard buttons with YEP_ButtonCommonEvents.js

    Hey, im a little confused... when using this plugin, it allows you to assign a common event to a pressed key, but I want to know if it is possible to activate and deactivate something by pressing the same button as if it were a switch. Example in pseudocode: Press "T": The screen turns gray...
  13. RMMV Help with YEP_CoreEngine

    Hello, I am trying to change the HP parameters to my characters, I want them to have more HP than the program allows, so I downloaded this plugin, but according to the tags that the plugin has, I do not see any in which that can be changed parameter, the strangest thing is that this plugin can...
  14. Calico_Bee

    So I'm trying to make a cafe minigame...

    So I'm trying to create a simple café mini game I'm only using branches, switches, and variables. No plugins. You get to be a waiter and you give customers the food they want within a certain amount of time or else they get impatient and leave. The only problem is that It's kinda difficult to...
  15. Help with common event

    first I'd like to say not sure if thread is in right location doing this to get help from reddit (but if someone elses knows the answer that'd be amazing) My issue is that a common event is being called in the intro but I have no idea why
  16. JacSkulls

    Help with Window Resizer

    Hello! Jac here. (Hope I'm in the right forum) I'm having trouble with using Vlue's Basic Window Resizer. Not sure what's going on, truly. I tried playing a video at the start of the game but the video doesn't enlarge itself. This is what it looks like at fullscreen. I was wondering if there...
  17. I can't figure out how to use VE - Charge Actions

    All the description says is "Yeah just do <charge action: 12> result = 2 </charge action> in the notes of a skill and it'll work. Charge action is the state of charging, and the result is how long it will charge for" Okay so I put this in a "heavy attack" skill, made the 12th state...
  18. beebTime

    How to change events after they've been executed?

    Hello! I'm very new to RPG Maker MV, and I was wondering if there was a way I could execute a command and have it change? Basically, there's an event where it gives you a sword but I don't want the player to just infinitely get swords so I was wondering if there was a way I could lock it so it's...
  19. Trogdor101

    Counter Attack After Damage Calculation

    Is there any way for me to make it so when a state has an Ex-Parameter to Counter attack, that it initiates the counter attack only after damage is dealt? I have tried a number of solutions new and old, with scripts, with states, and with plugins. I just want the guard to function by halving...
  20. Maelstrome

    Custom Menu Help

    Hey everyone, I'm new around here and still a little green with RPG Maker itself. I wasn't entirely sure where to put this so sorry if it's in the wrong area of the forums. Anyway, the advanced functions are still a little nuanced to me but I'm having a bit of trouble with the menu systems. I've...

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