1. dyzzythedemon

    How To Create Knocked Down Status, and AOA

    Heya! I'm working on a persona-like, and I was wondering if anyone had figured out how to create the "knocked down" condition for enemies, and how to make it recognize when they're all knocked down and initiate a big finisher. I realize this is tricky coding and rpg-maker wise, and I'm using MZ...
  2. desireroad

    Changing Menu name based on switch in Common Event Menu (YEP)

    Hey, I don't know why the menu name doesn't seem to update but whenever I "catch a monster" a switch comes on and the menu name should change, amongst other things. The text will display after I catch the monster but the menu name doesn't seem to want to update though. I am using Common Event...
  3. dyzzythedemon

    Custom Status Effect Help

    Heya! I'm new to the RPGmaker scene and I've started using MZ a little. I want to make a game, sort of a persona-like. But I don't want it to feel stale with the same old same old status effects. For reference, here's the ones I'm trying to figure out. -Abandoned: Cannot perform any skills on...
  4. PachucoCadaver

    Problem with Common events in Battles

    Hi! I currently have a lot of skills in my game where I call common events. And these common events use sometimes Force Action, or Show Battle Animation. Sometimes the common events are animations created with Picture Move. But the problem is that these common events don't stop the action...
  5. Loop parallax background as the character walk in game.

    Hello, I'm currently making a RPG Maker 2003 game and had encountered a few problems, which I couldn't find a solution even after turning the LOOP scroll. A.................................................................................................................................B I...
  6. Oscar92player

    [HELP] Deploying a game for Steam Deck

    Good day, everyone, I've been making a bit of research on this, based on the fact that RPG Maker MV you allows to deploy games on Linux. However, I've found a few issues when trying to do the same for Steam Deck, which uses SteamOS (basically, Linux). I don't think the tutorials and help...
  7. How to have dialogue change when you exit and re-enter the game

    Kind of a weird question, i know. I've seen it as an easter egg in a few games where you get a switch, save the game, and exit back to the main menu and the dialogue will change. I've tried to get it working with self-switches and normal switches but so far it's only going up to the first page...
  8. ParkerOilar

    RMMZ How do i use DK_Video_Player to Animate Battle backgrounds?

    How do i use DK_Video_Player to Animate Battle backgrounds? How do i use it?:kaoswt2:
  9. Remove passive state with damage?

    I'm making an accessory inspired by the pokémon's air balloon, it gives immunity to an element until the user suffers an attack from another type of element. I did this by creating a state with a trait that gives immunity to the psychic type, and giving that passive state to the aluminum hat. I...
  10. allergyy

    Movie ends up pausing

    When I inserted my movie, it doesnt end. It is a WebM file and it fits the screen, but it plays and then just keeps the ending of the last frame of the movie on screen or keeps it for an extended period of time. The last frame is only about 1-2 seconds long and it keeps it on for about 5-10 seconds.
  11. "Show Choices" box moving after event

    The title doesn't do much to explain what's going on because it's a weird random problem that I've seen elsewhere on the forum but with no resolution. Here's the deal (with screenshots): If I enter my map and activate my event with the show choices box, it looks like this: perfect, exactly...

    NASU minigame

    Hello, I think this is the right place to post it. If not, I apologize this is my first time posting here. I'll be direct, I wanted to make a Yume Nikki sort of fangame, and I wanted to add a NASU minigame when you interact with the tv. However, I don't know how to go around doing this, I'm new...
  13. 2 quests per one event/character?

    Hey guys! I’m working on my first game but I’m still new at it. so I’m trying to make it so a character gives the player two different quests. but I’m not sure which order to make the events. There are 4 switches, 2 for each quest. A start and end quest switch. I’m not sure which order it should...
  14. PerSonaQQ

    RMMV Help with Changing MogHunter's Chrono Engine CT Graphics

    I've wanted to use the CT meter in my project but would like to change the graphics to suit my game more. Unfortunately, when I tried changing it, the gauge in the meter disappeared. I've tried editing the Javascript file for a bit but I don't understand JS and nothing really changed. I'm pretty...
  15. Failed to load tileset message

    Failed to load img/tilesets/aquarium%2520walls.png ^ was the message that popped up whenever i tried going into an area with this specific tileset name. Now I would imagine that the issue has to do with that pesky little percent sign in the name of the tileset. Which was weird because I never...
  16. RMMZ PLZ HELP! trying to make ship battles + plugin drama

    Hello, I'm trying to make pirate ship battles, I found this https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/naval-battles.30918/ on this website and it looks like what I'm after but I can't figure out how to download the plugin properly???? (I'm new to RPG maker MZ) I managed to download it...
  17. allergyy

    Battle and Befriend

    Is it possible to create a battle sequence where you are able to either fight a monster or befriend them? Like giving them mercy? Kinda like undertale.
  18. WaifuMakerDev

    How do I use mapId?

    Hiya! I'm very new to with RPG maker and I'm currently experimenting with some JS (Java Script). I'm more of a visual learner when it comes to learning so I just need to know if what I'm thinking is correct. Basically been using a google doc with example scripts but it's still a bit confusing...
  19. FivinTub

    Enemies not using custom skills in battle.

    Hi! So, I'm making my first RPGMZ game and I'm having trouble with a very important mechanic. I want this enemy to use the custom "poison" skill on the player during a battle. For some reason, the enemy will only attack and never use this skill. I've tried many things, but it doesn't seem to...
  20. DestroyDX

    RMMV Specific Dual Wielding

    Hey there game makers! I have two dual wielding characters. I want to make it that one can't equip two of the same weapon types at the same time (ie can equip a gun and a dagger but can't equip two guns and two daggers). While the other can only equip one weapon type if it has a specific...

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