1. Yawn

    Help with making Player does something, then Enemy, then result? in battle

    Hello, I'm pretty new (very new) to RPGMMZ so bear with me. I want to practically build a simple combat system that's starting to look more complex the more I look into the engine limits so it's Rock Paper Scissors, but the Player and Enemy get to choose before anything happens (like an...
  2. Tutorial Help

    Greetings I Am completly new to the RPG making genre and decided to start from the bottom with one of the oldest engines (XP) but i have no idea how to even start, i have been looking EVERYWHERE for tutorials, PDFs, even the wiki but none of them go into detail for what can this engine can or...
  3. rpg maker mz wont work

    i was trying to open rpg maker mz but it wont open up, it just shows its open and when hovered over has a the game name and a blank slate, why wont rpg maker work??
  4. TenraiEmiko

    Making status-inflicting moves to have lower chances of inflicting the status to a user, once that user have an item equipped?

    I know this might involve plugins, but please explain to me how to do what I request in the post title in the most straightforward way possible. How it works is demonstrated in the example: A certain item could reduce the chance of paralysis being inflicted to the holder. Once an actor is...
  5. ItsMeDevRoland

    Need help with making a Hanging bridge

    So it's been a while since I updated my game.. But now I went back to continue it.. I was working around a new town which includes bridges that connects to each houses.. But my problem is when I move over the bridge the player can suddenly climb up and walk through the bridge.. I was hoping to...
  6. increment a variable via events?

    I have an idea where you need to press a switch to open switch blocks, but it also makes a monster chase you until you get to the next room. i came up with the idea to use a variable which opens all blocks until you get past a certain point and then have to do it again in another place. how...
  7. New events stop working entirely

    I saw that a lot of other people are having this issue, but mine is really an enigma. Suddenly, today after some point in time i can't nail down, every event i created stopped working entirely. yes, i made sure that is is set to below characters, yes, there is no second event page, no, i do not...
  8. viniciusan9elin

    RMMV how to detect the position, how and when a projectile launched by the player disappeared?

    I posted another thread where I asked something similar, I got a response from AquaEcho (thanks :)) that made me realize I wasn't so clear sorry I wanted to make a single edit with Galv's Map Projectiles where it was dected where the shot fired by the player disappears, either by colliding with...
  9. Patroso

    checking enemy status (defence ,magic def) in battle

    What is magic defense for? and defense Is it possible to check the stats while fighting the monster I need to test because I don't think my Skils is working
  10. viniciusan9elin

    RMMV help with Galv's Map Projectiles

    Hello! I hope everyone is okay :) Lately I've been trying to edit/add a function in the Galv's Map Projectiles plugin where when a specific type of shot is launched, when it disappears either by touching a wall or simply reaching its maximum distance, it leaves a cloned event (using the plugin...
  11. MB123

    Maiking tp transfer to other character

    So basiclly I want to make a character that is ,,admin" of a fight. He can summon other characters to battle etc. But there is a problem. That ,,main" character was supposed to have special abilities for TP points. Is there a way for summoners, that their attacks and TP from them will transfer...
  12. RPG MAKER MZ Doesn't work

    Hi, i have a steam version of RPG MAKER MZ and it just doesn't work. When i turn on the game in steam library it pops up but then... This is all i see in the task bar. When i click on it nothing appears, even the X button in the corner, can somebody tell me what to do? i'm begging.
  13. PolvoT_GamesVX


    HELLO! I am makin' a game with pictures only, and you can write your name in the game, so, I would like to know if I can make the name appear in the screen, without a bubble text, somethin' like this: The player name in the picture is obviously made with Paint.net, I'm lookin' for help to know...
  14. RMMV TDDP's Mouse system EX help

    Hello. I came across Tddp's mouse system ex plugin but the link to the documentation website isnt valid anymore due to the owner losing ownership of it which means i cant really use the plugin. They didnt include much in the help section of the plugin page either so i was wondering if anyone had...
  15. IntoTheDrink

    Need help making weapon(s) hit twice in 'ONE' turn

    I need the sword weapons in my game to do two attacks upon the selected enemy in one turn. I tried using Action Times+ but that adds an extra turn which isn't what I want. The extra turn allows the player to use a healing item and attack at the same time making it overpowered compared to other...
  16. Hadria

    Help calculating resolutions/positions for Ultra Mode 7

    Hello, I've been messing with Ultra Mode 7 for my game. The idea is to make the game visually similar to games like Darkest Dungeon, where you look at kind of a 2D side view of rooms/corridors/scenes and move sideways. So far I've set it up correctly and have got some results. However, I'm...
  17. [RMMV] How to make it so the mc can't pass through larger sprites???

    I made larger sprites for monsters and the main character can pass through the left and right side of the monsters, but not the middle of it. For example, if the main character was one block big and the monster is 3x3 blocks with three rows and three columns, the main character will be behind...
  18. Can you help me with some fotmulas?

    Well, I wanted to ask you a favor if you can pass/do some damage formulas for some skills a damage formula, for an ability that is capable of hitting several times in a single turbo, but has little damage and a damage formula that can do elemental damage x2 for example that does fire damage...
  19. MateoAkoro

    RMMV Need help with Yanfly's Class Change Core

    Thank you for reading. I'll try my best to explain my issue. I am making a game that has 20 classes, but also gender choice. The problem that I'm having is that I don't know how to get Class Change Core to recognize the player's gender and change the actor image accordingly within the Class...
  20. BDruid70

    RMMV How to apply a Passive State to allies who have a certain skill equipped? (Yanfly's Auto Passive States & Conditional Passives)

    Hi, so I'm currently trying to implement a way of linking character's in my game using skills. When 2 character's share a link, they get a state. Do you know if there's a way to add aura passive to allies who only have a certain skill equipped? Ex. Actor 1 & Actor 2 both have the skill flame...

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