1. I have problem with event

    Hi i have problem with my eveny, em i create 2 event with image character, and i want in another event which causes these events to be deleted but when I leave this room and enter it, these events reappear, how do I remove them? my point is that when another event ends after it ends, it...
  2. helpme its about loop event

    i wanna make an event that when NPC says "fetch!" a dog keep running for turn around(loop) until i talk again with NPC(when i talk to npc, dog stop) but dog keep going <<this way only npc is autorun, (when he says "fetch!" switch A is turn on, and swith A is nothing so he doesn't repeat)...
  3. KoMo_Riz

    [RM MV help] how to make a dialog like this?

    Please help me? I've been stuck on this so long I sketch a dialog box like this . I work with my team and we don't know is it possible to make a shape a dialog box / window skin (I don't know how to call the bottom text) like this? please help me I need a way. please light a way for us to kick...
  4. KoMo_Riz

    [Rm2k3]How to add new fonts/language?

    I don't know that Rm2k3 can do some add more language or any font if it's can please tell me how bc I have no idea now

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