1. im looking for plugin for remove "window_skilltype" in menu

    so i wanna remove this window(menu->skill->skilltype) i dont want to classify every skills by types, and also i will not gonna have more than 10 skills for each character but someone sayed this skill type system needed for necessary so i am looking for plugin can remove this window and make...
  2. how to remove "skill type" window on menu??

    hello...... guys................. i want to erase this window it called "window_skilltype" but i dont know about jv script or any plugin can edit this someone help me plz thx alot love yall
  3. JensDuck

    Am I just missing something? (Quest Making)

    Is there a correct way to say kill "X" amount of enemies? Am I looking for something like quest making, and need to do more detailed searching. Any help is help. Thanks, in advance.
  4. Whenever i add a new party member they're invisible

    They dont have a walking sprite, face,name,skills,nothing I can still move and use them but they dont do anything, I do have face class and walk sprites so i have no clue why the problem is?
  5. OnionKnightAce

    Tileset is acting weird?

    Hello! It's been a while since I've been on the forums. Aside from that, I started working on an RPG on the VX Ace engine after I bought the DS Resource pack. However, upon importing the tileset and using it for a map, something strange seemed to happen. I playtested the room, and for some...
  6. Where is tutorial 9?

    I have been going through the tutorials online, and they have really help me to create my first game. But after tutorial 8 (events part 1) I couldn't find the next one? Has it not been released yet or is it somewhere else or what?

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