1. ovate

    Marker Tileset (Hidden Tileset)

    MarkerTileset - Version 1.0.1 (2020/06/03) Creator name: Triacontane Introduction Tileset can be hidden in game however visible for editor. Please specify in the Note box for the hidden tileset. [Tilesets] <HiddenTiles:A> // [A] tab is hidden in game. Specified up to E When using multiple...
  2. ovate

    Hidden Skill/ Item Switch

    Hidden Skill Switch 2019/12/15 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Introduction Possible to create hidden skill/items with a switch through note tag. Feature If specified switch is ON, certain skill/ item won't show in the list (unusable) <Usage> Put the following tag in the Note box for skill or...
  3. Avanoh

    Invisible Pathways(RMMV)

    Is there a way to make it so that a path in an area is invisible until you enter that path? For example, if you’re in the forest and there’s a secret passage in the bushes, could you make it so you can see the path until you enter those bushes? Or if there’s a secret entrance behind a mirror...
  4. EpicFILE

    FREE Hidden Trace Recruitment

    Hello! :D Welcome to Hidden Trace recruitment thread! It's a small project I'm working on right now. I've created the general concept, some artwork and music assets, and creating the game mechanic. Unfortunately, the game progression itself is very minimal. Because I primarily focus on creating...
  5. dnel57

    Hidden stairway problem

    The problem is: I have a small tower floor with crates,barrels,pots,etc.. Behind the crate stacks,is a hidden stairway. I have playtested my game at least 10 times to beyond that point and it has always worked. I walk behind the crate stacks and find the stairway. This...
  6. Jonforum

    $gameActors.actor(1)._hidden = true; ? other way ? (solved)

    Hi guys. This other way to do thats. $gameActors.actor(1)._hidden = true; $gamePlayer.refresh(); Because when hide, this make move the actor(2) to the actor(1) position. I need to set him transparent. Tank you
  7. SEK


    SEK_HiddenMembers - v 1.1 By SEK Introduction Not fighting members will be behind your fighting members! Features -Show not fighting members behind your fighting members! -Set their opacity in the plugin manager. -Change their opacity with plugin command. -Change display style. Plugin...
  8. gilgamar

    Event Fourway Passage

    Event Fourway Passage v1.03 Description Make any tile have the passability you want using events. It works like the tileset editor's Passage (4-dir) setting but for events instead of tiles. You can change the passage options on the fly with set move routes. This can be used to create...
  9. [Request] Unseen Skill types

    Hello okay so I was developing my game, I have four categories of skills "Strike Arts" "Burst Arts" "Magic Arts" and "Divine Arts" Now the problem Im having is before any skills are learned all categories that are shown in the class are automatically visible from the start of the game. Is...
  10. DGDgamer

    Do not show tiimer on screen (Hidden)

    How do I remove the display for the timer without turning it off? I just don't need the player to see it. I don't see an option to remove it.
  11. MeowFace

    Rogue-Like Movement / Chase Mode / Surprise Attack

    Saw a request here, and thought of putting up a script for it. In case anyone needs it, i have it reposted here. This script allows the rogue-like dungeon movement for events. This means the event will move only when the player is moving. (can be turned on/off with switch) Events can "hide"...
  12. Sausage_Boi

    Easter Egg Rewards?

    Hey everybody! So, I have been developing a few games, and as it turns out, NONE of them are actual RPGs. As such, I really like to stuff my games with Easter Eggs. The only problem is, I can't think of any kind of rewards for finding said easter eggs. I was thinking of drawing some pics, but I...
  13. Faye Valentine

    Hidden enemies causing instant victory

    I'll make this quick: Open your RPG Maker Ace, set up a Troop, mark all enemies with "Appear Halfway" (right click on the enemy and check the option), remember, all enemies. Run the battle. Then you see what i'm talking about. For who doesn't want to try: nothing happens, as soon as the battle...
  14. Kevin O'Ryan

    The Hidden Village - Chapter 1 (Massive Update Coming!)

      Non-Commercial game created by TKZ Productions!   A huge update is coming with bug fixes, longer story and improved scripting and graphics!   The Hidden Village is a Mystery, Puzzle Solving game! Hidden Village is a game where you find yourself lost in the frozen Maine...

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