high fantasy

  1. CaptainRadish

    RMVXA Dungeon Quest synopsis

    Dungeon Quest (working title) Synopsis The Story: The world of Perth is shrouded in darkness. Evil magic poisons the land in the form of bloodthirsty monsters. Demons walk the land in some places, sometimes seeking to bargain with mortals, sometimes to just take souls by force. Evil dragons...
  2. l8rose

    RMMV Starshard: Riverlord

    Starshard: Riverlords Very tentative title If you could have any wish granted, any wish at all, what would you wish for? Would you wish to return home, a place you left long ago? Would you wish for wealth? For Fame? For Family? Any wish granted without knowing the consequences. Would you still...
  3. wolfpak692

    Using High Fantasy Packs- Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

    So, am many know, I am new to this. I am using the HIgh Fantasy Packs. Currently, I am wondering 2 things. Why is there no turtorials or videos showing how to use these and where exactly each thing goes and  how to use them, such as the Battle Sheets showing the character using different...
  4. Donutdude

    High Fantasy Resources with ABS

    Good afternoon, For my game that I am developing, I would like to use High Fantasy sprites with an Active Battle System. Meaning that the sprites are on the map and utilizing their weapons in real time to defeat enemies also on the map. My question then is which battle system would be easiest...
  5. AwesomeCool

    failing to make a cave with the tiles from high fantasy pack 1 remake.

    I have been trying for quite a while now and I am failing horribly at making caves with the remastered high fantasy pack. ;_;    I have been trying to make a dirt cave with multiple elevations and keep on failing repeatedly. Can anybody that succeeded in making caves for the high fantasy...
  6. whitesphere

    Can I make a good world map using High Fantasy Resource Pack?

    Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum for this question. I love the lush style of the High Fantasy resource pack, but I am stuck trying to figure out how to create a good world map for my newest game.  The RTP makes it easy by having a specific set of world map tiles.   And it...
  7. Kes

    High Fantasy + waterfalls

    There is no waterfall tile in the High Fantasy pack, as far as I can see, and I can understand why.  In default style tiles the water in a pool goes up to the edge of the cliff face, and the water can therefore look like it's falling straight down the face of the cliff and into the pool.  High...
  8. Lunarea

    High Fantasy 1 Resource Pack Update

    The talented folks at PVGames have provided us with a MAJOR update to the High Fantasy Resource Bundle! This is the first of the High Fantasy resources, and it has been remastered and polished to be bigger and better than ever. Not only is there a significant increase in quality, but there are...
  9. Matseb2611

    Atonement: Scourge of Time

      Developed by: Astronomic Games Published and distributed by: New Reality Games General Features: A large, decadent, dark fantasy world with a new take on concepts of angels and demons Two different protagonist teams, each one with its own point of view on the same story. Their paths...
  10. Matseb2611

    Bonus Z level script and HF resources

    Hi. I have a question in regard to the Bonus Z level script that comes with the HF resource packs. I noticed that a lot of the time it doesn't work and I'm still getting stuff like this happening: Sometimes it seems to work, other times it doesn't, and I can't figure out why it doesn't work...
  11. Lunarea

    High Fantasy Main Party Pack 2

    We've got a very exciting new product for you today, guys! The folks at PVGames have come up with a brand new character pack. With 24 new characters (portraits, faces, battlers and sprites!), you can customize your game even further. There are some really fun characters in this pack, so...
  12. High Fantasy Window Display

    Hello everyone I need help with my game's window display and opinions. 640 x 480 This is the one I want to use for my battle because all my characters will fit on screen perfectly without standing on walls or other background areas. However on it's menu screen the character icons are too far...

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