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  1. Goddiga

    [SOLVED] Need someone to modify HIME's Timed Choice Selection script.

    Hello! I was considered using HIME's Timed Choice Selection script, which will close the choice box and select the cancel choice automatically after some time has passed, in my game. However, its function was limited for a cancel branch choice only. I need it to be able to set up any choice I...
  2. dragoonwys

    Showing Hime's battle command in the middle of battle

    Hello, I'm trying to use Hime's Actor Battle Commands http://himeworks.com/2015/12/actor-battle-commands/ to make it show a new skill type (something like a list of High Damage skills) when an Actor's TP is at their max of 100, if it is below that number this entire skill option will not...

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