hime works

  1. Bartman901

    Shop's statistics overhaul

    Hello, right now I'm using Hime's Shop Manager and everything is great-items/weaponas/armor show's all statistics they give but...they don't show how much they will give to character. Just like basic version of rm it shows just how much damage/defence it will give to character (+/- x). Many of...
  2. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Error with Tsukihime's Mapshot Script

    We are attempting to make a "Map" item using Tsukihime's Map Screenshot Script. Below is the download page for the script. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sz6mpw5n2d6zxi2/UavNzbuBRT/RMVXA%20Scripts/Map_Screenshot.txt However, upon installation, whenever we try to take the screenshot, the game...

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