1. PixelBoy360

    HIME Guest Followers Plugin Not Working

    I've been trying to use HIME's Guest Followers Plugin for months and have just come to the conclusion that it just doesn't work. So either it's not working or I just don't know what I'm doing. I use the plugin and it says: ___ To add guest actors to the party, use the script call...
  2. Yawgmoth

    HIME_RandomEncounterEvents Plugin Setup for MV

    Hi all, I am trying out a new plugin that allows me to call a common event before a random encounter. In this case I am calling a battle intro. This plugin requires me to set a variable id in the plugin's parameters and create a common event. During test play it tells me to press F9 and alter...
  3. JRand

    HIME's Level Up Events and Common Events Queue Problem.

    I'm using HIME's Level Up Events and Common Events Queue plugins. I need to keep the latter because it's necessary for sprite alternations based on armor equipped. However, now that I have installed the latter plugin, my level up events are messed up. I had a variable set to game data for my...
  4. Vis_Mage

    Ao no Kiseki Battle System and Effect Manager Compatibility Fix

    Hey, I've recently ran into a particularly pesky issue with two scrips pretty important scripts to my project: Saba Kan's Ao no Kiseki battle system: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/saba-kans-ao-no-kiseki-battle-system-0-28-and-rokans-at-bonus.1128/ And Hime's Effect...
  5. Vis_Mage

    [Ace] Help with Hime's Formula Effects

    Howdy! I'm hoping someone with a little bit of scripting knowledge could help me creating a skill effect using Hime's Formula Effects script. What I'm hoping to create is a skill that is set up like: If target has state 10 set_variable[1] = 3 elseif target has state 11 set_variable[1] = 2 else...
  6. Banjo

    HimeWorks' Shop Plugin - how to "reset/refresh" shops?

    I've been using Hime's great Shop Plugin for VX Ace successfully for awhile, but I recently realised that when I post an update to my game, if I've added items to a shop, the new items won't appear if the player has already visited that shop. This is presumably because once the shop is...
  7. BlackRoseMii

    [RPGMaker VX Ace]Problem with linking skills

    I have a problem with the following: I want to link two skills (one that damages all enemies and one that heals all allies). I've found two scripts that (technically) do that, Himes linked skills and Yanflys follow up skills. I'm also using Theolized sideview battle system, which should also...
  8. Pine Towers

    Yanfly Plugins and custom hit formulae (D&D)

    Hi there guys. Long time no see. Such a long time that I lost much of the knowledge of how to tinker with @Yanfly 's great plugins, and I need your help. Focusing on YEP Hit Formula, YEP ExtraParams and YEP Damage Core. See, what I would like to do is: Have a base Hit Formula of...
  9. Vis_Mage

    Hime's Learn Condition Formula Help

    Hey! :kaohi: In my project, I'm using Hime's Learn Condition Formulas script, which allows you to set formulas that determine if an actor can access a skill. Could someone help me create a condition that will only allow access to a skill if the actor already knows skill 170? Thank you...
  10. FishStickMystic

    [VXA] Problem with Skill-Based Scripts

    Hello! :LZSsmile: Sorry for the vague title. I have an issue with Hime's Casting Time script and a script by GreatRedSpirit (on rmn) that is supposed to remove states on skill usage. Here are links to both if you need them: GRS': https://www.pastebucket.com/566038 Hime's...
  11. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with Hime's Cover condition script

    Hello. I'm using Hime's Cover condition script and I'd like to add some cover conditions to certain character. I'd like some help to set them. 1) This character will cover all allies who are under 20% of Max HP 2) This character will cover allies only from physical attacks 3) This character...
  12. Drac00nbeam

    Hime pre-title events repeats

    I'm using Hime's pre-title events plugin only to setup the custom title screen on another map, NOT the splashscreen, because i'm using Galv's animated splash screen plugin to have better control over skipping. My title screen has no parallax as the title screen background but instead consists...
  13. Thordon123

    Hime Reinforcements+YEP Engine script issues

    YEP Core- http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/09/yep-1-core-engine/ Hime Enemy Reinforcements- http://himeworks.com/2015/11/enemy-reinforcements-mv/ Hime End Phase Triggers- http://himeworks.com/2015/10/end-phase-triggers-mv/ Hi, I posted a thread recently about Hime Reinforcements but this is a...
  14. S.Court

    Hime's Attack animation script

    Hello, I was trying to use Hime's attack animation script, but sadly the link with the script is down, does someone know where else to find this script? Thank you
  15. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with Hime's conditional states script

    Hello, I'm using Hime's conditional states script and I'm trying to create an attack adds a differente state depending of user's speed, the condition would be this (not sure if it's relevant, but it's a skill does damage as well): if user's AGI/10 = to 1, it'd add the state id 11 if AGI/10 = 2...
  16. Problem about Follower Event Touch

    Hi I am using plugin Follower Event Touch by 姫HimeWorks http://himeworks.com/2016/01/follower-event-touch-mv/ And I got some question. Is there way to define different follower the event touch. I want to show different text when an event touch different follower. For example: touch follower 1...
  17. GoodSelf

    Help with HIME PreTitle Events

    EDIT: Well this is embarasing - looks like I solved the issue on my own, and didn't even have to create a thread! But I wanted to edit the post to help other people who come across this issue. Instead of using the "Return to Title" command, use a transfer event to send your player to a new...
  18. XGuarden

    HIME custum pagecondition bug

    Hi, I us this script: http://himeworks.com/2015/10/custom-page-conditions-mv/#comment-105591 basicly it's autorize to put variety of condition to an event. UNfortunatly I found a bug. If I put for condition a conditional brench with this: $gameParty.leader().hasSkill(1) that will work in most...
  19. Kumachan77

    Skip Splash Screens after first launch with Hime plugin

    By default, the MadeWithMV splash screen loads, then you have your title screen.  Once you start/continue a game and quit, you end up in the title screen.  However, I have been using the Hime_PreTitleEvents to create my custom title screen.  In just one screen/map, I have an event which plays 2...
  20. Hime's Weapon Damage + Yanfly's Item Upgrade Slots

    Hello, I'm currently attempting to combine Hime's Weapon Damage script with Yanfly's Item Upgrade Slots script. I'm trying to figure out how to call the value of the item boost count on a weapon so I can insert it into my damage formula in the notes. I'm also using Yanfly's Item Core script...

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