1. Gravemaster

    Choice Options by Hime [SOLVED]

    A link to a test version of my game for a quick download, with the event that's causing me trouble atm. Choice Options by Hime. I am trying to hide dialogue options based on game switches being on or off (see the test version above), but the game just refuses to display them properly. I have...
  2. isaias20

    Damage an enemy with events using Falcao Pearl Abs

    I'm using Falcao's pearl abs battle system script on RPG Maker VX Ace and as we well know, enemies are injured using weapons (projectiles) that reduce their HP when projectiles hit it. I want to create an explosive mine (an event that remains on the ground) and that hits the enemy when it...
  3. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Picture Gallery Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a picture gallery. Players can find special items throughout the world that give them access to pictures in a gallery. Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core Engine (script, optional)...
  4. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Keypad Puzzle Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a keypad puzzle. Players enter a combination on the keypad, and if it is correct, they get a reward (such as treasure or a door opening). Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core Engine...
  5. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Scratch Card Voucher Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a Scratch Card Voucher system. Players can scratch off squares to earn prizes, and get additional prizes for scratching certain amounts of cards. Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core...
  6. Gravemaster

    Hime's Pic Wrap Fix

    Hi, because my RPG uses a visual novel style, I often need to display character busts on both ends of the screen, which I have used as common events so I do not have to remember the exact positions and designated pic number each time. To save space for the pics (and not having to include a...
  7. Gravemaster

    Hime's Large Choices Text Sink

    This was a bug reported by my players, and I've managed to recreate it. It seems that while "Hime's Large Choices" script is enabled, if I include a Variable increase in them the dialogue box will "sink" so that only the first line is visible. Disabling the script causes the problem not to...
  8. darthbirdy3

    RMMV Hime's Lock Facing Direction Issue

    Hello all. I'm using Hime's Lock Facing Direction, and it's giving me an issue. When I hold the button to lock the direction my player is facing, every moving event locks its direction as well. I'm not sure that's supposed to happen, but even if it is I would like it to be just the player who...
  9. Yawgmoth

    Dream X Capture Enemy Plugin vs Actor Common Events

    Hi all, I need a creative solution for a series of common events in my new project. The common events are called with Himes Level Up Events Plugin, but the issue I am having is using Dream X's Capture Enemy Plugin, link as follows...
  10. dreamfall887

    Does anyone have Hime's Skill Power Modifier Script (VX ACE)?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has Hime's Skill Power Modifer script (VX ACE)? The download link is not working. Thanks. https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/7684-skill-power-modifier/
  11. Zakarijah

    HIME_ActorBattleCommands - help

    I want to hide the 'Passive' command for all my actors in battle-only. I see I can use this? hide_actor_command(ID, SYMBOL) so it would appear as hide_actor_command(1, Passive) But I'm unsure of where exactly this is to be put??
  12. PixelBoy360

    HIME Guest Followers Plugin Not Working

    I've been trying to use HIME's Guest Followers Plugin for months and have just come to the conclusion that it just doesn't work. So either it's not working or I just don't know what I'm doing. I use the plugin and it says: ___ To add guest actors to the party, use the script call...
  13. Yawgmoth

    HIME_RandomEncounterEvents Plugin Setup for MV

    Hi all, I am trying out a new plugin that allows me to call a common event before a random encounter. In this case I am calling a battle intro. This plugin requires me to set a variable id in the plugin's parameters and create a common event. During test play it tells me to press F9 and alter...
  14. JRand

    HIME's Level Up Events and Common Events Queue Problem.

    I'm using HIME's Level Up Events and Common Events Queue plugins. I need to keep the latter because it's necessary for sprite alternations based on armor equipped. However, now that I have installed the latter plugin, my level up events are messed up. I had a variable set to game data for my...
  15. Vis_Mage

    Ao no Kiseki Battle System and Effect Manager Compatibility Fix

    Hey, I've recently ran into a particularly pesky issue with two scrips pretty important scripts to my project: Saba Kan's Ao no Kiseki battle system: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/saba-kans-ao-no-kiseki-battle-system-0-28-and-rokans-at-bonus.1128/ And Hime's Effect...
  16. Vis_Mage

    [Ace] Help with Hime's Formula Effects

    Howdy! I'm hoping someone with a little bit of scripting knowledge could help me creating a skill effect using Hime's Formula Effects script. What I'm hoping to create is a skill that is set up like: If target has state 10 set_variable[1] = 3 elseif target has state 11 set_variable[1] = 2 else...
  17. Banjo

    HimeWorks' Shop Plugin - how to "reset/refresh" shops?

    I've been using Hime's great Shop Plugin for VX Ace successfully for awhile, but I recently realised that when I post an update to my game, if I've added items to a shop, the new items won't appear if the player has already visited that shop. This is presumably because once the shop is...
  18. BlackRoseMii

    [RPGMaker VX Ace]Problem with linking skills

    I have a problem with the following: I want to link two skills (one that damages all enemies and one that heals all allies). I've found two scripts that (technically) do that, Himes linked skills and Yanflys follow up skills. I'm also using Theolized sideview battle system, which should also...
  19. Pine Towers

    Yanfly Plugins and custom hit formulae (D&D)

    Hi there guys. Long time no see. Such a long time that I lost much of the knowledge of how to tinker with @Yanfly 's great plugins, and I need your help. Focusing on YEP Hit Formula, YEP ExtraParams and YEP Damage Core. See, what I would like to do is: Have a base Hit Formula of...
  20. Vis_Mage

    Hime's Learn Condition Formula Help

    Hey! :kaohi: In my project, I'm using Hime's Learn Condition Formulas script, which allows you to set formulas that determine if an actor can access a skill. Could someone help me create a condition that will only allow access to a skill if the actor already knows skill 170? Thank you...

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