1. Tsukihime

    More Enemy Drops

    RPG Maker MV allows you to create up to three item drops for an enemy. When the battle is over, the player may receive up to any of these 3 items. When you specify drops, you use something called a "denominator" probability, which is basically you specifying the chances of the item dropping as...
  2. Tsukihime

    Double Cast State

    This plugin allows you to easily double the number of times certain skills are casted. When a particular state is added to an actor or enemy, all of their skills will hit twice as many times. For example, by default, when you cast heal, you only heal once. However, when the double cast state is...
  3. Tsukihime

    Pre-Title Events

    RPG Maker MV gives you a nice title screen, but it doesn’t give you much control over what should happen before the game goes to the title screen. For example, you might want to show some splash screens, or perhaps an introductory video. With this plugin, you can easily put together what...
  4. Tsukihime

    Random Repeats

    By default, RPG Maker allows you to have skills or items repeat a certain amount of times when you use them. For example, if you want an attack to always hit two times, you would set the "repeat" field to 2. However, what if you wanted to create a skill or item that will repeat a random number...
  5. Tsukihime

    Hidden Choice Conditions

    RPG Maker MV gives you a way to offer choice selection to your players through events, and depending on the choices they make, the game will respond differently. One thing that it doesn’t support, however, is the ability to hide certain choices from view. For example, if you wanted to offer...
  6. Tsukihime

    Disabled Choice Conditions

    RPG Maker does not come with a way to disable individual choices from a list of choices. For example, if the player shouldn’t be allowed to select a particular option, but you still want to show it, there’s basically no way to do it. This plugin provides an easy way for you to disable each...
  7. Tsukihime

    End Phase Triggers

    Have you ever had a situation where your troop events didn't seem to run in battle? For example, when the last enemy has been defeated and you want more enemies to appear, you found that instead of the enemies appearing, you simply won the battle? By default, when the last actor or enemy has...
  8. Tsukihime

    Level Up Events

    Ever wanted to have something happen when your actors level up?Maybe you wanted to fully recover their HP and MP, and any negative states removed Maybe you wanted to give them some bonus items and equipment Maybe you wanted to play a cut-scene Or anything else that you can think of. With this...
  9. Tsukihime

    Common Event Queue

    Suppose you had an item that gave you lots of fruit upon use by calling common events. Each common event will randomly select a fruit and add it to your inventory. So you figure if you just create multiple common event effects, the game will run it multiple times. When you go and test your...
  10. Tsukihime

    Battle Weather

    This might not seem like a big deal, but do you have some weather effects on your map? For example, you’re walking through a snowy fortress and it is currently snowing on the map, but then when you enter battle…it’s not snowing. While that may or may not desirable, RPGMaker MV doesn’t give you...
  11. Niten Ichi Ryu

    Plugin Request: Mapshot

    One of the most useful and practical script that existed in ACE was, in my opinion, Tsukihime's Map screenshot script. It would allow you to take a good quality Screenshot of your full map, with events and Characters.  the save as image feature in MV is useful, but far less powerful that that...
  12. Tsukihime

    Custom Page Conditions

      Events are a collection of pages. Depending on which page is active, the event will appear and behave differently. To determine which page is active, a set of page conditions are used. If all page conditions are met, then that page can be activated. By default, RPG Maker provides 5 different...
  13. Tsukihime

    Large Choices

      The Show Choice event command allows you to present players with a set of options that they can choose from. Depending on their selection, your event would respond according to their choice.   By default, RPG Maker provides you with a maximum of 6 choices when you create Show Choice commands...
  14. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Trouble with Hime choice options script

    Hello, I have a trouble, I'm using Himework's script called "Choice options" (http://himeworks.com/2013/03/choice-options) and I'm trying to disable an option, well this happens: The condition is if variable 47 is equal to 0, so I made this condition disable_choice(1,"$game_variables[47] ==...

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