1. jporter917

    Comission Work

    Are there any artist that make tilesets that work comissions? I am looking to hire/buy some custom sets. $$$
  2. The Mighty Palm

    TRADE ARA needs YOU! (recruiting help)

    Hi, I'm Jesse, or as you know me here: The Mighty Palm. And this is my project, ARA. Ara started as some silly game idea thought up by a 12 year old, who asked his older brother (that's me) to make it. Soon it evolved into a serious project, which I have already put quite a bit of money and...
  3. Dutch Power Creations

    Looking for: Writer/grammar

    Hi there, I am glad that you are interested. Here is some info about what I need: - Someone english to check the english grammar in my game. - Someone that helps to refine the writing I already have and make it possibly better. - Someone that helps with idea's on how the story...
  4. Busts/Character Artist needed

    Resource Type: Character/Actor image and/or Busts Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: As close to the MV style as you can get Description: I would like to have about 6 busts and character/Actor images( with different expressions) for some of the existing RPGmaker MV's characters, a...
  5. Fantasy Game for Educational Purpose

    Hello, I'll develop a fantasy game for educational purpose here in Brazil. I need help with art and mapping. I'll need: a. dragon characters, both NPCs (with 12 motions) and playable/side view battlers (with both 12 and 54 motions); b.  parallax mapping; if you don't know how to...
  6. Rune Factory Project Recruitment

    Hey all. After being told I'd have a better chance getting some notice if I came to the recruitment section, I decided to come here. I'm a huge fan of the Rune Factory series and have always enjoyed playing their games. When I heard that Neverland LTD. had gone out of business, I knew that...
  7. XGuarden

    Hiea programmer

    I want to hire a programmer for create some script that do special event in the game. I dotn have that much money, but I can't do it myself. Where can I hire programmer.
  8. Forthright

    The Ember Series: A New Fire (UPDATED SCREENSHOTS)

    Hello RPG Maker forum ladies and gents! We just wanted to update you guys and let you know the latest on where our game The Ember Series: A New Fire currently is.  We have the Early Access page up on Steam, and there is a short demo of the game available there as well. We are still actively...
  9. FreakyFreya

    Recruitment for an Exploration Based Loot Game

    Hello, I am Freya. I am working on what hopes to be a cool little game. It's based on loot collection, exploration, and finding new quests, dungeons and fun little things around the world. I'm really passionate about the game so far, even if we're not using tons of custom made art. There are two...
  10. TheMangler04

    Runecaster Saga (recruiting)

    This is the Runecaster Saga (the title, obviously, is currently just a working title)   Simply put, Runecaster follows a group of adventurers brought together by fate to face an evil that threatens their world. Many elements in Runecaster are influenced by Norse sagas and their...
  11. RECRUITING (Commercial Game) HELP NEEDED

    I am looking for people with skill for this game i am creating, i have the main idea of it already and i also have made many parts of the game but not enough. It is an open world sandbox type game, it is mostly like the game called "Stick RPG" (find it on xgenstudios...
  12. Statistic balancing

    I do not have much to offer, but I can if need be. (PM ME) recently, I had been working for countless hundreds of hours getting a lot of the game's backbone mechanics down, until I decided to register onto this site, and discovered Yanfly (TY!!!) which after a lot of study, I've incorperated...
  13. zaxwlyde

    Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse

      Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse will be a commercial title developed using RPG Maker MV.   Target Gameplay Hours = 80+ Target Level of Replayability = High Genre = Fantasy-RPG Combat-System = Turn-Based       Hi! We're a team known...
  14. Archeia

    Looking for Visual Novel Creators

    What is a Visual Novel?   Visual novels are interactive fiction games that focus heavily on plot. Most people in the west mistake visual novels as simply dating sims, but true fans know that this is a common misconception. While dating sims share an EXTREMELY similar look, when played they are...
  15. Pilgrim Adventures

    Seeking Artist for Commercial Projects

    Pilgrim, Episodes I-IV I'm looking for an artist to work with me on updating the graphics in a series of science fiction adventure games. I developed these games non-commercially in RPG Maker VX Ace, but I've had some commercial interest in them so I'm looking to replace the graphics which...
  16. Cjdgame

    Blessed Seed: Tree of Life

    Take everything you love about Harvest Moon...now add monsters, RPG elements, and a whole world to explore! Relax and enjoy small town life and become a farmer, rancher, miner, archaeologist, fisher, entrepreneur, or try your hand at all of these and maybe even more! Create friendships with...
  17. Need a parallax map artist

    Looking for someone who can produce a map with a dark and grungy feel to it. I only need one really large map with some unique areas or a few small maps that link together to create a setting. An isometric view is what I had planned but I am open to any art style that isn't the default tiles. I...
  18. Austintatious

    RPGMaker VX Ace - Earth B

    Story: By clicking the exe to play the game you enter into a contract with Gcorp. With your telepathically linked partner, you the player explore this alternate Earth that experienced an apocalypse. Collect the interdimensional artifacts pouring into Earth B, sell them to get rich or use them to...
  19. TherainED

    RPGMaker VX Ace - Trials of Transcendence

    First of all, I want to make clear that this project will be very intense in some fields. A lot of content has been planned already, but there are some mechanics and minor segments that still need discussion. Those matters must be solved before the actual project development begins. Some of this...
  20. Admiral Styles

    Looking for a few good team members!

    Howdy, everyone! I'm Admiral Styles, creator of Love and War, as well as a few other little things like C'est Lavie and a StarCraft campaign or two (but never mind that). I'm here today because I'm seeking a few good team members for my latest endeavor, a new RPG set in the LAW universe! The...

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