1. How can I make a skill hit a random enemy?

  2. Jory4001

    Hit % Calculation Confusion

    Hello, I am having diffuculty understanding the "Hit Calculations" or formula in VX Ace. My Character's EX-Param"Hit" is set to 95% and I noticed that my entire party would miss (not evade) almost every single attack. I Searched the forums and googled like crazy and all I could find was...
  3. Damage formula problem

    I have a weapon that uses a different skill than the normal attack to do damage. The behavior of this weapon is that it does one point of damage for every hit that isn't a critical hit, but when it does crit it deals ludicrous damage. I don't want to have the damage output be too high, however...
  4. Mr. Trivel

    Hurt Sounds

    Author: Mr Trivel Name: Hurt Sounds Created: 2014-06-30 Version: 1.0 Request by: Rimaka    What does it do? Enemies and actors will play Sound Effect when getting hit.   Requirements: None   Instructions: Add <Hurt: SE_name, volume, pitch> to your Actor or Enemy note box. Example...
  5. S.Court

    Magic hit rate

    Hello, I have a doubt I want to make a new parameter (or modyfing an existent one) to make the magic's accuary can be affected by a paramater same as physhical attack are affected by the Physical hit rate... Well, does someone know can I make it? and also, I want to make a state called...
  6. Ultima01

    Requesting Script for Situational Critical Hit Rate

    I would like to be able to change critical hit output situationally based on the following factors: The specific actor (i.e. certain characters have stronger crits and/or take less damage from them) The character class (i.e. a class like the Assassin can deal more damage on a critical hit...
  7. ZoroarX

    Inside a Battle! #2 - We can't...

    Hi there, everyone, ZoroarX here. Today I have a new question, well, I am now making the final boss for my game Heroes RPG - Rise of Elite Shadow. Well, before the real battle starts, there will be another battle between you and the final boss, but you won't be able to hit him. Doesn't matter...
  8. Archeia

    RPG Maker VXACE and MV Damage Flow

    An infographic to teach people how the damage/recovery is calculated in vxace! This infographic is made by Rhyme and modified by Archeia_Nessiah~ Thank you to these people for helping me figure out the EXACT flow and formulas :D Recommended that you open this image in another...

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