1. SpiderMilkshake

    I enjoy mycology, how about you?

    ^w^ Greetings! Any game-making mushroom-hunters in these parts? XD My immediate fam is super fungus-phobic and I have no one to share my finds with who doesn't respond with a "is that poisonous?! Ew!! It looks nasty!!" In the spirit of sharing, here are some peppy little winter finds I've...
  2. Stanley

    What have you sacrificed in order to chase your dream and do your hobbies

    I want to know. Because I'm torn apart of chasing my dream, doing my hobbies, or not, cus I most prolly soon will get a new full time job, and that job would only spare an hour and two at most to do my hobbies, chasing my dreams. Let me see through your perspectives. Does it matter to me, does...
  3. Dragonspeech

    Dragonspeech's Corner

    I am very much a creator, crafter and the like. RPG Maker software has led me to one more fantastic outlet other than the traditional stuff. So far it has been an interesting learning curve with various tutorials as I vaguely remember tinkering with XP for a short time. Though, if I remember it...

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I'm just so close to replacing LUK with a different stat, maybe DEX but we'll see.
Slapped together a title screen and working on some dungeon clutter + portraits for Dubhghaill and Einar. Usual CW for minor body horror wrt Einar



>studying for months for an exam
>does exam
>waits 3 months for the results to come out
>me trying to login, incorrect password
>I get recovery password
>me trying to login, incorrect password

What the heck. As a son of a Karen, I'm going to file a few complaints.
Apparently Amazon Prime users get free Genshin Impact stuff like primogems and whatnot every month, but I'm not sure I ever want to fall into the abyss of F2P ever again.

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