1. JRand

    A working plugin for using Holder-style sideview battlers in MV?

    I am using the Medieval PVG spritesheets. Currently, I've been using Yanfly's animated SV enemies, which worked perfectly for the MV-style sheets. But, not the Holder ones, obviously. I've tried Yami's Sideview Battler plugin. It does allow Holder-style sheets to work, but in turn, it breaks my...
  2. Nightblade50

    FREE I need three animated battlers.

    Hello. I need three animated battlers for characters in my game Delta Origins. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/delta-origins-rise-of-nexus-v5-1-0.90184/ Details are below. For anything else you may want to know that is not here, such as screenshots, those can be found in my...
  3. Nightblade50

    Help with Holder's resources

    Holder made some characters, animations, battlebacks, etc. here. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/holders-material.3386/ And here. https://animatedbattlers.wordpress.com/rpgmakermaterial/ But every image is broken :(:(:(:(:(:(:( Is there some master zip file for them or some...
  4. Ashouse

    Using Holder Style Battlers (for beginners)

    In this tutorial we will be resizing a Holder battler sheet and using a plugin to make it work for MV. Things you will need: The first thing you will need is a Holder battler sheet. You can get a bunch of them all at once here...
  5. Zero Games

    animated battlers

    hello I need battlers style holders for my project I have these but only if they can be edited to make them look almost modern type soldiers they were greatly appreciate. the robot need to edit it to make it look like a different.
  6. Sato1999

    Yang's Animated Battlers(Update 08/16/2016)

    Hi citizens of RPG Maker Web, I'm here presenting to you some Holder-Styled Battlers that I either created them myself, or edited an existing one. Terms are, the same as Holder's, feel fre to use them to wahtever you want, just credit me and him and other artists mentioned in the sheets...
  7. GlitchyPSIX

    Mother 3 Timed Hit Combo (And battle engage)

    Well, i think every Mother 3 player knows what I'm searching for.  If you're not one, then I'm searching for something similar to... this: The script I use are: Yanfly's Core  Yanfly's Message System  Yanfly's Battle System  Yanfly's State Animations  Yanfly's Skill Weapon Replace  Yanfly's...
  8. Vez'nan

    Vez'nan's Animated Battlers

    Hello and welcome to: In this topic,I've made some *Holder Styled Battlers* that may come in handy to you guys.Since all the sprites are really hard to do,I present you my battlers; Very sorry... I quit because my computer is broken I just succesfully made 2 animated battlers. I'll...
  9. Vez'nan

    Holder Style Battlers Needed

    Hello all! Thanks for spending time to see my current request. You see,there aren't enough "Holder Style Battlers" in the community or in his gallery.So,I'll be needing some of Holder Style Battlers if you guys had some. I hope you made some battlers in Holder format. Any help will be...
  10. The_Exiled_One

    Seeking Holder Animated Battlers For RPG

    Hello, I am seeking the animation of several Holder Style Animated battlers for my RPG. (The pixelated types that Holder himself and many others use is what I would like.) Always ask questions on what I'd want if I wasn't being specific enough (my apologies), if you'd like, feel free to offer...
  11. smh19294

    Holder Style Battlers

    Hello everyone. As you probably guessed, I am looking for help in locating or creating side-view battler spritesheets like that of the style of Holder. I just wanted to know if anyone knows of any posts or archives that I may find some or if there is a generator that I could use to make the...

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