1. XGuarden

    Fall in a hole

    Basicly my hole have a specific tag that call a specific common event. So it's really good working. But I want to the animation to be more "cute". Instead of be a simple teleport, I want that when player fall in a hole, on the bottom map he will appear on top and fall to the righ place. As...
  2. Maximo

    Trying to make a trap skill

    Hi! I have a character with a skill called "Black hole", which is a trap that can be set into the selected target for 1 turn [There's a 50% of chance that the trap can be set]. During the turn if the selected enemy attacks the actor who used the skill, the black hole will absorb the attack...
  3. XGuarden

    Hole and map change

    I want that when a user walk on a tile with region id 255 then he fall to the lower floor automaticly. I whant it to be activate by map. Any idea?
  4. Zack

    Zack's Resource Hole (Accepting Requests) READ RULES

     Zack's (noobish) Resource Hole                       I've been thinking, there aren't many quality tile shops in the community, and even fewer  that accept requests. The quality of my work is for you to decide, but I accept requests. So, I guess if you like my tiles, I've just created another...

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