1. ArtDept

    RMMZ JavaScript: Horizontally Flipping A Bitmap?

    I have the following PNG (button_arrow): Upon start of the game, it gets loaded into $dataGui._bitmaps.button_arrow.main[0]- As a Bitmap, it has canvas and image properties- Per this StackOverflow post, it seems to be possible to flip an image horizontally using JavaScript- I am trying...
  2. ZoeZero

    Mirroring sideview battlers, left-side actors

    I've searched through many threads, but couldn't find one in which op said it worked. I've tried changing settings on YEP's Core engine, BattleEngine Core, Animated SV Battlers and rpg_managers.js. None of them flipped the actors. I also tried to simply mirror the sprites, as suggested in...
  3. z0mb1ek1tten

    horizontal menu with Luna engine?

    so I've been toying around with Luna but I can't seem to get the main menu window commands to align horizontally. I would like to have the actors on the bottom horizontally and the selection menu on the top also horizontally, but for some reason when I turn vertical true to false on the window...
  4. Katt Therese

    Hozizontal/Diagonal/Sidways Stairs

    I was looking for a plugin for this and the only one simple enough that worked was this plugin. I don't exactly know anything about plugins editing or making myself, but I only came across one problem that I have no idea how to fix. For this plugin to work, you mark the passable spaces and...
  5. IkutsukiYuri

    Regarding changing battler's position using YanFly's Battle Core Engine....

    I was shooked when I see this formula Like Did we learn that in school-- was I sleeping How do ya adjust that alien language-- I've looked at all the posts connected to this thing There's even this one person explaining it in depth But I'm scared to even touch the parameter... So anyway I...
  6. IkutsukiYuri

    How to make Mana Khemia styled battle?

    Hello there, I've been invested in making an RPG game with Mana Khemia's battle system for a long time. But I really don't know where to start. I saw one that did an actual Tales Series' battle system... so I'm wondering if this one is possible? I already know that you can make a bigger sprite...
  7. ougitou1

    Please Help, drawcharacter not working as it should.

    Ok ive been stuck for a while now and ive just now thought of a solution. Naturaly since my code doesnt work as intended the problem must be on my side hence why im here. I need your collective help to recreate a small section of the code. It should be simple enough. A window with 3 selectable...
  8. zerobeat032

    Starting a simple custom HP, MP, TP gauges plugin

    hey everyone... i'm new to this JavaScript stuff, but thanks some reading and tutorials, i'm slowly learning a few things. I'd like to know what a good starting point would be for making my own bars for my project. I've done some simple edits to things like the menu but i'm not sure where to...
  9. Flip picture horizontally/vertically

    Hello, I need a script command to flip picture # horizontally/vertically. Something like this. https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/utility-scripts/flip-picture/ But I think it would be better if I just could "flipPicture(Index, Horizontal/Vertical)"~
  10. Zethian

    How to make stairs going left/right that move the player diagonally?

    I'm trying to make stairs that are at a side-on view. I have some tiles that achieve this look, but I cannot figure out how to make the player ascend or descend stairs going horizontally across the map. The tiles for the stairs (for example going up and left) go up one tile for every time they...

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