horror city

  1. POP Horror City

    Hi, I am writing to someone here who is informed about the POP package! Horror City character pack. I wanted to ask if this package is compatible with rpg maker mv and if in the package there were some kind of image related to the players (face, character, SV fighter). Thanks in advance
  2. Installed DLC - POP: HORROR CITY

    I know this is a totally newbie question, but how does one install a DLC pack into the game.  It seems like you have to manually copy the files into the appropriate directories in the Steamapp/common/rpg maker dirs for new projects then copy it into your existing file structure.  Is that...
  3. metronome

    Need Support for POP! Horror City Tilesets

    Okay, I might be the stupid one here, but I don't see any forum or subforum dedicated to this POP! Horror City around here. I bought the product and it looks really nice. I love the style! And here I am wonder if I can commission the author to add some kind of toilet sets to Set B-E...., I...

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