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  1. ZodiacStories

    RMMZ Be Not Afraid

    Within an old abbey, a nun has gone missing. You can not rest until you find her. But as you creep among the silent halls you begin to find that something dark and horrible has moved in. Corpses are scattered throughout the abbey. And while you wander to find the items that will help you find...
  2. RM2k/3 Sincere Deceit (A Horror Fangame Based on OFF by Mortis Ghost)

  3. King Sangos

    RMMV NIRAVASI (Adventure/Horror)

    SUPPORT THE GAME ON KICKSTARTER WARNING: This game contains themes that may or may not be disturbing to some audiences; viewer discretion is advised. (Strong Themes/Psychological Horror/Mild Gore) SYNOPSIS In ages past, there existed a city unlike any other. Forged from the strength and...
  4. RMMV Something in the dark an horror rpg

    "Something in the dark" Sipnose: "River wakes up in a place really dark, to get out of this place and get back home, he has to free seven bitter souls before a demon eats his soul. With only an flashlight to guide his way, he stumbles with Milo, a boy that uses to be his best friend"...
  5. NoPiessadface

    Is my art unsettling enough?

    im trying to make a J horror game image:
  6. HikariHason

    sanity bar on upper corner of screen

    I'm new at rpg maker mv, I wanted to know how do I make a sanity bar (withou the stats numbers) to be always showing on screen I actually wanted to draw my own bar to match my style but if i cant do that, its ok
  7. dennisty

    RMVXA An enemy you can’t kill

    Hello all !!! Apologies if this thread belongs elsewhere, I’m new to the site. Im thinking about making a horror game, but I’m also intimidated by the idea because I’m not sure what makes a game scary. I can’t even name many games that have actually scared me. However, there is a trope that...
  8. Enigma_Productions

    RMMV S.C.P.H

    Life Update Well a lot has happened throughout the lockdown however, the important issue here is that I disappeared without notice and to those who watched with glee I deeply apologize. Though a year has passed my skills are still sharp and I plan on going full throttle like before. I will be...
  9. yopeople


    Price: $4.99 Buy Story When Andrew wakes up from his apartment, he is greeted by an unfriendly shriek. Oblivious to the rising epidemic, he innocently wonders around the apartment and comes across Frank…who is eating his wife. Andrew, horrified of the man-eating Frank, is stunned as Frank...
  10. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    8-Bit Horror Music?

    Does anyone know where I can find some good 8-bit horror music? I'm making a horror game that has graphics based on the original Link's Awakening game but I can't seem to find much 8-bit horror music. I've been trying to find music that matches what I want for my game but there doesn't seem to...
  11. yopeople

    Em-A-Li Release!

    My name is Em-A-Li. How about we get to know each other? I know it might be hard having a computer to tag along, but I think we need to work together to escape. You know, teamwork. Download Link Support the Game Dev and buy the game for $4.99 https://yobob.itch.io/em-a-li Gameplay In this...
  12. Jaeger0767

    RMVXA SCP Rpg?

    Wondering how well an SCP based game would work in RPG Maker. Maybe is could be used as a theme instead?
  13. Zumoto

    Redwood falls the demo 6.0 is out on Google play and itch.io

    Hello everyone, I'm here to talk about an upcoming game that's coming in the fall (11/30/2019). It is called Redwood falls, it is an ABS action /horror video game. Right now you can download it for free on...
  14. Chicken Fetus

    RMVXA Cat Story (Animal Survival Horror)

    *Warning: Some violent, morbid and creepy content. This is not a child friendly game despite the cute kittens. If your not interested in this project but can think of something that could make the concept more interesting to you, please let me know. Xerhoul's Creatures: A Cat's Story A Survival...
  15. peq42_

    RMMV [RSW]Thing in the Dark (Alpha 1.2 avaliable) - MV 1.6 Update + fixes

  16. Cutiesbae

    RMVXA EMPTY HEAD | Psychological Horror [DEMO]

    DISCLAIMER: This game contains violent and bloody elements not suitable for children under 16 years of age. This game is the result of the author's creation and imagination. I've been inspired from other indie horror games such as The Cat Lady and Downfall (Remigiusz Michalski) and from my love...
  17. RMMV Deadly Shutter (REMASTERED)

    DEADLY SHUTTER (REMASTERED) STORY: Himeko and Kujiro are both students that go to one of Japan's top universities. The pair has been romantically involved with each other for five years, and, as part of the celebration of their anniversary together, they booked a reservation at a restaurant...
  18. felipefalcon

    RMVXA Sabrina - Game

    Synopsis You are an alcoholic man who is wasting his time in front of a television before going to sleep. You hear strange sounds coming from the kitchen, and you go to investigate the source. 15 - 30 Minutes Gameplay Images Credits and Download Credits: Felipe Falcon, Hudell, Graphics...
  19. How to make a horror game

    HI, I'm kinda new to this community and RPG Maker VX Ace. Me and my friends are a huge fan of RPG Maker game especially horror game. We decided to make a horror game because we were inspired by the games Ib, The Crooked Man and The Witch's House. But, the problem is we don't know where to start...

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