horror game

  1. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Price of Resurrection[IGMC][Rated T]

    Warning! This game is rated T for Violence, Blood and scary Imagery! Abstract Done for the IGMC 2022, this game is an unique spin on the revival formula with a girl who has powers to kill you in her sleep. Plot Hasumi, a young girl like any other suffers from sleepwalking. It seems that...
  2. KazukiT

    FREE One's Desolation - Looking for Playtesters

    I just recently finished the full game of my game "One's Desolation". One's Desolation is an adventure horror game that controls on a 2D plane. (similar to a platformer) There are scenarios where your choices can affect whether or not the main character can make it out alive. This game is very...
  3. RMMV The Under - Surreal Horror RPG

    Finally released my first official game in a long time, The Under which is now available on my itch.io page! The Under is a surreal horror RPG about you, Jrone, a clone who wakes up in a city on its last legs. Given a task and no option but to complete it, you set out to explore the city and...
  4. ShenTzu

    [MV] Death and Progress -- Horror RPG where dying is the only way forward

    Demo available on Steam! Or play the demo online on itch.io! A girl wakes up in a strange facility with no memories of where she is or even who she is. Death traps are everywhere, some need to be deactivated, some can be avoided, and some are simply impossible to pass without dying. But death...
  5. PoniMeiMei

    RMVXA Alister In Wonderland

    Synopsis: A Alice in wonderland Spinoff but with a male lead with comedy and horror elements. A young rabbit child named alister has a odd dream and goes to seek out what it meant. He finds him self taken to a different world with weirder things happening than just human hybrids and magic. He...
  6. New in rpgmaker mv suggestions

    Hi, dear friends. I am new in rpg maker mv. I like to start in this program. Catch the steam deal and bougth it. I like you sugest me dlc . I not have much money but i have a project. I like to make my novel in to rpg. My novel is like It from stephen king about a cursed city and a dark entity...
  7. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Scarred Stars: Traumatic Edition (Rated T)

    - "The Aged Tree", the game's theme song Horror game about hiding from monsters, not fighting them Scarred Stars is a psychological survival horror game, without any combat. Your only option to save yourself from the horrible monsters that lurk in the shadows is to hide from them. Plot...
  8. Keroanne

    Chi - A Short Horror Game

    This game is $4.99, and can be bought HERE. If you would like to play the free demo, that can be found HERE.
  9. Dungeonmind

    RMMV Corpse Mansion [Open World Action Horror Survival Game]

  10. Feldschlacht IV

    RMMZ Fatal Runtime - Can you survive a night of glitch horror?

    On a night shift unlike any other, the Head Nurse, Bowie Law, specializing in virtual care encounters a virus that might be beyond his abilities to treat...An exercise in true glitch horror, running from your imminent deletion from all manner of digital threats. With patients on the line, can...
  11. [Horror game] LUNA

    LUNA Ver 1.00 Engine : RPG MAKER MV In this game you play as a little girl named 'Luna'. Survive from the dark being, while discovering the secrets behind her. The more you traverse on her memory, the more you will discover dark truths that lie deep inside. Synopsis This is the story of...
  12. Microphone detection for horror/stealth game

    I was trying to find a microphone detection plugin where, whenever a player makes a sound, it could alert enemies nearby to the player. Gives a sense of realism. There was a thread that had something similar but the post was old, and the answer that was provided was speculation. where I need...
  13. Nekohime1989

    Creating a horror atmosphere.

    Just was wondering on what kind of game mechanics would be useful on sprucing up the atmosphere for a horror rpg. Edit: Yep. I so should of figured this out ages ago. :VXA2:
  14. RMVXA Stealth, Horror/Thriller game concept. Feedback needed

    Uh, hi! So this game is going to be based on one of my favourite online thriller novella (or that's what I call it since it's more appropriate) and I want a bit of feedback on some mechanics and designs. When the game gets made, it will be free to play since it's a fan-made a game. GAME...
  15. MichaelJ

    RMVXA LYA (Demo Available)

    LYA Hey everyone! I'd like to let anyone know, who might be interested in an horror game, that the demo for my game, LYA (Lee-ah) is now available. The plan is to release the full version next month but in the meantime, I wanted to let anyone interested, play the prologue and 1/3 of Chapter...
  16. Papyrusio

    Need an highschool map for RPG Maker MV

    So I'm currently making an horror game, in this game, one of the locations is the academy where the protagonist goes to. But I literally have no idea how to make the school. So, technically, I'm looking for a map. The High school map I'd need is basically like the high schools you see in anime...
  17. ShellyValeras

    In need of artistic help

    Okay so I need someone who's REALLY good at spriting. I need a creature as big as the iron golem for the walk sprite. Maybe a couple creepy dolls too. I'll have images shortly of what the creature will look like and the dolls too. If anyone is bored and good at making sprites please! Help me...
  18. Noddah

    RMMV Disorder - A story about invisible illness

    "You came here on your own free will, Noddah. And by my will, you are bound to stay a while longer." -Disorder What is the Project Disorder about and why Plot overview Screenshots and miscelaneous art SCREENSHOT - Inside the diary SCREENSHOT - OwO What's this? SCREENSHOT - Puzzling...
  19. ThiagusTV

    RMXP The Dog's Laugh - Horror Game (Demo)

    Good evening everyone! This is my first game and for now it is still a demo version. I had the idea to create this game after listening to several creepypasta because I'm a fan! XD The game was developed in RPG Maker XP and my game is totally free! SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS...
  20. ThiagusTV

    RMXP The Dog's Laughing - Horror Game (Coming soon)

    Good evening everyone! I wanted to talk about a horror project that I'm creating. The name is The Devil's Laugh or The Dog's Laughing! SYNOPSIS First I have to say that I'm having some "disagreements" in the story. You're Nathan! Nathan suffered an accident and spent a long time in a coma in...

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