1. SpearSleepy

    Infernity Resources XD

    Hello everyone, I am new to making resources, but I would like to share with you the ones I create. Personally, I love things of a paranormal and horror nature, so my contributions will not stray far from those topics that I am passionate about. I hope do you like it. TERMS Shadow...
  2. TPetrichor

    RMMV HIRAETH - Available Now!

    Hi everyone! I'm very excited to announce that after 4 years, my RMMV Indie Horror Game is complete! I'd love if you all checked it out! HIRAETH SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK
  3. Polloyus

    Japanese tilesets and characters with horror style.

    I did some research, but found nothing to match the style of the game. If someone has a Japanese horror style tileset or (and) characterset and can send it, I would be very grateful!
  4. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    RMVXA Flesh Harvest - The Flesh Collection RPG Demo Available NOW!

    A game by Jason Kumori and Joseph Newton. Warning! This games themes includes... Abuse Body Mutilation And Disturbing Imagery. All the mentioned topics above are only implied in the game's context through symbolism and some minor dialogue so it never get's too graphic. But if your sensitive to...
  5. Hyouryuu-Na

    RMMV To see Tomorrow (No Travel Game Jam Entry)- Updated

    Hello. This is the first game I've ever finished. And I sure hope it's not the last. I started to work on it on 13th April for the No travel game jam. Since it's my first game, I was a bit slow and I finished it in a hurry. It's not perfect at all but I hope it's not terrible. I mean, not even I...
  6. I'm new so can i ask for some help For my horror game

    Hi i'v had RPG maker for a while now but haven't really made a game so i decided to make a horror game but i'm struggling with a few things Games premise) the premise is that your a detective called Zack that get set out to investigate some mysterious murders. however during the investigation...
  7. ImaginaryVillain

    RMMV And Remember Tomorrow [Surrealistic][Action][RPG]

    SYNOPSIS/STORY IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS YouTube Gameplay Videos Features In the Works I plan on updating My YouTube and this thread as I create more stuff. I welcome and any all criticism good or bad. Don't be afraid of hurting my feelings, I'd rather know stuff in advance before...
  8. SebGrinke

    RMVXA Cult Detectives

    Experience a unique creative vision inspired by True Detective, Forbrydelsen (The Killing), Mindhunter and Dragon Quest, and six years in the making: CULT DETECTIVES The year is 1996. Someone, or something, is killing women and animals and hanging them from ancient trees deep in the black...
  9. Carillon-Nightmares

    RMVXA Otherland, a Visual Novel (Ep. 0 Demo)

    Otherland is an interactive visual novel made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It is a whimsical horror based on Alice in Wonderland (book) and inspired by other horror titles like Little Nightmares, Fran Bow, Ib, and Pocket Mirror, while still having its own personal charm. It tells a story about how...
  10. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    8-Bit Horror Music?

    Does anyone know where I can find some good 8-bit horror music? I'm making a horror game that has graphics based on the original Link's Awakening game but I can't seem to find much 8-bit horror music. I've been trying to find music that matches what I want for my game but there doesn't seem to...
  11. NinjaKittyProductions

    RMMV Darkened Corners (Lovecraft-lite, Search and Puzzle Game)

    While working on Storybook Hero, we have been bouncing around an idea for a different style of game. One of puzzles, search and find mechanics, and hopefully a little horror. Check out a little preview we put together ^_^. On a side note, what kind of elements would you all be looking for in...
  12. RCXDan

    RMVXA The Dark Heart | [Demo Available]

    "I've been waiting for you..." Synopsis: The dead slowly grow restless as devils crawl out of the shadows they call home. Something evil under the ground starts... stirring, inviting ghouls to your otherwise normal city simply by waking up. You, a relatively brilliant youth blessed with the...
  13. Whiteemerald

    FREE Recruiting Team for Horror Mystery Project

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: The game is a horror mystery, so it doesn't have any fighting system. There are puzzles and different strategies for trying to survive different situations. The game also has a time system where different things will happen at different times of the night and...
  14. Kemsyn


    Backstory In 2038, the discovery of element zero, forever changed the future of humanity. Technology rapidly advanced and it soon became the most valuable commodity in the known Universe. The megacorporations began sending out prospecting crews, individuals with little or nothing to lose. Due...
  15. I need help with Triggers.

    Hello! I am relatively new to RPG Maker MV, I have figured out alot of stuff on my own, but now I am stuck. I am working on a horror game (reminiscent of Slender The 8 Pages) with your character going through a maze-like room collecting pictures to reveal a story, all while a creepy girl is...
  16. OnslaughtSupply

    RMMV Hawk 51

  17. rondchild

    RMMV DE:VOID |A Side-Scrolling Horror Game |

    A side-scrolling horror game which explores the themes of life and death in a unique way. Help a girl find her memories and escape from a mysterious world. SYNOPSIS A girl wakes up only to find herself trapped inside a world of many doors. Lacking memories and purpose, she can’t seem to...
  18. Lemonrice

    RMMV Aberrating Light - a horrifying love letter [ABS added]

    Well, after mentioning it in the October goals thread, I think it is time to finally introduce the concept I have been working on the past two weeks. So, let's begin! Genre: (Action) Horror Survival in a relatively modern environment Introduction All he wanted was to start over. Owen...
  19. Kentaro_

    Free Horror Assets

    Hello, I create some Horror Overlays and Game Over Screens. Terms: Free to use in any Projects. You can edit the Overlays. Please dont share or sell this Assets. Credit: "Kouske" or "Kentaro" Informations: All Pictures are in .png with a Res of 816x624 px. You can use the Overlays with a...
  20. Icelord888

    RMMV Soulflowers


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