1. AfroShima

    RMMZ Soul Sovereign (The RPG Of Morality) W/ DEMO

    Soul Sovereign (A RPG Of Morality) SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Soul Sovereign Is My Attempt At Trying My Hand At A Commercial RPG Maker Game, It Features The inFamous Battle System Known As Press Turn Combat Or PTB (Thanks To The Yanfly PTB Battle Plugin), As Well As A Summoning System That Will Of...
  2. Ancient_Eagle

    RMMZ Thinking a New Game

    Hello, everyone! I'm in the initial stages of considering a new horror shooting game (ABS you could say that). I haven't started working on it yet, but I'd like to share my thoughts. Resident Evil had an amazing storyline featuring zombies, viruses, and monsters, which was truly awesome. I...
  3. Rushy

    RMMZ Siberian Horror (Game about a cursed bear).

    The cursed forest awaits you! Hello, dear reader! I'm starting development a survival-horror game and want to show off some details of the project. Short Plot Siberian taiga, Boris the bear wakes up during his winter hibernation and cannot remember his surroundings, the environment seems...
  4. RMMZ Anamnesis [Demo: Chapter 1]

    My girlfriend doesn't have an account here, so I figured I'd post her game demo over here! I'm so proud of her for getting a demo done, and I would love for others to see! Anamnesis Download Link Story Characters Mature Content Warning Screenshots We would love to hear your...
  5. horbror2

    RMMZ Dreams of Joy Departed RPG (DEM02 - early access is out) (contains religion, violence and disturbing imagery)

    https://horbror.itch.io/dreams-of-joy-departed Latest trailer: If anyone tries out my game and gives feedback, drop me a message here or privately and I will try out your game and do the same. This is as long as your game can be downloaded or played online at itch. Dreams of Joy Departed You...
  6. wilpuri

    RMMV Single Malt Apocalypse

    Not everything is fine in the small mining town of Cinderbrook. The local distillery's whiskey has turned into a glowing poison, and the townspeople have caught glimpses of strange figures in the surroundings. Investigate the case and uncover the origin of these peculiar phenomena! —— —— —— My...
  7. DarchanKaen

    RMMV Panopticon. CI - 1804 (Horror quest)

    Panopticon. CI - 1804 Genre and Playtime: Horror quest. 15-30 minutes. Plot: A life-sentenced man clings to his last chance for early release. All that is required of him is just to watch a couple of videotapes! If only he knew how it would turn out... Alert!: 14+ only! The game also...
  8. XyphienLLC

    RMMV Blague - Horror Themed Deck Builder / RPG

    Blague is a Horror Themed Deck Builder. For those old enough to have played Stick RPG back during the Flash Games reign you will find the overall gameplay to be similar to that. With a day/night system built on the actions you take during the day, everything you do in the game outside of...
  9. Sweetmayham

    RMMV Vltra Mayhem

    A game inspired by RPG games such as Undertale, No Body, The Mother series and Omori Synopsis Vltra Mayhem, a Action rpg that specifically takes place on an island called Kathartírio, a land where the Dead and the ones beyond death seem to live togheter in... harmoney? after living on this...
  10. Share Your Games!

    Hello everyone! I am very new to the RPG Maker community, so hopefully I placed this in the right thread! I'm a huge fan of horror, mystery, drama, comedy, visual novel, & puzzle style games, and wondered if anyone had any games in these styles they'd like to share! I've only really played...
  11. Agent334

    RMVXA [FINISHED GAME] Doraemon: Nobita's Resident Evil The Dawn

  12. VelLori

    RMVXA Witch Child's Playtime

    Hi~ Made this game in a little less than a month, it's actually been in an almost finished state since the end of February. I've ironed out the last issues it had yesterday and decided to go ahead and release it. Description The Witch Child is excited to throw her first tea party in a while...
  13. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ Town of illustive (Remake) [Horror]

    A town mysteriously appears solely on Halloween night. its origin and creator/s are unknown. Those who have witnessed the town relate their experiences and opinions on books and stories told through the people until their death. Over time, tales and legends were passed down from one generation...
  14. DallenMalna

    RMMV Terminal Eternity: A Survival Horror RPG (Demo Out Now!)

    Synopsis: Terminal Eternity is a Survival Horror RPG. The story focuses on the ongoing mystery experienced by a loving couple when the hospital they work in is hit by a storm, letting loose an insane criminal, and something even darker. Gameplay is heavily inspired by survival horror classics...
  15. wilpuri

    RMMV Single Malt Apocalypse (mystery RPG)

    Hello people! I’ve been developing my game since the Covid-hassle started. It’s 90% done, but still months away. Here is some info about the game. I hope it’s interesting! THE STORY The game tells the story of a private investigator Leonardo. He is trying to solve a mystery in a little mining...
  16. MyDogStoleMyLiver

    RMMV How to have a non-battle based lives sytem?

    So a internet friend of mine wants to make a horror game where you only have 20 lives to beat the game. So I was wondering if there was any plugin/scripting technique that I could use to make it so that if a game over is triggered it removes one life. And if all 20 lives are gone you can't play...
  17. Misttt

    School and horror tilesets rpg maker mv

    Hi there guys,i will do a game after a long time and im try to find a normal school tileset and horror tilesets but i only find default tilesets with blood and how you guys are more “familiarized” with rpg maker maybe can help me.
  18. FREE REQUEST Looking for a Team | Puzzle Horror Game

    Engine: MZ Synopsis: Mia is a puzzle horror game, where the player will control Mia as she tries her best to escape her mysterious captors. The Game can be split up into Acts, even though the progression from one act to the other should go unnoticed by the player. The first act is entirely...
  19. MMM_games

    RMMZ At the dream end

    Hi everyone! I am an indie developer from Serbia. I created a few games in Game Maker Studio 2 but I always wanted to make horror, melancholy, and atmospheric games in an old SNES style. Game Maker Studio 2 can do that but it's a lot of work. I found myself thinking more about the code than...
  20. minkonn

    RMMV Our Long Walk Home (Surreal, horror RPG)

    'Home; a dying breeze, in the peripherals of my vision, to chase until the end of time.' Our Long Walk Home is a surreal, horror RPG about a student caught in an infinitely repeating walk home as their world crumbles around them. A story about expectations, reflections, and a missing half...

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