1. Misttt

    School and horror tilesets rpg maker mv

    Hi there guys,i will do a game after a long time and im try to find a normal school tileset and horror tilesets but i only find default tilesets with blood and how you guys are more “familiarized” with rpg maker maybe can help me.
  2. RMMZ Looking for a Team | Puzzle Horror Game

    Engine: MZ Synopsis: Mia is a puzzle horror game, where the player will control Mia as she tries her best to escape her mysterious captors. The Game can be split up into Acts, even though the progression from one act to the other should go unnoticed by the player. The first act is entirely...
  3. MMM_games

    RMMZ At the dream end

    Hi everyone! I am an indie developer from Serbia. I created a few games in Game Maker Studio 2 but I always wanted to make horror, melancholy, and atmospheric games in an old SNES style. Game Maker Studio 2 can do that but it's a lot of work. I found myself thinking more about the code than...
  4. minkonn

    RMMV Our Long Walk Home (Surreal, horror RPG)

    'Home; a dying breeze, in the peripherals of my vision, to chase until the end of time.' Our Long Walk Home is a surreal, horror RPG about a student caught in an infinitely repeating walk home as their world crumbles around them. A story about expectations, reflections, and a missing half...
  5. LucaBicono

    RMVXA Entangled [Demo Available]

    (DISCLAIMER: This is a horror game. As such, it may contain content and themes that are not suitable for children, including graphic violence, sexual themes, nudity, and mental distress. Please take care of yourselves.) Game Title: Entangled Engine: RMVXA Download: The latest version of...
  6. LisaW

    RMMV 14 Destinies Intertwined - a mystery/adventure game with some horror elements

    14 Destinies Intertwined 14 Destinies Intertwined will be an entry for the RPG Horror Celebration Jam #3. I'm hoping to release it by the end of the jam on 30th October. It's my 1st try at making an RPG Maker game, so the mechanics are rather simple. :kaoswt2: itch.io: to be added soon...
  7. CSRCreates

    TRADE Searching for Programmer/Coder for Horror Game in RPG Maker MV (Multiple Endings)

    EDIT: Since I was asked, I have virtually no experience with the RPG Maker engine. All I know is how to open it, make maps, place starting points and doors and events, import characters and images, and that's about it. EDIT2: Since I mostly now have a main programmer, what I probably need the...
  8. Enigma_Productions

    RMMZ SCPH A psychological horror game - Recruitment

    Quick warning game contains blood Hello! I'm hoping to recruit anyone who is interested in working together with me to create a horror game. Right now I'm working on the Character Art, Pixel Art, Animation, Editing, Eventing, the list goes on. This is honestly too much work for me on my own and...
  9. scorpiovaeden

    RMMZ In-development - Heroes of Nomad (STB)

    HEROES OF NOMAD Synopsis: Heroes of Nomad will take the player to the world of Nomad, a world trapped in perpetual moonlight. It is here that the player can choose a starting party of 4, from a selection of 12 Heroes. The journey will commence once the party is selected. With this party of...
  10. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Price of Resurrection[IGMC][Rated T]

    Warning! This game is rated T for Violence, Blood and scary Imagery! Abstract Done for the IGMC 2022, this game is an unique spin on the revival formula with a girl who has powers to kill you in her sleep. Plot Hasumi, a young girl like any other suffers from sleepwalking. It seems that...
  11. Do you think horror genre must always use blood/gore in enviroment/mapping?

    Hello RM Members, For now, i have made a horror game project with rpg maker. And i little doubtful if i must use blood tileset in map. What do you think of blood in horror game? That's make you more scared or not? Thank you
  12. sainti

    RMMV Proverbs of Hell

    FEATURE-LENGTH DEMO NOW AVAILABLE * Warning: this game contains political themes, drug & alcohol use, and strong language. Blood is integral to the plot. * Decades ago, a corporation called GNCO pioneered the technology of Blood+: a line of injectable hematologic supplements that grant...
  13. R_Valkyrie

    Resident Evil VXA System 2.0

    Description: This here is my new Resident Evil styled menu system that has been reworked from scratch. Note that this does NOT come with a shooting system, only the means to equip weapons from the item menu and setting ammo variables to it. Items can now exist as separate stacks and weapon...
  14. delukiel

    Onryō Spirte and Facesets

    Hey everyone! I'm making an RPG Maker "horror" game where you befriend an onryō(?). The ghost looks like an onryō, but is not actually one. For those out of the know, Sadako from The Ring is the most iconic onryō, with Kayako from The Grudge being a close second place. Thank you for your help...
  15. Aliens in RPGMaker Horror

    While I've been watching a few playthroughs of some iconic RPGMaker horror games like The Witch's House, Misao and Mad Father and watching some analysis vids of RPGMaker horror games, I'm baffled that there aren't any RPGMaker horror games about aliens and alien abductions.
  16. RMMV The Under - Surreal Horror RPG

    Finally released my first official game in a long time, The Under which is now available on my itch.io page! The Under is a surreal horror RPG about you, Jrone, a clone who wakes up in a city on its last legs. Given a task and no option but to complete it, you set out to explore the city and...
  17. missdessire

    RMVXA Resident Evil 1 Demake - CO-OP Experience

    Hello everybody! My name is Gabriel, aka Miss Dessire, and I am behind the development of Resident Evil VX: The CO-OP Experience. This is a project I've been working on for a very very long time, I'd dare to say years, because I didn't have the knowledge I needed to work on this the way I...
  18. 0hKay

    How do I edit the in-game menu in VXAce?

    I'm making a horror game, but I only want to display the character name/face (not hp/exp stats), items (preferably under the character info, I don't want a separate menu for them), and save/exit button. How do I do this??
  19. missdessire

    In Need of POP! Artist for Resident Evil 1 Demake

    Hello! My name is Gabriel aka Miss Dessire I am sorry in advance for my English level, I am currently working with a friend on releasing Resident Evil 1 Demake on VX ACE. The game is going to be a full campaign of the classic Resident Evil 1 from PSX, it is going to be for two players and it's...
  20. aniaaous

    Lorenz Fries Asset pack : School Horror

    First of all this asset pack is still under development, I am still learning as I am making this asset pack so feedback and suggestions are more than welcomed! ^^ Second, This asset pack is free to use for personal use on any engine If you want to use it for a commercial project please donate...

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