1. Cootadude

    Horror/Dark Resources Needed.

    I have been searching in the internet for a long time for some Horror/Dark Tilesets, Sprites, etc. I don't need anything specific as long as I can use it in RPG Maker MV & I don't need to purchase it. I'd prefer Mansions, Stone Dungeons, Steampunk, and Dark/Dead Forest's, Ruin's. As long as it's...
  2. Angry_Cattle

    RMMV No Escape From The Darkness (Chapter One Demo)

    Chapter One Demo Coming September 11, 2020 Story Summary Images DOWNLOAD LINK
  3. How to make a horror game

    HI, I'm kinda new to this community and RPG Maker VX Ace. Me and my friends are a huge fan of RPG Maker game especially horror game. We decided to make a horror game because we were inspired by the games Ib, The Crooked Man and The Witch's House. But, the problem is we don't know where to start...

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