1. Enigma_Productions

    RMMV S.C.P.H

    Game Synopsis The game takes place at a psychiatric hospital named Sanity Care. The sole purpose of the hospital is to find the best method in which to raise and harness an inner beast that can reside within a child. After 60 years of very small progress the hospital is being threatened to have...
  2. Arto

    Looking for Scientist Enemy Battlers (2)

    Resource Type: Enemy battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's original is fine as long as it stays similar to the other human battlers in MV. Description: I would like to have two of these. They don't have to look too insane, just a male and female version sporting lab coats. Creativity...
  3. RPMV Hospital Tiles/Chars

    I've been looking around and the closest thing I could find was    I can't find a single RPMV resource for hospitals anywhere, as everything is RMVXAce. I especially want the bed and curtain dividers  as they fit perfectly with the scene i'm thinking of for my game." As for walls...
  4. Pregnant sprite!

    I'm looking for a pregnant sprite that: Must be visibly pregnant Can be wearing hospital garb or nothing at all Have any skin color Must be bald Is for RPG Maker VX Ace This is my first post so I'm sorry if it doesn't have enough details. If you need more information, just ask!
  5. Misty

    Commercial use tileset Links. vehicles, hospital tilesets, futuristic tilesets

    Hello, I'm looking for vehicle, hospital, and futuristic tilesets that can be used for commercial use. -Hover bikes -Futuristic room tilesets -Hospital room supplies, nurse sprites, and tiles. -Spaceships and city tilesets -Robots Thank you, ZEFK
  6. I Need A Horror game Tileset!

    I need a small tileset used for a horror game. The game's first part was set in abandoned hospital in another dimension and the main characters were stuck in there with a psychotic surgeon and an undead doctor. The tileset is for an abandoned hospital that is about 20 years old. I only need...

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