1. Is it possible to export data?

    Hello! I am currently creating a game for a project at my university that must export data such as: Number of battles won Number of battles lost Time and date of connection etc etc Basically I have to save this and much more information about each player's game and then take it to tables where...
  2. Lakaroth

    Best Hosting/Server (Performance)

    Hello there, wich server solution you suggest me for a web app made with RMMV? In terms of performance and user limits. Apache or nginx? Also i was thinking about this... An RMMV browser game it's playable from Desktop or Mobile etc etc.. but if an user start a game with (for example) Mobile...
  3. Web Deploy Save Games

    When I deploy my game for web and host it somewhere, is there a mechanism to determine if a different user is pulling up the site? I ask because I'm curious if saved games work for different users when the game is hosted online. If I hop on and save my game, would anyone else going to that URL...
  4. Initial Release ready, still need some advice

    Hello! I'm here because I've nearly finished the initial release of my game (made with RPG Maker MV), and would like to release it to the public somewhere. The game's initial release will not be complete, but more of a "demo" that slowly gets updated when I add new content, with save files...
  5. ??????

    How to host your game online FOR FREE!!

    Hi there, Today I'm going to be showing you how you can get your rpg maker mv game hosted online without losing any of that hard earned gold! Before we start, there are some things you are going to need. Git. This is a tool we will use from the command line, to perform updates to the...
  6. Best ASP.NET Core 1.0 hosting Suggestion

    Hi, I'm looking for a good asp.net hosting provider with the following details:   $5-$14 budget Location is in US Great support since I'm not totally a pro but can understand things easily. up to 10 domains  50,000 to 100,00 visits PS: I'm considering the following...
  7. Host an online game on ur own site.

    hey does anyone know how i can host an online server using rpg maker and my own site?
  8. Lunawolfcomics

    What are some good hosting sites to sell your games?

    Hey guys! What are some good hosting sites for creating your own website? I have two projects underway and want to start creating a website so I can distribute these games. Any help or suggestions? :) -JAD

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