1. Bors

    Confirtmation prompts don't wotk?

    I'm using the confirmation prompts provided with the Action-UI as base. They don't seem to work. Both "yes" and "no" do not work. Both "yes" and "no" work, but ONLY IF I click on a part of their hotspot that that's not overlapping the savegame hotspot underneath. To make sure I'm not doing...
  2. Application Preferences Won't Save [FIXED]

    I am trying to map hotspots, but the dialogue that opens is too big, and most of it is off screen. I went to Tools --> Preferences --> Application and unchecked "use original size in preview." As soon as I close the preferences dialogue, it resets. I can't change any settings. I tried...
  3. mardin

    Erase all pictures and Hotspots / clear scene !

    First of all, I want to say that the seach function of the visual novel maker manual is not working for me (microsoft edge browser). I am getting frustrated because I am just getting to know this engine and there are not much tutorials out there for specific content. I have downloaded Google...
  4. 4Lore

    Removing persistent hotspot !

    Hello, I was having this hotspot problem some time ago and I still haven't resolve it. :| ex. mission scene ex. mission common event ex. mission scene setup This hotspot (a triangle) appears everywhere: in title screen, in every title menu and when i start a new game, it will show up in...

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