how do i

  1. (Action Sequences)How to apply specific attack motions to skills?

    As the title says, I cannot figure this out for the life of me. I have yep CoreEngine, yep BattleEngineCore, and yep ActSeqPack1 2 and 3. I have the basic attack set up to have my SV actor run up to the enemy and punch, as I want them to. However I have a spell (magic skill) that is meant to be...
  2. LardLord

    How do I have a separate sprite for climbing ladders?

    How do I have a separate sprite for climbing ladders? It is a two-tile high sprite. I am using the most up to date version of rpgmaker. PLEASE HELP ME.
  3. Jachan

    The Idea of Fanmade "Super Sentai" Projects... but how...? (More details inside)

    While "sentai" is a Japanese word, I will have you know one or two quick details before the start. If you are already familiar to this, skip and start read next paragraph ahead. =P "Sentai" means "squadron". "Super Sentai" is a very popular superhero TV show in Japanese for everyone. It is the...
  4. LordFleck

    How to: Simple Random-Result?

    I've spent... a lot of time looking for a simple Random-Result how-to guides? (A plugin would be super cool). It seems every time I find something, its about VXAce or about Random Battles. I found a perfect one on MV... but my luck, the guide was done using pictures... and the pictures were...
  5. Elemental Weakness causes Status Effects.

    In this story one of the characters has a phobia of fire. Obviously he has a elemental weakness but is there a way to make it so that if he's hit by fire then he'd get confused?
  6. Custom "mana" bars for individual characters?

    I've got a concept for an RPG revolving around a group of mages, all with different things they use to fuel their magic. One character has 6 different elemental bars, another has an ordinary mana bar, another uses health instead of mana, etc, etc. Is there a way to set something up like this...
  7. Skill Dependent on In-Battle Choices

    Basically, what's written up there. I want a character, my "Songstress," to be able to do a skill called "Serenade" in which the player makes four choices for effects before casting it. It goes something like this: Player selects Serenade in the battle menu. First Choice (Raises cost...
  8. Kidincred

    How do I make custom battle animations in RPG Maker XP?

    I need help with how to make custom battle animations using my own custom sprites. I can't find anything on the internet about it, and it frustrates me because I want to make my own RPG with only my own visuals and audio. I'm also posting this here because I feel it's more appropriate in a...

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