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  1. How to make a horror game

    HI, I'm kinda new to this community and RPG Maker VX Ace. Me and my friends are a huge fan of RPG Maker game especially horror game. We decided to make a horror game because we were inspired by the games Ib, The Crooked Man and The Witch's House. But, the problem is we don't know where to start...

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I typically ask this on my normal social media channels, but figured there may be good replies here. Anyone got any good horror movie recommendations? I've seen a lot, but I always love getting suggestions! Bonus points if you know which service it is streaming on (in the US) - bring on the spOoooOky!
 After a few distractions (and my annual rough second week of October), I’m getting back on track with my OMGC project.
 Am I overcomplicating it? Yes. Am I going to tone it down? Almost certainly not.
 At least the dialogue stuff is almost done. I need to do the map itself, and then all that’s left is combat.
 Getting there!
Creating 3D CGs for Cutscenes. :kaosalute:

I keep wanting to post every song I make for the game and have to hold back on that because at this rate, I'll have spoiled all the really good stuff lol..

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