1. Yanfly Weapon Animations

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with the Weapon Animations plugin by Yanfly. It works, but only if I put the filename tag in the actor notes. If I put the tag in each weapon, and have that weapon type and weapon equipped it doesn't work. I'm attempting to have the weapon animation...
  2. LetchkuSnow

    Honestly not sure how to deploy the game so only friends can play?

    How do I send a game I've created to someone else, just so they can play it? I tried using Dropbox to send the game file, but it didn't work...
  3. jjbones123

    How do you customize highlighting a choice in a menu?

    I would like to begin by saying that this is only my second time posting to this forum and using forums as a whole. In the last post I made, I was corrected by a developer, saying that I had posted my question in the wrong category and was kind enough to move my question thread into the RPG...
  4. Gabrelik

    Need advice on drawing tablet

    Hi! I'm trying to track down a good tablet to begin work on a custom tileset for MV. I would love to hear any recommendations from people who have some experience with this? I'm an established artist, but I'm a charcoal or Prismacolor guy; haven't worked digitally much. I've done some...
  5. SakuraMiya

    I changed the party members, why are they not moving?

    I searched in this forum for a way to change main-characters in mid game, and I read that "Change Party Members" is the best way. So I did, but now the character is immobile. Did I do something wrong, or I'm forgetting something?
  6. PedroVGM

    How can I sell my game?

    Hey there community. I was wondering, what can I do if I just finished a game (but reality is that it has yet to be finished)? Let's say that I already did my stuff and have the game already, what should I do if I want to sell it on a website such as kickstarter, google play or similar websites...
  7. PixelatedKiwi

    Removing menu options.

    Hi everyone. This is my first time posting so if it is in the wrong place then please fix it. I am trying to change the script so that my menu only has the options; item, save, game end. I have tried loads of things but there was always something wrong. I actually ruined the script that...
  8. Changing Scope of a Skill IN game.

    Okay, so, I THINK I am posting this in the right category, there are so many of them lol Here is what I am trying to do - I am sure I will need a plug-in for it, but as my scripting skills are not on par of crafting my own plugins yet, I have turned to the community for help. Within my...
  9. Noxela

    Enemy "Death" Conditions Script

    Hello, RPG Maker community!  :) I'm new to this incredible line of game making programs and stumbled across a problem which is hindering my ability to move forth with my game creation. You see, the game I'm working on runs a unique (but not original) battle style, in which the enemy will...
  10. chayd

    How to show HP Guage

    Hello, Is there a plugins that will show your hero's HP without going to the Menu/option and Battle mode? Like it will show anytime you walk. Or is there a specific way on how to do it manually without installing a plugins.?
  11. How To Create Your Own Graphics

    I was wondering what tools I would need to get for my computer to create my own graphics? Would Adobe Illustrator work? Are there any tutorials on this site, or online, for creating RPG Maker graphics?
  12. Missing features that I want in RPG Maker VX - how do I get them for free?

    Hi everyone, I am planning to make a game today. However I have noticed that there are some missing features that I want in RPG Maker VX, and I have paid for it so I'm not sure if I should regret getting it or not. I haven't used the program in a while and I want to give it another shot. So, I...
  13. How do you change the playable character?

    Hey, i'm at a part in my game in which the main character gets separated from his team, and one of the side characters has to take over until they reunite. What would be the least complicated way to change the playable character? Right now what I got is, change the character graphic, name...
  14. Blair Pendragon

    How to turn off SV battler shadows?

    In the picture, you will notice that I make my own custom character models. But they are in the 48pixel range, instead of the 64 pixel range. The games default shadows are a bit too big (plus I planned to make my own shadows built into the characters) Is there a way to turn off the shadows?
  15. Yumihara

    How to make a Collectible Counter?

    I use MV, and right now I am having trouble trying to find out how to make a Counter that shows up whenever a collectible is obtained. Example, each time I collect a special coin a message box, or even an indicator in the top right would say "1/20 collectibles obtained" and each one you get...
  16. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV - Kindle the Flame

    Hey all thanks for watching! Today we have a basic RPG Maker MV tutorial on a "survival / cooking / alchemy" based system, named "Kindle the Flame". As always, full demo provided and I hope my tutorial helps! All the best! KINDLE THE FLAME DOWNLOAD...
  17. How to limit party to 3 characters during battle

    Hello.  I recently started work on a game in RPGmakerMV and I'm having trouble with the battle system. I'm trying to limit the number of usable  characters to 3 in battle with 5 total characters in the party. There doesn't seem to be an option to limit the battle party in the SYSTEM menu. Is...
  18. Help with tint screen?

    Hello everyone! Happy Boxing Day! I'm having a problem trying to get my screen to tint at the right time, then turn off at the right time. Basically, I want just one room of a building to be darkened, and for the screen to return to normal when you leave the room. I've looked up tutorials and...
  19. How to install RPGMMV: Essentials Set when purchased from rpgmakerweb?

    Hello, everyone. I'm very new to RPG Maker, and I'm having trouble installing the Essentials Set to my copy of MV. I've looked up other How To's, but all of them seem to be for people who purchased the game and the set from Steam, whereas I purchased both from the website, so I don't seem to...
  20. How to make character lose 1 Health every step

    Hi there, How would one make the character lose one health for every step they make? Think of a character underwater, and their health as their oxygen. Each move they make, they lose a health point. And how would you refill the health say at an oxygen tank? Thanks so much, Slowboy

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