1. Stormydove

    Ask a stupid question . . .

    Hello everyone,  Can't wait to get started, just picked up RPG Maker off steam and am looking forward to asking lots of questions and working on some fun projects.  I see alot of wonderful art and I see that it is in PNG format, most of what I am looking at are faces and portraits and have...
  2. IMHunter

    How to make a game like "Yume Nikki" on Rpg XP???

    Well, I just finished playing the popular, "Yume Nikki" game made by Kikiyama. And I would like to know how to make such a psychedelic like that. Here are the list of things I would like to know- How to make moving backgrounds. How to create a 3D sort of view. How to make a looping map  How...
  3. Proseia

    Trying to pull a script from a demo, not sure how

    Hey folks,  I am very new to scripts and have not had any luck finding tutorials on how to pull a script from a demo to use. I have downloaded the "game" file from the coder's site (he put up the demo specifically so the script could be taken from it and used, he said) and the script works fine...

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A side story is almost getting into the next stage. Almost everything in this game has real-life references.
Everyday life is full of absurdity. This is just a reflection.
TFW you discover how the script batching works in VNMaker... after you've had the program for almost 3 years.

Writes that the characters have to climb a mountain.

Realized that I have to draw six sets of models where characters are climbing.

At least I know how to draw something. :)
I'm currently scratching my head on how to design plains. What do I even put in plains? Some trees (but not too many or it turns into a forest)? Grass? A few bushes? That's a bit dull.
I'm looking for tutorials but Google didn't seem to find much (or maybe I have the wrong keywords). I don't know how to map plains and I don't know how to learn.

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