1. bububoo

    How can I change my main character to another?

    hey, uh, I really don't know how to do it, I need to explain myself. I need to know how can I change the main character of the game to a different one, at a certain point in the story he has a flashback from when he was a child, so I need to know if there is any way to change the main character...
  2. AgentN107

    (Solved)How Brightness?

    so I am trying to add a way to change the brightness in-game from an options menu. it is using a variable but in case you need to see the code it is the yanfly options menu so one way I thought of doing this is using the graphics. Brightness but while it works when I adjust it, it resets when...
  3. (RMMV) How to make this damage system?

    First off I know the title isn't the most specific in the world, but this idea is a bit complicated and I have no idea how to sum it up in a short title, so forgive me for that please! With that out of the way, I've got an idea for my first real project, though at the moment it's more of a...
  4. Luozcurator

    How to Suicide/Sacrifice Skill?

    I want to add a skill that kills the user and/or a party member after using it to my game. And I don’t know how. It’s mainly for enemies and I want them to show the common death animation instead of just disappearing. I did search in the forum and found this thread, but most of the information...
  5. IkutsukiYuri

    How to make synthesis and fishing like in the Atelier games?

    ...Hello once again Yes I think I'm actually just making an unofficial Atelier game Anyways... How do you make synthesization? And also fishing? Thanks for reading! And I hope that any one of you'll be able to enlighten me on the techniques ;w;
  6. IkutsukiYuri

    How to make Mana Khemia styled battle?

    Hello there, I've been invested in making an RPG game with Mana Khemia's battle system for a long time. But I really don't know where to start. I saw one that did an actual Tales Series' battle system... so I'm wondering if this one is possible? I already know that you can make a bigger sprite...
  7. atoms

    How many skills would you have if you used a JP skill learing system?

    For those who don't understand what I'm talking about, I'm thinking of Yanfly's one that can be found here for MV http://yanfly.moe/2015/11/14/yep-28-skill-learn-system/ Otherwise here for VX Ace https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/learn-skill-engine/ I think this would...
  8. soniiiety

    why is most of the rpg games have no male's?

    I been searching and found out that alot for the cool games have females and no males at all? why is this ??? I don't understand people should make it so you could be a male in their game not just female, not everyone is female or like to be that in a game? let me know what the reason is...
  9. rpgmakerxp

    How to make Rpg Maker MV have manual updates(Steam version)?

    Currently having issues with updates preventing me from even playtesting because of some JavaScript update/s, and I'd like to be able to just not deal with this anymore. Right clicking the software in the steam client and under properties allows me to change the Automatic updates settings as...
  10. snowmods

    RPG MAKER MV 1.6.0 Maps are not showing up in the map list

    Can anyone help me figure out why my maps are not showing up in map list If someone can please help So I was working on my maps I saved the game and then playtested it and When I went back to RPG Maker MV 1.6.0 My maps would not load inside the map list and Then I tried to import them to...
  11. Omarproductions

    [HELP] How display a variable in a text window using scripts.

    Hey guys, I wanna know how do I have a variable show in a text window using scripts?
  12. How do I do this event?

    I'm looking for a way to event (possibly may need a script if I do I can't find one) so I can battle monsters in my game without going into the actual battle mode. Eg: Player is walking around on the interior map. An enemy approaches and instead of going into battle mode I want the player to be...
  13. TheKingOfRats

    White backgrounds

    Hey eveyone im having some trouble resizing an image to fit the "face" image box as whenever i do the transparent background gets removed and replaced with a white one. Its odd because i found the file on this site and couldnt find who made it.
  14. AksawShin

    How to Start your Game - Simple Beginners Guide

    Alright, I'm sorry to tell you, but you got baited hardcore. This isn't about how you start off your Game, but about what you need to learn in order to make your Game, yourself and your Job/Hobby successful. This actually has nothing to do with how you approach Art, Eventing, Scripting...
  15. Stonga

    How do I make actor specific 'normal' attacks in MV?

    I've seen scripts for VX Ace that allow special normal attacks per character, but yet i cant seem to find out how to do it in MV. What I'd like is to be able to have some characters have the normal "Attack" option (which uses the first skill slot in the editor), and other characters use perhaps...
  16. Benja

    More pictures script?

    Hiya there folks. I'm in the process of making a pretty animation intense game, so i need a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, there are only 100 slots available for pictures. Now, I haven't hit this limit yet, but is there any way to surpass it if needs be? Thanks!
  17. Lunarcomplex

    How do you reference an actor's TP value?

    There doesn't seem to be a way to set a variable to an actor's TP value. I would like to force an action for an actor based on when the actor's TP is 100 during a battle. $gameActors.actor(1).tp == 100; didn't seem to work in the conditional branch's script condition.
  18. jjbones123

    How do you customize highlighting a choice in a menu?

    I would like to begin by saying that this is only my second time posting to this forum and using forums as a whole. In the last post I made, I was corrected by a developer, saying that I had posted my question in the wrong category and was kind enough to move my question thread into the RPG...
  19. How to delete vehicles?

    I have RPG Maker VX Ace I'm trying to make a moment in the game where I create a ship taking off, then switch over to inside of the ship so I can make a cutscene. When the ship is still taking off, I transfer the player to another map, which is the ship. But then the ship appears again when I...
  20. Is there a script that lets the player swap out skills

    Basically I want my wizard class to be able to choose what skill they have available in battle at the start of every in game day. Is there a script that let me do this? 

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