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  1. ORLY1889

    How to use heart rate to indicate HP?

    In my game, I wish to use heart rate to show the health state of the character, instead of HP bar. There are actually 2 aspects of my problem: 1. How to display a floating heart rate on the screen? 2. How to make the number of heart rate to have negative correlation with real HP value? For...
  2. GothicMonocle

    Problem with eventing a heath bar

    **Edit: Problem Solved! You can close this thread now.** So I use the easiest method of eventing a HUD health bar. Which is the picture zoom method. (basically I call a common event that displays two pictures, one for the HUD frame and the other the HP bar. To calculate how the health bar is...
  3. Help with Yanfly's Visual HP Gauge.

    Hello, I was massing arround with Yanfly's Visual HP Gauge plugin in order to change some of its functionality. I managed to add a MP bar and modify some other few things, but then the game started to run deliberately slow (with huge framerate issues, to the point it becomes extremely...
  4. leoroura

    Picture shown at stat location

    Hello everybody! I am building my game's HUD and i find myself with a challenge. I have an on-screen HP bar, the bar is upside down (as in, vertical) and i want an image to show at the top of it (current actor max HP) The thing is, his hp diminishes by second, so the image is supposed to...
  5. leoroura

    HUD Maker doubts / Health bar ingame

    Hello everyone! I started a thread before asking how to put a health bar ingame as a hud (not only during battle) and was adviced to use 'Hud Maker'. Now, i have a couple doubts i want to ask to you guys who might now more about this than myself... 1- Is it possible to run a plugin command to...
  6. Nutty171

    Enemy HP Bars

    The title says it all. I'm 99% sure that this was already made, so a simple link would be good. Thank you.
  7. [RMMV] Remove Hp, Mp and Tp bar

    Hi :), I would like to remove all the three bars from the menu as my game doesn't use it. How do it remove them from the menu? Thank you very much.
  8. Osoni

    Shared Party HP

    I have a (hopefully) simple request. I'd like some battles to feature a HP total/bar for the entire party - every hit on an individual party member deals damage to them AND the same amount to the shared pool. Individual party members get KO'd as normal, but if the party HP hits 0 its...
  9. [RMMV] Remove Hp, Mp and Tp bar

    Hi :), I would like to remove all the three bars from the menu as my game doesn't use it. How do it remove them from the menu? Thank you very much.
  10. AceOfAces_Mod

    HP bar changes color depending on current health

    I need a script that changes the HP bar's color (and the current HP number's color) to reflect the current condition of the actor. For example, if Eric has 15% of his maximum HP, the bar and the text turns red. This script needs to work both in menus and in battles. Prerequisites...
  11. Non-battle enemy health bar

    So I've been working on a game which has a custom made battle system. I do not know how to script, so making an enemy hud is turning into a challenge for me. I've tried with pictures and it hasn't worked at all. Does anyone know of a way i can make a simple enemy hud hp bar that is equal to a...
  12. Change party size vx and enemy health bars vx

    So I am currently working with VX and I know how to change the Party size but when I add my 5th member of the party and go to the equip screen there is no scroll function to move down to this new member. Does anyone know of a script to be able to see the character graphic and scroll down to the...
  13. JAD94

    Enemy HP Bars

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has heard or could make a plug in for enemy HP bars to be visible during battle. Thank you   :)
  14. DarkPerv

    Circular HP Bars for Luna Engine

    I recently started a new game project and I am using the Luna Engine to make the main menu for my horror game. I have a basic idea of what I want which is a cellular phone background and apps as the different icons to interact with to lead into the other menus. Another thing I wanted was the...
  15. MeowFace

    Equipments with their own set of HP/Gauges

    Is it possible to have equipments with their own set of HP and gauge(bar) in menu/battle? Example on how the HP works: Actor A wears Equipment A with 1000HP, Actor A will not take damage until Equipment A's HP is reduced to 0. If Enemy hits 1500 damage, and the Equipment has 1000HP, the...
  16. Mr. Trivel

    Multi-Layer Boss Health Bar

    What does it do? Boss can now have a multi-layer health bar. Meaning it won’t just go to empty, the layers will deplete 1 by 1 until the bar is completely empty.   Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Multi-Layer Boss Health Bar Created: 2014-10-31 Version: 1.2a   Video: Health bar design and art...
  17. McTone

    Show enemy HP bar AFTER killing one enemy of that type

    If you remember the original Breath of Fire game (and I think they did it in the second one too, maybe the third....maybe the whole series!), it had this feature where it would show enemy hp bars BUT! not until after you killed one first. I was wondering if anyone had seen a script that does...
  18. kakekater

    HUD with vertical and horizontal HP/MP Bar...

    Hey folks!   That's my first post and am already asking for something, i know i know what a way to start. But, i hope i can get things right and provide enough information so we can start out nice, I'll do my part and any help will be greatly appreciated! :)   What I am looking for:   My...
  19. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    YEA - Battle Engine Add-On: Enemy HP Bars [EDIT]

    YEA - Battle Engine Add-On: Enemy HP Bars [EDIT] by Yanfly edited by Adiktuzmiko #============================================================================= Features # Basically it allows you to let enemies have hp bars # I edited it so that you can set the width and height of the HP...

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