1. How can hide decimals in a script?

    First sorry for my bad english, im not native. I have a problem with this script: this.changeHp($gameActors.actor(1), -0.01 * $gameActors.actor(1).mhp, false); Is for remove a % of the hp based on the maximum of the character but this result in a decimals in the HP, how i can hide the decimals...
  2. Kingslayer

    Command "Change enemy hp" in troop menu

    Hi. I have an issue with the command "Change enemy HP". My idea is when the player used a certain skill to run a common event which turn ON a switch for the troop which decrease the health of the enemy to zero or -9999, but nothing happens. I put the command "change enemy hp" in the common event...
  3. Dwesper

    Do you think coffee should heal HP or MP?

    Hi, Dwesper here. I am just starting a discussion about weither coffee should heal HP or MP in a modern RPG game. Like in Persona in exemple or other stuff. The discussion is up to evolve in other aspect, like let say if the type of coffee can change the benefits in game or have even a buff...
  4. RMMV Help with YEP_CoreEngine

    Hello, I am trying to change the HP parameters to my characters, I want them to have more HP than the program allows, so I downloaded this plugin, but according to the tags that the plugin has, I do not see any in which that can be changed parameter, the strangest thing is that this plugin can...
  5. ovate

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle | Special Exhaust Skill

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle - Jun 8, 2016 Creator name: Sasuke KANNAZUKI Overview - AutoBattlePlus.js : add auto battle command and so on. - VeryFastBattle.js : battle exceeds very fast when specified key(s) down. For more information, read plugin help. Video preview Thanks to...
  6. RicoRob

    (Conditional Branch) check if an actor's HP is full (percentage)?

    - Example: - I know this code: $gameActors.actor(n)._hp = x however I can only replace the x with specific numbers, I want to check for percentages, but I have no idea how. Is there a way to use only script calls for this? Without storing numbers in variables, adding invisible states and the like?
  7. Chronoengine ABS mode, Boss HP

    I need help making my boss HP display on screen and I dunnow how to use it. I see the plugin command, , but I don't know what it does. No matter how hard I try, I can't get the boss HP to display. Can anyone give me assistance? EDIT: Here is the plugin I'm talking about...
  8. What is the HP/MP/TP Transfer/Absorb Skill Formula?

    For one example, let's say I have a skill that shaves off 15 HP/MP/TP from one party member and gives that to an ally, but the user in question has less than 15 HP/MP/TP; I don't want the party member getting more than what the user sacrificed. You could substitute the 15 for a percentage...
  9. Trying to make Event HP variables

    Ok, hopefully you can follow me on this one, cause it gets a bit confusing. Right now, as you can see in the screenshot, I have a side shooter. It works good, but I'm trying to make it easier. I'm using GALVs Map Projectile Plugin, which allows me to shoot and be shot at by projectiles, with a...
  10. Kristoffer

    only 1 hp in Dungeon?!

    Everything went just fine, I had a good game, then suddenly I only have 1 hp in the dungeon. At any other map the character has full HP, but when I enter the dungeon, HP is 1, and I can heal or use potions, but then it instantly drop down to 1 again. Why? And how do I fix this? (I have...
  11. mangaka7

    YEP Equip Core HP/MP Issue

    Hey guys, I've been having issues with YEP Equip Core since I installed it way back. I never dealt with the issue because I was busy mapping and doing other things. I was hoping the updates would fix this issue, but it persists. Maybe I'm an idiot and I'm doing something totally wrong. The...
  12. Mjolk

    Temporary buff MaxHp (Yanfly Buffs & States Core)

    Hello, I want to do a skill which gives a status buff to the Max Hp TEMPORARILY, and at the end of the status turns the hp returns to normal. Example: Erick HP/Max HP: 1000/1000 after status buff (+500) it becomes Erick HP/Max HP: 1000/1500, at the end of the effect return Erick HP/Max HP...
  13. CuddleFox

    Problem with HP display and gauge size

    Hi. It's me again. Something's bothering me about VX Ace. When the text is too wide for the window in which it is located, it is overwritten on the width. In my game, characters can have more than 9999 HP, and the number becomes unreadable. I would like to know if there is a way to remove the...
  14. p0_boy

    Better Way To "Freeze" a Player's HP?

    I am working on a game that uses an ABS plugin, so all of the action takes place on-map. There are points when I need to "freeze" the player's HP, and prevent it from suffering damage. I am currently using a script that uses a variable to store the player's HP: var xActor =...
  15. p0_boy

    zHUD - A Zelda-esque HP HUD Plug-In

    zHUD (v0.8) by dismal_science__ and Caethyril Introduction zHUD is a very rudimentary HP Head-Up Display, reminiscent to the style used in the Zelda series. zHUD is designed for use with single-actor games. zHUD uses a set of image files to indicate HP status. Parameters Prefix This...
  16. AdamSakuru

    MOG Hunter Boss HP Bar - Switch for Visibility?

    https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-boss-hp-meter/ Here's a link to the plugin, it's also attached in case you don't feel like downloading the master demo to get it. Basically, I have a lot of custom eventing in my game. When a battle begins, nothing on the screen is supposed to be seen (it's...
  17. RoseRainblood

    How can I make enemies HP remain the same after escaping battles?

    Hi guys! I have a question that I'm curious about that I haven't seen answered on this forum... As the title says, I'm wondering how I can make the HP of an enemy remain the same after the player has escaped from a battle, instead of it going back to full health again. If there isn't a plugin...
  18. Deriving Max Hit Points?

    Hi! I've lurked here for a while. Now I've joined. I'll introduce myself and so forth another time, though. My question is simple enough. Most of the stats work well enough with a little tweaking, renaming, and plunging them into damage formulas and so forth. What I'd like to do is add another...
  19. leoroura

    HUD Maker doubts / Health bar ingame

    Hello everyone! I started a thread before asking how to put a health bar ingame as a hud (not only during battle) and was adviced to use 'Hud Maker'. Now, i have a couple doubts i want to ask to you guys who might now more about this than myself... 1- Is it possible to run a plugin command to...
  20. Krystek_My

    Enemy HP bar on map

    Hi! I have a question. It is possible to draw enemy HP on map. For example via script? (I am not good at scripting)

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