1. CleanWater

    HTML5 Export to Itch.io (Cutting borders in canvas)

    Hello, I decided to publish my game as playable in browser on Itch.io, but the borders are being cut and I don't know where to resize the canvas in RPG Maker. My html knowlegdge is a bit out of date, but it seems that the engine doesn't auto resize the canvas to show the entire game on the...
  2. How to get game folder's path on web browser

    Hi, normally, when i want to access to certain file path, ex: img/minestuff/image.png I will run require('path') to get game folder path and then join it with the string above to get the file's path. But if i do so on Web Browser, it will cause error because nodeJs doesn't seem to work on HMTL5...
  3. HTML5 deployment does not work (WIN/MAC works fine)

    Hi All, So after finally finishing our game, we of course ran into an issue with the deployment. The game runs fine when playtesting from RPG Maker, as well as the deployed versions for WIN/MAC. When deploying in HTML5 for browser however, it instantly gets: TypeError Cannot read property...
  4. KeenWolf

    html5 exporting/importing save data

    I have posted an experimental build of my game on itch.io to play in the browser, but for some odd reason some people cannot save their games if they are using iOS. This issue is not universal for a couple of my testers have iOS and can save just fine. I was working on a fix, but no luck so far...
  5. JohnDoeNews

    RMMV On Board: Life is Random (Board game, HTML5)

    What is the set up of the scene? It's random... Which characters do you meet in your scenes? It's random... What is are the locations of your scenes? Totally random. Do they play in order? Nope, all random. How about weapons? Random! Armor? Random! Vendors? Random! Ha, so you can...
  6. OneManIndie

    So you want to upload your MV game to Newgrounds/Gamejolt?

    I recently tried to upload Slime Kingdom to Newgrounds and Gamejolt to get some more buzz going for it, but I ran into an issue (see image above). I searched around for tips to try and fix it with no luck. So, in the spirit of helping, I’m making one to assist those in need. Okay, now you’ve...
  7. RPGMMV how to open HTML5/FLASH animations.

    Hi excuse me for being a noob in this forum. But i have a question how i can load into the screen a html5 or SWF animation? The reason is because in RPGMXP is possible, but how about MV, mv uses javascript and css maybe could be possible. Anyone knows a script or know how ?
  8. Ascare

    HTML5 Deployment - No audio

    Hi guys, first time here. So I uploaded a test project to my webserver. It seems to work fine - except there is no audio. I have RMV v. 1.5.1 and Win7. I use Firefox 57.0.2 Please have a look here: HTML5 test
  9. Parallax Panda

    EULA, Encryption and Browser deployment

    Ok, there are a bunch of different EULA's out there obviously, but most of them (all of them?) share this clause that you can't share a game you've made (with the DLC) unless it's encrypted. With MV you can encrypt your game as you deploy them, but, what about if you want to deploy a game to be...
  10. Harken_W

    Safer save files in Web deployment

    It's to my understanding that when a rpg maker mv game is played in the browser online, it's save files are kept in a temporary folder of sorts. When the user clears their cache, the save files will be lost. I have no experience with this so I assume there's a good reason for it? I know it's...
  11. Emanzi

    Black Screen HTML5 Deployment itch.io

    Hi, I'm trying to deploy a game as an HTML5 browser based game on itch.io and when I do all I get is a black screen then after a long time it tells me Error: failed to load: js/plugin/TerraxLighting.js which is a script plugin that I think should have no effect to HTML or the browser. here is a...
  12. Nerdboy

    HTML5 Audio. How to get it to play with MV?

    hi, so i created a web app, uploaded it to site and using webview, but no bgm is being played, the sound efx play tho? if i dont launch the app from icon and use normal browser and type in url the audio works great. but when i launch in app using webview no bgm cuz how rpg maker handles...
  13. White Flare

    Updating HTML without losing save.

    I'm having a friend test out my game on a makeshift website I'm hosting from my computer. Every time I re-deploy the game it wipes out his save file and he is getting sick of the intro. Is there a way to re-deploy without losing save data?
  14. Indsh

    Change Actor Image Bug

    When you use "Change Actor Image" in a game deployed for browser in the browser it cause game to load indefinitely. I am changing them to "Set Movement Route...change image" and its working. If someone could post the script for changing facesets I'm hoping that will be the work around for...
  15. Freank

    Is there a script about responsive html5 game ?

    Hi guys, is there a script to make a responsive game ? With MV I saw several games playable online. But I can play it only in this way : Is there a script to make a responsive html game and play it also in this way ?
  16. AcetheSuperVillain

    Newgrounds drops plugin

    Hello,  I have tried to upload my project to Newgrounds, but when I play it on the site, it removes the Yanfly ATB combat plugin from the game.  I have also used the Yanfly equipment plugin, and that works fine, so it's not dropping all plugins, just the ATB combat.  I tested the index.html...
  17. Jackiefly

    Force to use audio in HTML5

    I made a game for Android and some testers say they have an error "You browser does not support web audio API"  I discovered that this only happens in versions 4.4 or lower, and It might be because of RAM too... Anyway, some forums says if I try to force to use audio in HTML5 it might fix the...
  18. Medieval Cop 1 & 2

    The funny and Sarcastic Cop in the Medieval Times. Join the hilarious adventure where he seeks the truth even though all he wants to do is watch the world burn. Episode 1 : The death of a lawyer : http://www.kongregate.com/games/VasantJ/medieval-cop Episode 2: The True Monster ...
  19. orzlab

    Fitting (stretching) game to browser window size (web embed)

    I'm enjoying MV so far and I especially love how many deployment options there are. However, when I'm embedding my game as part of a web site, I noticed that the game window/viewer doesn't scale to fit the window size.  I know the preview player/'application' that is used to play the game via...
  20. Deklaration


    Hi! Finished my game and I can get it to work on iPhone, Android and regular Mac/Windows, but I haven't been so lucky with browser. I've uploaded the files, but when I try to play the game I get an error. On Chrome, I get: InvalidStateError  Failed to execute 'drawImage' on...

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