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  1. RMMV (Solved) SumRndmDde Hud Maker: Get Map ID for a HUD condition

    Hello there. I'm someone who has been using RPG Maker for many years, starting with XP. Currently I'm working on a project that involves the player traveling between different planets, and I wanted it to have an active HUD on the side of the screen showing the player various statistics. I am...
  2. malicankaya


    Hello friends My problem is I am creating a button in hud maker pro but the button is not responding.
  3. swordsvswords

    RMMV SumRndmDde HUD plugin

    Hi, I want to display a simple text in the top right corner of the screen to inform the player next move to do. I'm planning to use the SumRndmDde HUD maker textEX to build it. But I'm having trouble creating two-line text(one text that continue below it if not enough space avaiable). Has anyone...
  4. Kurochan

    RMMZ HUD Maker Ultra Pro help - Hover Animation on Custom Components as Buttons

    Hey there peoples, I kinda smashed into a UI Design wall with SRDude's HUD Maker Ultra Pro tool. I'm trying to trigger a Button Hover Animation effect to make the Custom Button Component I made change its height and width from it's normal 80x80 px size down 10x10 px on mouse enter and then play...
  5. FAWKS

    RMMZ [HUD Maker Ultra] Change transparency when actor is close?

    As the title says, does anyone who uses or has used HUD Maker Ultra for RMMZ know how to make it so that the transparency will change when the player gets close to the overlay edge? As it stands, I have an HP bar running along the right side of the screen, but in some maps the player is able to...
  6. RMMZ HUDMaker Ultra Pro MZ Help with Inventory Button

    Hello Wise Ones!, Noob here. I've been trying to figure out HUDmaker Ultra Pro, but I am frustrated by the lack of a basic manual and tutorials. I've watched and read what I could find but I'm still baffled. All I want to do is make a persistent Button in the lower corner of the screen that...
  7. Zealvern

    RMMV can you make YEP_Absorption Barrier and SRD_HUDMaker compatible?

    Both work great separately, but is there any way to portray the Barrier Points the YEP plugin gives you in the SRD HUD? The barrier points are displayed as missing health.
  8. Niccals

    Experience Codes

    Hey guys! :smile: I'm using HUD Maker Ultra and I need to know the current XP, current level XP and next level XP codes for MZ so I can make an experience gauge. These codes from MV doesn't seem to work: currentValue: ${$gameParty.members()[0].currentExp() -...
  9. KTRay0405

    RMMV HUD Maker: How to Hide

    I'm using SumRdnDDe's HUD Maker, and want to hide the hud/disable the hud on a certain map/event. How could I go about doing this?
  10. Lex1253

    RMMV Conditional Branches in SRD HUD Maker?

    How would I write this line of code in JS so that it's compatible with the SRD HUD Maker? The final comment being the successful execution of the script.
  11. Pelek

    Timed Gauge SRD Hud Maker

    I just want a gauge that goes up and down with the in game timer but I'm unsure of the script to set the gauge value to the timers value or maybe using some kind of variables? I really don't know lol
  12. RMMV SRD HUD MAKER - Edits and changes only appearing after pressing F12.

    Hello Everyone I have been playing around with SRD's HUD Maker and have been loving it so far greatly. Currently I have run into an issue where I would edit the HUD , perfectly to the way I want it and then when I go to press F12 again or start up without pressing F12 the changes are not...
  13. ATB Gauge with Hud Maker?

    Hello :-) I tried all day to find the "value"-Formula to create an ATB-Gauge with the Hud maker. For displaying the HP Bar it's: current value: $gameParty.leader().hp max value: $gameParty.leader().mhp and boom, there is a healtbar. But what on earth are the value's to create an ATB-Bar? I...
  14. mardin

    Making your own simple, easy Battle HUD, how?

    Ok, I thought I have been experimenting a lot with the battle system lately, and to my surprise...a Battle System that is inspired by Darkest Dungeon is very possible in RPG Maker. But I already fail at the basics, setting up a good battle hud. Maybe you guys can help me out, and perhaps there...
  15. Lex1253

    Help with ALOE Virtual Buttons and SRD HUD Maker plug-ins?

    Hello! I'm fairly new here, and I've had RPG Maker MV for about 5 months. The plug-ins I'm using for this feature are SRD's HUD Maker for the background screen as well as the on and off function, and I'm using the ALOE Virtual Buttons plug-in for the interactive elements like the apps and the...
  16. Change variable when the menu is opened and changd back when it's closed

    Hi, I am trying to change the menu screen (the one when you press (x)) to look like the image attached. To achieve this i need 2 things to happen: 1. When the menu is opened, a image appears and it dissapears when the menu is closed. 2. Add a status screen/page to the menu. As seen in the...
  17. How To Make Current Active Battle Member Condition?!

    Okay so here is the problem I'm having. I'm using a plugin SumRdmDudes HUD Maker. Now the reason I'm asking here is because of "Conditions." I can't figure out the commands for "Currently Selected Character" So what I'm wanting to do is under "Condition" I want this image to only appear when...
  18. maxinm


    Hi to everyone, I'm using SUM hud maker and the SuperTools, but I have a problem, when I run the game from the rpg maker, everything works fine, but when I run the game from the exported game (.exe) when I open the menu, the player's face It disappears, as you can see in the photos I'll send...
  19. Showing Current level with HUD Maker

    Can someone help me with the HUD maker plugin? I do not know what the js for showing current level is and kinda struggling in this...
  20. Hahasea

    Highly customisable Main Menu Maker (like SRD Hud Maker)

    Forgive me if something like this already exists, but I've had not luck finding it, although it would surprise me if it didn't. Does anyone know if there's something that works like SRDude's Hud Maker, but for the main menu? So you can customise the appearance and which modules go where? And if...

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