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  1. Lex1253

    RMMV Conditional Branches in SRD HUD Maker?

    How would I write this line of code in JS so that it's compatible with the SRD HUD Maker? The final comment being the successful execution of the script.
  2. Pelek

    Timed Gauge SRD Hud Maker

    I just want a gauge that goes up and down with the in game timer but I'm unsure of the script to set the gauge value to the timers value or maybe using some kind of variables? I really don't know lol
  3. RMMV SRD HUD MAKER - Edits and changes only appearing after pressing F12.

    Hello Everyone I have been playing around with SRD's HUD Maker and have been loving it so far greatly. Currently I have run into an issue where I would edit the HUD , perfectly to the way I want it and then when I go to press F12 again or start up without pressing F12 the changes are not...
  4. ATB Gauge with Hud Maker?

    Hello :-) I tried all day to find the "value"-Formula to create an ATB-Gauge with the Hud maker. For displaying the HP Bar it's: current value: $gameParty.leader().hp max value: $gameParty.leader().mhp and boom, there is a healtbar. But what on earth are the value's to create an ATB-Bar? I...
  5. mardin

    Making your own simple, easy Battle HUD, how?

    Ok, I thought I have been experimenting a lot with the battle system lately, and to my surprise...a Battle System that is inspired by Darkest Dungeon is very possible in RPG Maker. But I already fail at the basics, setting up a good battle hud. Maybe you guys can help me out, and perhaps there...
  6. Lex1253

    Help with ALOE Virtual Buttons and SRD HUD Maker plug-ins?

    Hello! I'm fairly new here, and I've had RPG Maker MV for about 5 months. The plug-ins I'm using for this feature are SRD's HUD Maker for the background screen as well as the on and off function, and I'm using the ALOE Virtual Buttons plug-in for the interactive elements like the apps and the...
  7. Change variable when the menu is opened and changd back when it's closed

    Hi, I am trying to change the menu screen (the one when you press (x)) to look like the image attached. To achieve this i need 2 things to happen: 1. When the menu is opened, a image appears and it dissapears when the menu is closed. 2. Add a status screen/page to the menu. As seen in the...
  8. How To Make Current Active Battle Member Condition?!

    Okay so here is the problem I'm having. I'm using a plugin SumRdmDudes HUD Maker. Now the reason I'm asking here is because of "Conditions." I can't figure out the commands for "Currently Selected Character" So what I'm wanting to do is under "Condition" I want this image to only appear when...
  9. maxinm


    Hi to everyone, I'm using SUM hud maker and the SuperTools, but I have a problem, when I run the game from the rpg maker, everything works fine, but when I run the game from the exported game (.exe) when I open the menu, the player's face It disappears, as you can see in the photos I'll send...
  10. Showing Current level with HUD Maker

    Can someone help me with the HUD maker plugin? I do not know what the js for showing current level is and kinda struggling in this...
  11. Hahasea

    Highly customisable Main Menu Maker (like SRD Hud Maker)

    Forgive me if something like this already exists, but I've had not luck finding it, although it would surprise me if it didn't. Does anyone know if there's something that works like SRDude's Hud Maker, but for the main menu? So you can customise the appearance and which modules go where? And if...
  12. Displaying Current Weapon - HUD Maker

    Hi folks. I‘m finding it hard to resolve my issue and after 2 days have decided to see if the helpful RMMV community can assist. Im using SumRndmDde’s impressive HUD Maker plugin. Is someone able to inform me of the HUD Maker property value I would need to use in order to get the equipped weapon...
  13. Animebryan

    What's the script call for returning an enemy's name?

    I'm using SumRndmDde's HUD Maker plugin & I'm trying to show text that returns a enemy's name based on its Enemy Index position. So far, the RMMV Script Call list shows $gameTroop.members()[enemyIndex] in reference to enemies but how do I use this to show an enemy's name based on its index...
  14. zerobeat032

    SumRndmDde Hud Maker Javascript Evals

    so I'm currently using SumRndmDde's hud maker in battle and was wondering a couple of things... 1. is it possible to highlight/show which actor is active? I feel I'm really close to figuring that one out.. but I don't know the Javascript Eval that would let my pictures act as a condition to...
  15. Ameer

    Srd battle hud refresh

    Is there a way to refresh Sumrndmdde BattleHuds (Plugin I am using is Srd_HudMaker) via script call because I am toggling switches in troop event and huds just aren't changing and I am also changing facesets and for refreshing those I am using this code...
  16. fakepumpkins

    script to check if main menu is open

    Hello! I'm using SumRndmDde's HUD plugin to have a small menu of collectibles visible onscreen, however I want to use it specifically to only appear when the player has the main menu open, so that the player can see the totals of all the different kinds of items they've collected. I already...
  17. HUD Maker – MV Plugin variable conditionals

    Hello, I just wanted to ask whether its possible to use variable conditionals for HUD elements in plugin. More specifically, is it possible to make a certain HUD element appear/change when a variable reaches a specific value? For example a day and night cycle would...
  18. Echuwu

    HUD Maker Not Opening?

    I just put in SumRndmDde's HUD maker plugin and when I playtest my game and want to open the maker, F12 won't work to open it. I'm sure this is just a simple issue, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! In his video tutorial, he says "Hit F12 to open the game tools engine"
  19. Ameer

    Map name in Middle

    Is there a way to Place Map name in top middle of map because in top left i have some Huds made by Sumrndmdde hud maker and i tried to use MogHunter map display plugin but it is conflicting with Hud maker sometimes and crashes game
  20. Cuprite

    SRD HUD Maker Bug?

    So, I was trying to use SRD's HUD Maker, but for some reason, an error popped up telling me my project had to be in v1.3.0 or higher, but my version of RMMV is 1.5.2. Can somebody please explain what's going on here? Also, when SRD's Game Upgrade is activated, I get this error. *Update: I've...

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