1. S.Court

    MOG Battle HUD and Modern Algebra Choice options trouble

    Hi, I'm using MOG Battle HUD (13-Lightning folder) and Modern Algebra Choice options scripts and apparently the second one overwrites something about Help Battle Window because under normal conditions, the Layout_Help window shows behind the help text, but with both scripts together, this...
  2. Sashi

    Combining HUD maker with Character Creator by SRDude

    Hey does anyone know how to set up actors face in HUD maker to pull from character creator? These are all plug ins from SRDude. I watched all of his tutorial videos and if you use generic actors faces you can set the picture to change depending on the character that is being used. I would like...
  3. Skunk

    Trying to toggle hud with an item

    I am using Moghunters time system and using a plugin command I can toggle the hud, but im trying to figure out how to make it so when I use the item the first time, the hud comes on, and if I use the item again it toggles the hud off. Im sure i will be using a conditional branch to check for...
  4. Kuu_t

    Toggle Button for HUD

    Hi, I'm currently trying to do a toggle button for my HUD. To achieve this, I use Yanflys Button Common Events and SmRndDdes HUD maker. Currently, I manage to open the HUD through eventing, but release button doesn't work. The flow should be like this: - Press E -> Show HUD - Release E ->...
  5. Lonewulf123

    SRD Hud Maker - Battle HUD Refresh

    Hello, I've been using SRD's HUD Maker, and it's a great tool! I like the ease of use and ability to make my own HUD. Recently, I've made my topic where I wanted the actor HUD to change faces when they were inflicted with certain states...
  6. Ximsol182

    HUD with Common Events Help

    I’ve started working with HUDs, but I’m having trouble with the one I’ll be using for my project. The bars are supposed to represent Health & Invisibility. The question is, how I can make the pictures for the HUD move if the bars work with common events. The Invisibility Bar works fine by now...
  7. Mesajia

    Autorun on scriptcall?

    Hey everybody, I wanted to ask if there's a script call, which checks if an autorun event is running? I want to create a Hud with SumRndmDde's Hud Maker, which indicates that the player can't move at the moment. Thank you :)
  8. Menu bar/dash/hud to display information on game map?

    Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to show certain variables in a menu bar at the top of the screen. For example I'd like to be able to show time of day, days played, gold, etc. when wandering about the game map. Does something like this exist?
  9. Chaos17

    HUDS for SumRndmDde plugin HUD Maker plugin

    This HUD was made and tested for SumRndmDde plugin HUD. Edit: You can use these HuDs with other plugins, I just suggested the one which is the easiest, in my opinion, to use for newbies. It's a really easy plugin to use, you literally just kinda drag and drop your pictures and there is a...
  10. Set game draw image for default in battle (Script)

    Welcome, I was not sure how to tell you this better, or how I want to tell you this but, I would like the game to automatically default to do something whenever there is fighting. I have been a problem exists in this matter, which I have tried to solve...
  11. Osoni

    Shared Party HP

    I have a (hopefully) simple request. I'd like some battles to feature a HP total/bar for the entire party - every hit on an individual party member deals damage to them AND the same amount to the shared pool. Individual party members get KO'd as normal, but if the party HP hits 0 its...
  12. 8bitstarfox

    Battle GUI/HUD

    I'm making an rpg maker MV game with only one party member and i want to change the way the gui/hud of the front view battle system is. Are there any plugin makers out there that would be willing to help me out and put the HP and MP below the characters name on the status window and put the...
  13. PixelatedFantasies

    Luna Engine HUD Question

    Hey guys, I've got another Luna Engine HUD related question. I'm working on my menus at the moment, and I cannot get the Items page's actor status stuff (name, bars, etc.) to match everything else. The biggest issue I have is with the HP and MP bars. The code from lines 648 to 1244 (from the...
  14. Demi_Fiend

    Battler HUD Windowskin

    Hi. I've been using Luna Engine for a while, but there's still something I'm trying to figure out. I need a way to set the Battler HUD as a Window instead of a picture. I'm pretty sure it's possible, I just haven't found a way to accomplish it.
  15. SEK


    SEK_SimpleHearts - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Draws Hearts on the screen based on your main actor's Hp using pictures. (pictures should be 48x48 pixels png, you just need to have a "half heart" and a "full heart" version, but they can be whatever you want: bars, dogs, hearts, coins etc...
  16. Item HUD?

    The master list didn't seem to have one, does anyone know of a HUD that displays current inventory on the map screen? example: how may potions you have left.  another plugin i'm looking for is key binded items. Basically, a shortcut to use the item on the current party leader. i haven't...
  17. Daka

    Battle HUD script request

    HI! I'm relatively new to this site but not at all unfamiliar with VX Ace. I've finally found the time to really pursue making my epic journey become a reality but there is just one issue... I'm REALLY bad at scripting. So, to get down to it - I'm looking to change the battle HUD/menu to...
  18. Rikifive

    Bitmap in Bitmap? - Designing HUD's

    Hello everybody! Currently I'm designing HUD, that will display characters' HP and MP on map screen and I'd like to ask a question. What I was about to do, is to create sprites directly in Scene_Map ~ their variables and such all in that scene. However, I think that's not the smartest...
  19. HalcyonDaze

    OrangeHUD Message Fix

    I was wondering if anyone could write a fix for a small bug in Hudell's OrangeHUD, which causes the HUD to not fade out while message boxes are being displayed. Depending on where your HUD is in relation to your message boxes, the HUD will overlap over the message box. Since Hudell has retired...
  20. styx92

    Overdrive System

    Hey guys. I want to create an overdrive system for my game. But i dont want to create only a new stype point in my command list, thats to bad for me :D I use yanflys party limited gauge for the overdrive requirement. And i use MogHunters BattleHud -> Victors Plugins BattleHud. Thats the...

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