1. Zane

    Seeking Help for my Hud Script

    Hello once again. I am back with a support topic. I'm seeking help with my interface script as it still has some bugs that I would really like to fix.  These major bugs include:  - HP Graphic not refreshing when trying to recover. (The picture changes when hp is taken away* Not when It is...
  2. Advanced Battle Hud Small problem...

    Hello,     i need small help to edit MOG Script Advanced Battle Hud, first of all, i managed to change the way of finding the animated face by doing this   def battler_sprite_setup       @battler_face = [0,0,0] #~       @battler_face_name = @name + "_Face"       @battler_face_name =...
  3. Sclario

    Side View Battler and Battle HUD

    Hello I'm working in my first project. I wanted it to be a Side Battler, so I decide using Victor's Animated Battle, I had no problem with this script I always take my time to understand the stuff I'm doing. But now, I'm trying to change the Battle HUD for better visuals. I tried Yanfly's Ace...
  4. thomas_surles

    Simple Life Hud

    I am looking for some help with a simple HUD. It just shows the lives and the gold (which in my case the gold is bones...its a dog game.) I added  Picture. Also feel free to edit my bone because it kinda stinks. Also I would like the hud activated via switch.
  5. Kazuki

    Custom Battle HUD

    I was wondering if there were any scripts that allowed you to customize the appearance of your battle hud. However this script should be compatible with Ace Battle Engine and the YSA ATB. I tried KMS Generic Gauge but that causes the game to crash.
  6. Jaxx L.Timing


    NPC HUD Description: NPC HUD is a script that will show the stats of any character you pass by, if you want it to of course. Examples: (Easily) Customizable Features Set-up Tutorial Pics (These match up to the tutorial provided in the script text if you need help) Of course this script...
  7. StrawberrySmiles

    HUD Request

    For my side project I wanted a new Battle HUD that reflected certain aspects of my game. Right now I'm currently using whatever the default one is for "Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony" which can be found here:  ...
  8. Ixfuru

    Ixfuru's Toolbox

    IXFURUS TOOLBOX 1.0 INTRODUCTION This script displays a small window during Scene_Map which enables a quick peek at the party's most-used tools or items. HOW TO USE Copy the script below into your script editor, below materials and above main. You'll need to configure what items you want...
  9. Quigon

    HUD Request

    Hi there! Whether or not this'll be easy is completely unknown to me, and I've tried tinkering myself but have had no results. I'm using Khas' Sapphire Action System [ABS] and the HUD that comes along with it, but I need my own one that's relatively minimal compared to the script's default...
  10. Enemy HUD

    Got it to work THX so much.
  11. YanPac Battle HUD

    A great script that makes the plain battle HUD look a lot better, thanks for it. :)

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