1. Lintilion

    RMMV ShrineSpark! A Surreal Space-Station Prison Escape!

    Somewhere in the deepest reaches of space... An execution is to be carried out... Play as Orange, a perfect simulacrum of the Orange Experience. Be freed from prison by a strange hero. SHRINESPARK Personal Software simulates the following experience: Take the role of a creature. About 3...
  2. webgamesetc

    RMMV The Wizard of Ooze

  3. Ailius

    RMMV Elsbeth's Small World [No Travel Game Jam Entry]

    Content Warning: Implied Adult Activities This latest adventure ended in disaster for Elsbeth's party. The bard had attempted to seduce the orc tribe's leader and was killed for it. The rogue stole all the parties' loot in the early morning and skipped town. And the cleric decided the bard...
  4. kirillkrm

    RMMV Heroines of Swords & Spells. Demo

    A demo version of an epic and funny jRPG adventure with intricately detailed story. Guide a party of wayward heroines through the perils of this fantasy world. Heroines of Swords & Spells. Act I (Demo) Version: 0.98 Demo Category: humorous epic JRPG. Autor: Kirill “Kirillkrm” Pestryakov. Steam...
  5. FrozenNorseman

    FREE [MW] "We heard you like Isekai" - New game recruiting team members!

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: "We heard you like Isekai (so we put some Isekai in your Isekai)" is a game built in and around memes. In it you will control* a protagonist that gets pulled from his dreary life into a fantasy world - only to completely ignore all established notions of the...
  6. ProGM

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Journey to the East

    Hi everyone, we are Elf Games Works and this is our third time @IGMC! For this 2017 edition, after a successful Little Briar Rose made with RPG Maker VX Ace (link) and Oh! I'm Getting Taller! made with Unity, we opted for RPG Maker MV. Journey to the East is a comic turn on the original 16th...
  7. Diaeitsch

    RMVXA the Little Music Box and the Daemon (Full Version)

    All graphics made by myself (Diaeitsch) Download V1.01: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9485/ Foreword: In mid December, more than half a year after I've finished my last game Re & Apophis, I was totally in the mood to create a very oldschoolish RPG (very simple story, only 16 colors etc). Very...
  8. Tanarex

    RMVXA Dance of The Damned

    Dance of the Damned is an RPG with Puzzles and minigames. It tests both mind and body. Using memory and reflexes you must guide your adventurers past many perils. As your characters regain their skills it will slowly unlock new features. This game has innuendos and a few suggestive comments...
  9. yopeople

    Second Chance!

    Second Chance It's about a "hero" surviving the perils of being in debt. He meets interesting characters along the way. Mostly those who hate him. The story is interesting and complex with tons of added humor. You walk around trying to find a way to escape from Jake, the debt collector. As...
  10. AnnTenna

    Where are my Internets?

    It is a board game set in a strange fictional world that resembles our present-day world, but with elements of humour and surreal events. You play as a typical city person who arrives in a desolate countryside with no trace of the internet. Your aim is to survive in these tough conditions. There...
  11. Kumachan77

    Kingdom of Aria

    I have just released my 2nd title using RPG Creator for iOS called "Kingdom of Aria".  I took a different approach this time by making a light hearted comedy that any immature boy would like. The story involves an annoying brat who hires you as a bodyguard to get him to an event at Castle Aria...
  12. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio


    I posted here because the new playable build is long enough, up to 3 hrs of play time. Synopsis The story follows the painful and bittersweet journey of a young herbalist who is afraid of violence and wants nothing to do with being a hero. All he ever wanted is a peaceful life with his...
  13. amaranth

    Aveyond 4 (villians rule!)

    Get it on STEAM | Get it on Big Fish Games | Get it on Aveyond Games The Story: Boyle Wolfbane wanted to rule the world. He failed. Miserably. Forced into retirement early, Boyle now spends his days arguing with haunted trees and scaring off the occasional knight. At least he still has...
  14. KlausAidon

    The Adventures of Drunk Magician

    The Adventures of Drunk Magician Introduction This is a short game I made based off a joke between me and a friend of mine. Story The Drunk Magician is lost again, and it's up to his Designated Driver to make sure they get to their party in time. Characters The Drunk Magician A "hero" who has...
  15. Ultimacj

    Destiny of a Wizard 2: Beyond the Vale

    Hello again fellow RM players and makers!  UltimaCJ here letting you know I'm working on a sequel from my first game:  Destiny of a Wizard.  Destiny of a Wizard 2:  Beyond the Vale picks up from the previous events of the first game.  If you haven't played it yet and don't want to be spoiled. ...
  16. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC] Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings

      In foregone ruins there stirs an ancient evil. Sealed long ago, by those now referred to as legend, to prevent future pain and suffering by its hand. Years passed. Then decades. Centuries. Millenia. For ages this dark force plotted and watched and waited for the perfect moment to return. For...
  17. sapiboong

    [IGMC] Stock Trader Hiyo! (Finally released!)

        Presents...         Economic crisis is striking the monster world due to a group of humans called heroes who like to steal loot. As a result, job opportunity is pretty limited and many monsters become unemployed. Our main character, Hiyo, is one of the victims. His professor encourages him...
  18. Joey Winn’s Quest

    RMVX-Ace: Joey Winn’s Quest Content Warning Deals with mature themes such as suicide, grave robbing, and murder. Believe it or not there is no sex in this game, boyfriends with massive manifestos, or cheating. Genre Humor/Satire (Particularly skewered #Gamergate, Social Justice...
  19. Marrend

    Okiku, Star Apprentice

    Game Synopsis: Okiku, Star Apprentice is something of a departure for me. This game focuses on gameplay mechanics, most notibly the Wand of Blasting, and attempts to build a story around it. How well did I do? Play it and find out! Also, for a change of pace, the game's resources aren't all...
  20. ryjo60

    Whimsy Heroes

      Abstract: A silly, sincere, sarcastic JRPG with attitude. Genre: RPG, Adventure, Saturday Morning Cartoon Average Game Time: ~15 hours Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?fb8p44abb01twj4 (460 MB)     Game Synopsis: This is the story of Jack the Hero! He's an adventurer with a...

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