1. Casia

    Hunger/thirst system

    I've been looking for this kind of a plugin online, and I'm really surprised that I couldn't find a single one for a hunger/thirst system. I'm not looking for anything complex, just a simple plugin that makes each character have hunger and thirst values that deplete over time (or on the basis of...
  2. autophagy

    Hunger mechanics - interesting or tedious?

    Hey guys, I think a thread like this exists, but I couldn't find a recent one and I want to avoid necroposting and such, sooo here's my own thread. I want to talk about hunger mechanics in games and I'm curious what other people think. To explain what I'm thinking of: The player / the...
  3. Tommy Gun

    On Screen HUD Meter Video Tutorial (Health, Hunger, Thirst, Morality, etc.)

    How to create an on screen meter, to display something like health, hunger, thirst, etc. In this example I base it off my previous tutorial where I made a Morality System. You can download the image files I used, on my site: Visit...
  4. Nefertari83

    Hunger, Thirst, Sleepsystem without Scripting

    Auf Deutsch bitte:   Difficulty:   In this Tutorial I’ll show you how to make the HUD for my Hunger, Thirst, Sleepsystem: For beginners this tutorial could be a bit difficult to understand, because of that you should have...
  5. Titanhex

    Thex Hunger and Thirst

    Part of:          Thex Tutorial & Demo Systems DEMO: Thex Hunger and Thirst What is this? Excerpt from the Intro Event comments: A lot of people want a hunger and thirst bar in their game. While I've not seen one executed in a successful RM game, the idea itself still remains popular.  This...

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