1. Larry

    MogHunter's Ougi Animation

    So I have MogHunter's Ougi Plugin installed and it works fine. However, I was wondering if it is at all possible to modify the plugin to show a specific Ougi Animation for a specific skill used? Currently it is setup to where Ougi animations are used based on the actor defined. I'd like for the...
  2. EisiG.R

    Dèhmraude Ressources by EisiG.R

    Hello all, My first sprites for my MV project. (update coming) - Edit : Gloves sprites + Icons section!! - Edit : Grood SV ! - Edit : Grood Face ! Disclaimer: All sprites here are twice the original size of MV sprite!! Terms: Credit for EisiG.R. They are free to use for commercial or non...
  3. piqueRAJ

    Issue with MOG Hunter's Chain Commands, Please Help

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask this ^w^;  But I'm having a pretty bad issue with MOG's Chain Command's Script http://sta.sh/01xnccr52w3p or rather implementing it in my game. (here's one of the events I'm using it in) What I'm trying to do is use it as a sort of minigame in my...
  4. Morpheus

    Space Characters(Destiny Inspired)

    Below are several Destiny inspired characters I have made. I'm currently using these in my own Destiny Inspired game and if anybody else would like to use them feel free to(Both Commercial and Non-Commercial as long as I am credited).  As I make more characters and/or Edits I will post them...
  5. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Game Idea: Farmer by day, Hunter by night

    I was browsing the forums and this idea popped into my mind. A game where you are a farmer by day and a hunter by night. What do you think? I think it's like Persona 4 where you live as a student by day then go on dungeons by night, just that on this one you're a farmer instead.
  6. Sclario

    Side View Battler and Battle HUD

    Hello I'm working in my first project. I wanted it to be a Side Battler, so I decide using Victor's Animated Battle, I had no problem with this script I always take my time to understand the stuff I'm doing. But now, I'm trying to change the Battle HUD for better visuals. I tried Yanfly's Ace...

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This scene was suppose to be a test... but now, it's going in the game as official side/optional content. :kaosalute:

functionality(This is function demo not game demo)
1 The door of ABS map can open upon clearing all the monsters
2 Secret room/road arrow/lighting/whatever others can be shown upon clearing too
3 Boss HP bar and loot effect, loot jump and item name color as well as the pick-up animation effect
4 Back to town and "victory aftermath" screen for ABS maps/rooms
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